Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Court Floor Tile Flat Top stack 4 colors.
Court Flooring Tile Flat Top corner of tile.
Floor Court Tile Flat Top full blue tile.
Sport Flooring Tiles Flat Top Court tiles install
Modular Sports Flooring Tile for basketball volleyball and racquetball
Sport Flooring Tiles Flat Top 4 tiles.
Sport Court Flooring Tiles Flat Top bottom
Basketball Court Tiles Flat Top over 3mm rubber underlayment
Indoor Sports Flooring Court Tiles Flat Top over rubber underlay
Interlocking Sports Floor Tiles Flat Top showing border
Snap and Go Flooring Court Tiles Flat Top corner.
Court Floor Tile Flat Top infographic
Interlocking Plastic Floor  Tiles basement install
black flat top interlocking tiles used for dance studio floor
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Reg: $5.00/tile
Handling Time Estimate: 1-3 Working Days
  • DIY installation job with a tight interlock system
  • Secure snap together system doesn’t need glue
  • Made to allow repeated assembly and disassembly
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  • Black
  • Light Gray
  • Blue
  • Red

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  1. DIY installation job with a tight interlock system
  2. Secure snap together system doesn’t need glue
  3. Made to allow repeated assembly and disassembly
  4. Ideal for damp area environments with a raised base
  5. Multiple tile colors that allow painting of lines
  6. Static load tested for 10,000 pounds per sq ft
  7. Durable tiles with a 5-year warranty
  8. Works as dance subfloor over carpeting or concrete

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Instant Indoor Basketball Sport Court Tiles

Create a high-quality basketball or volleyball floor with our sport court tiles. They have tabs and loops on all four sides that connect together quickly, making installation a breeze.

This is a perfectly flat surface that you can create as a DIY installation job without needing to use glue or adhesive. The tiles interlock together tightly.

Homeowners can use these basketball or volleyball court tiles to create an indoor DIY court in a basement, shed, garage, or barn at home, creating the perfect place to practice.

Portable Basketball and Volleyball Court Tile Flooring

This works as one of the best portable basketball or volleyball court flooring options that we offer, as the tabs and loops are made so you can assemble and disassemble the sport court tiles quickly and repeatedly.

You can set up the basketball and volleyball floor tiles for practice and then disassemble them and return to the subfloor for other activities.

Use this basketball court and indoor volleyball court flooring over hard concrete to make the court surface more forgiving for players who must jump and run for basketball and volleyball.

Quickly Create a DIY Indoor Basketball or Volleyball Court Floor

We offer our sport court tiles in four different colors, so you can match the basketball or volleyball gym floor court layout with the desired color.

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Light gray

The polypropylene plastic material allows you to paint lines on the surface, meaning you can create the most realistic tile volleyball court or basketball court.

Paint a 3-point line for basketball and a serving line for volleyball to give players the best environment for practices. Your DIY court doesn’t have to have a generic look when you can paint on the plastic.

Versatile Basketball and Volleyball Flooring

Beyond use for a basketball court or a volleyball court, you can use these tiles for several other reasons.

  • Over carpet: Although we don’t recommend placing these tiles over carpet when planning a basketball or volleyball practice, they can go over carpet for other use cases such as a home dance subfloor.
  • Dance subfloor: When you want a firm surface over which you can place a roll of marley dance floor, these tiles provide the smooth base layer you want. We recommend a base of foam tiles for home use or plyometric rubber for commercial use over concrete.
  • Wet basement: If the concrete in the basement is damp, our tiles have a raised base that allows air to flow underneath, evaporating any moisture.

When using this as a dance subfloor over carpet, results may vary depending on thickness of carpet and padding. It works best with low-pile carpet. Not recommended for basketball flooring over carpet as the ball may not bounce properly.


