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How Do You Install Modular Tent Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: April, 2021 - Modified: October, 2023

Modular tent flooring comes in many different forms, from outdoor tile to portable dance floors and pedestrian mats. These items are made to perform well in a temporary setting, and they are typically easy to install, clean, and maintain.

As a general rule, installation of modular tent flooring should be done over a flat subsurface with effective drainage. Then, just read through the installation instructions for the specific product.

Greatmats offers a variety of modular tent flooring options, with the best and easiest to install products being the following 3 tiles:
  1. Portable Outdoor Tile
  2. Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian Composite Mat
  3. EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile

Portable Outdoor Tile

Portable Outdoor TileOne of the best temporary outdoor flooring products on the market is the 12x12 inch portable outdoor tile, which works perfectly in a tent. This aesthetically pleasing, polypropylene plastic tile is very strong and will hold its shape even when placed under extreme weight. It’s perfect for tent flooring, as it can stand up to any kind of climate or weather. It has drainage holes for wet areas to allow rainwater to drain through to the ground, and it has a raised base to allow for airflow underneath. It’s non-absorbent and offers an anti-slip surface, and it is available in black or gray.

This tile is designed to be easy to install over dirt, grass, gravel, sand, concrete, or pavement. It features a DIY clip-together design and comes in 3x3 feet sheets of 9 tiles, making for a fast installation process. No tools are necessary for installation, but you may want some plywood if you’re installing the tile over dirt, grass, or other uneven surfaces.
  1. Begin in a corner, keeping both sides with rod connectors facing outward.
  2. Keeping the next sheet of tiles facing in the same direction, place the tab edges of the new tiles over the rod connectors of the already laid tiles.
  3. Step on each of the tabs until they snap into place over the rods.
  4. Continue adding tile sections - working out from the corner - until you have your desired size floor.
  5. If the tiles are not cooperating and snapping into place easily, you can slide plywood underneath to aid in the process.
  6. Once finished, you can just take them apart and store them until you need them again.

Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian Composite Mat

Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian Composite MatMatrax Light Duty Pedestrian Mats are an excellent temporary flooring solution for a party or event being held under a tent. This product is made in the USA of Polyethylene Plastic and features a diamond top texture with aeration holes for use over natural grass that allows water, light, and air through. The mats are UV-treated and non-absorbent.

The mats weigh about 30 pounds each, and they feature a cam lock system that provides a solid, sturdy floor that is very easy to install.
  1. Begin in a corner, place the mats, and connect them together.
  2. Continue adding mats - working outward - until you have your desired size floor.
  3. Once finished, you can just take them apart and store them until you need them.

EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile

EZ Portable Dance Floor TileThis is one of the most versatile and popular waterproof flooring solutions that can work in almost any setting indoor or outdoor setting. These tiles feature a raised design that allows for airflow and quick drying, and they boast upscale wood designs, a scratch-resistant finish, and a commercially-rated vinyl top.

This flooring is fast and easy to install, and it comes in cartons of up to 26 tiles, which covers 1 square foot per tile.
  1. Begin by placing a tile in the corner and working out in a triangle pattern.
  2. The tiles should snap together easily. Just lay one on top of the next, and step on it to secure into place.
  3. Always install the tiles where you’re laying the nub on top of the loop.
  4. When you have laid the tiles, if you can’t finish with a full tile, you can cut your tiles to finish the row.

  5. Now, take your cut tiles to finish the layout. It’s as simple as that!!

Greatmats - For the Best Modular Tent Flooring

Whether you are looking for flooring for a party tent, or, you want to floor for a recreational tent that you use in an encampment, any of the flooring options highlighted would serve you well. In a camp setting, the floors would provide a perfect subfloor on which to add some padding or other matting to sleep.

There are other products that would also be suitable for tent flooring options, with some that are suitable for open-air installations, to others that would wrap around a column or post to add a decorative and safety feature. Regardless of the purpose the flooring will serve, and no matter what price point you want to stay within, Greatmats has options that will work perfectly for you.