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How to Cover a Concrete Patio Floor with Plastic Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: May, 2024 - Modified: June, 2024

If you have an old, worn concrete slab, patio tiles can make for an easy and affordable makeover. Rather than removing the existing cement, many tiles can be installed directly over concrete for a simple upgrade. If it’s time to conceal your ugly concrete patio, you can perform this enhancement entirely by yourself.

How to Cover a Concrete Patio

You can easily cover and revitalize a tired concrete patio using patio tiles. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to a new, refreshed patio.

Choose the Right Patio Tiles

Start by exploring the different patio tiles available (we’ll include some recommendations below). Consider the condition of your patio - if it’s uneven and rough, you’ll need a tile with some flex that can be installed over uneven surfaces. It’s also important to consider the tile colors available and how well they’ll match your home exterior and other decor elements.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider other important tile features. Look for a perforated tile that will quickly drain water away, as well as a tile that is anti-slip both when wet and dry. Many tiles offer some shock absorption, which makes them comfortable underfoot. Plus, it’s always important to consider the cost of the tiles to make sure they’re within your budget.

Finally, consider the tile installation process. At Greatmats, we have many patio tiles for sale that are designed for easy, DIY-friendly installation. These tiles and pavers can save you the cost and time of hiring a professional installer, allowing you to complete the patio project on your own.

Measure Your Patio

Carefully measure the entire surface that you want to cover, and record the measurements in square feet. Use this figure to order your patio tiles.

Clean the Patio

Before installing the tiles, clean the patio. Remove any furniture and thoroughly sweep the surface. You may want to power wash the patio to get it extra clean before installing the tiles.

Start on the Edges

Pick an edge of the patio and start installing the tiles there. It can be helpful to lay out all of the tiles before you start connecting them, especially if you’re planning to create a pattern.

Connect the Tiles

Refer to the tile manufacturer’s instructions for details on how to connect the tiles. Many patio tiles can be connected by simply pressing the edges together.

Create Finished Edges

If you need to trim the tiles to fit the space, you can do this with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.

5 Outdoor Tiles That Can Cover a Concrete Patio

We offer several patio tiles that can cover a concrete patio at Greatmats.

1. StayLock Tile Perforated Colors

patio tiles for over concrete
The StayLock Tile Perforated Colors is a highly durable tile made of waterproof PVC plastic. This tile is slip resistant even when damp, and it can also be used as fall-height flooring. The tiles are designed for a DIY installation and can function as a deck covering for your existing deck or patio. They connect securely and are available at a low cost per square foot.

2. StayLock Tile Perforated Black

tiles to cover a concrete patio
You may also want to consider the StayLock Tile Perforated Black tile. Made of recycled PVC plastic, this non-slip tile is ideal for wet areas, and it features perforations that will quickly drain water away. Its ASTM fall-height is rated to 20 inches, so it can be a great way to enhance the safety of your patio. The tile features an active interlocking system for easy installation, plus it’s an affordable choice.

3. Patio Outdoor Tile

tiles for covering a cement patio
The Patio Outdoor Tile is available in four colors and has many features that make it ideal for covering an old patio. The surface is slip-resistant and waterproof, and the flexible material adds a bit of cushioning. The tile can fit directly over a concrete or compacted surface, and the tiles have connectors on the edges for easy installation.

4. TurboTile Perforated Garage Floor Tile

perforated tiles to cover existing patio
Our TurboTile Perforated Garage Floor Tile is an eye-catching option that can be installed over a concrete patio. Designed for wet areas, the tile’s perforations will quickly drain away excess water. The tile is slip-resistant and available in three colors. Interlocking tabs make for an easy installation, and you can even purchase border ramps to reduce tripping risks and make for an easier transition onto and off the tile.

5. Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile

easy diy tiles to cover concrete patio
The Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile is another great choice. This rectangular-shaped tile has a distinctive look and is available in seven colors. Made of PVC, this tile features a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating. A diamond shield tread maximizes traction, and the perforations drain away water quickly. The tile features a locking lug connection system for a secure hold.

Order Your Patio Tiles Today

As you plan your patio project, contact Greatmats customer service with any questions. We’re happy to provide shipping quotes and help you decide which tile is right for your patio.