Clean with damp mop, hot water and common household floor cleaner.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Polypropylene Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 5/8 inch
Width 1.01 feet
Length 1.01 feet
SF per Item 1.02
Weight 0.93 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 24
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 100
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Flat Smooth
Surface Design Solid Color
Installation Method Snap Together, Dry Lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

We had an all around fantastic experience with Great Mats. We were looking for a versatile dance floor for all styles and they delivered! Staff was super helpful and very responsive. The subfloor was super easy to install and feels great to dance on! Can't recommend this company enough!

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

We love our flooring
Perfect for my daughter to dance
Easy install

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

We recently ordered 120 court top floor tiles to use as a subfloor for under our new Adagio dance flooring. The pieces were easy to snap together and work well to support the dance floor which was installed over our basement carpeting. Great customer service and fast shipping!

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Your flooring and wall mats in my home - Take a look ! The left side is still not done but you get the idea. It’s great.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

The installation was easy. Still waiting for next spring to determine how well water passes underneath the flooring on its way to the drain in the laundry room. From the photo, water enters on the left and should pass underneath and exit on the right to the laundry room. The floor is close to level and I never see more than ¼” of standing water in the middle of the floor. The tiles sit on the concrete and “walking” noise is modest.
Next spring, the water should flow under the flooring and exit to the drain. Our dehumidifier should dry out the rest that remains. Hopefully the furniture you see will stay dry.


Product Questions:

Q: Does this flooring have a lot of traction? I am wanting flooring to make a small volleyball court because I currently have a concrete one, which makes it very hard to dive and get the ball unless you want to be bruised and scrape up your knees.
A: These tiles have the right amount of traction for indoor sports floors like volleyball.
Q: Can I use this in a wet basement?
A: Yes, this tile is raised off the ground by its base and is waterproof.
Q: I was wondering if I could use this product in my backyard. It's a dirt backyard, and I was wondering how it would compare to a concrete backyard. I would like to play basketball with it and was wondering how it would hold up.
A: This is an indoor tile because of its solid surface. For outdoor use, opt for a perforated tile; even then, it is best on top of a hard, flat surface; dirt is very hard for any of these types of modular tiles for a good court surface.
Q: We have a concrete floor. Will we need padding under this when we install it, or can it go straight on the concrete?
A: We recommend a 3 mm rubber underlayment under this tile when installing over concrete.
Q: Is it suitable for Pickleball? Will it support cars? I want to put a pickleball court in my garage.
A: Yes. These tiles could be used for Pickleball. They are durable enough for parking vehicles.
Q: I'm trying to find ways to protect the carpet from accidental pet stains. Would this be a good option to place over carpet in a dog room?
A: These tiles can be installed over carpet.
Q: Could it be laid over a wood basketball court without hurting it? Or would it need an underlayer?
A: We suggest adding a 3 mm rubber underlayment for cushion.
Q: I want to set up my floor for advanced ballet practice (Pointe, jump, and turn). Can I put this on top of a hard floor or carpet with a Marley mat on top? What kind of Marley mat would you suggest? Rosco adagio? Is the reversible one also ok?
A: This can be installed on a low-pile carpet with little to no padding underneath. Adagio is the only marley approved for court tiles.
Q: Can it be used for outdoor figure skating? What recommendations would you give me for installing it on a cement floor?
A: This product has not been UV treated and has not been tested for figure skating. It is a floating floor system, so no adhesives are necessary for installation.
Q: Is this more or less slippery than the Rosco Adagio dance floor?
A: This is more slippery than the Rosco Adagio marley flooring.
Q: I want to put this down at a dog boarding facility. Does it have traction to prevent people from slipping if it gets a little wet?
A: We do not recommend this product for dog areas, as it would be too slippery.
Q: If I lay these over vinyl or laminate flooring, will the tiles scratch the flooring? Or should I lay down a protective covering before laying down the plastic tiles?
A: There is a possibility that these tiles could scratch your existing flooring. We suggest that you put down craft paper underneath, which you can find at your local home improvement store.
Q: Would this provide a good surface for basketball dribbling drills if placed over medium pile carpet?
A: This depends on the carpet. Results can vary depending on if there is padding underneath the carpet.