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Home and pro floor floor tiles for kids, exercise, gym and tradeshow.

Our foam flooring for kids play areas, home gym floors, exercising rooms, and basement floors will fit perfectly in the house’s décor. Greatmats delivers cushioning for children at play and adults during workouts.

The entire installation process makes for a simple do-it-yourself project. Interlocking foam floor tiles are versatile and comfortable. They’re economical and affordable, helping companies come in under budget.

At Greatmats, we stock 80-plus different high quality interlocking foam floor mats. We're the go-to source, providing tons of different features and product choices.

We have matting in stock that’s suitable for many different uses, including exercise rooms and subbasements.

It is a popular choice among customers because of its low cost. Foam flooring provides plenty of durability, making it a good value over time too.

We offer many great mats at less than $1 per square foot, delivering better prices than what’s found in foam floor tiles Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, or Target have, where their foam floor tiles cheap materials just won’t stand up to what we have.

Athletic Foam Tile Flooring

  1. Our kids foam mat product absorbs impact nicely
  2. Extremely durable for everyday use
  3. Dense construction that supports hefty exercise equipment
  4. Perfect for DIY
  5. Keep the athlete feeling fresh after a workout

Martial arts studios need specialty floorings to give students a stable footing. Additionally, striking arts like karate, taekwondo, MMA, and boxing require shock absorbing capabilities when the student is taken to the ground.

We are offering these that are measuring either 7/8 or 1 inch in thickness. Both have nice cushioning for this type of athletic workout.

Throwing martial arts require a thicker level of cushioning to protect during a fall. We deliver large foam mats that have thicknesses of at least 1.25 inches for this. Some of our customers even choose 1-5/8 inches in thickness.

For extra protection, we suggest a customer should try these with vinyl or denim covering. These are designed to provide a cushioned landing area for gymnasts, cheerleaders, and MMA athletes. They have a thick foam, which provides extra cushion and impact absorption.

As one final advantage of some floorings, athletes can avoid skin burns if they fall, thanks to the no-burn tatami top surface. Such burns can harm an athlete’s ability to move freely.

Kids Room Foam Flooring

  1. Soft enough to transform unforgiving surfaces into kid friendly areas
  2. A foam floor mat may give fall height ratings for increased safety and injury prevention
  3. Easily clean up spills
  4. Noise buffering and sound dampening properties make an especially enjoyable environment for everyone

At playtime, youngsters will almost certainly trip at some point. Forgiving surfaces are a must-have where youngsters will be playing.

They have other benefits for children’s spaces too. They're waterproof to easily clean up spills. They are available in a wide range of brilliant colors.

Additionally, they’re helpful to buffer noise, which can make the rest of the residence more relaxing where toddlers are playing. They have valuable insulation against the cold, which is a major advantage if creating a playroom over subbasement cement.

When looking for something that's simple to install and that can serve as a DIY project, foam flooring is the right pick. There are no adhesives needed, simplifying the process of moving them around in the future or even pulling them up altogether.

Installing them is as easy as lining the edges up and pushing down on the seams, fitting together like puzzle pieces. Youngsters can even help with the layout for their rooms.

Our Premium 5/8-inch Foam Tiles have proven to be successful in playrooms. They are available in 15 beautiful colors that a youngster will love, allowing for fun patterns or designs.

They offer plenty of cushion, but they're also lead-free and latex-free. They're great options to create a playroom that's fun, reasonably priced, and safe for children.

Puzzle edge pads are smart to use in aerobics studios needing comfortable, safe surfaces with texture.

They withstand the repetitive nature of aerobics training and classes. They reduce body fatigue, meaning an athlete can work out longer and receive more benefit out of each aerobics session.

It provides a practical and affordable way to formulate a home gymnasium. There's no adhesive needed for installation.

To relocate or remove them in the future, just pull them up. Later, reinstall them by fitting them together.

Our lightweight roll-out personal exercise mats are a smart option for workouts and classes on the go. They roll up and can be stored away. They're a convenient way to temporarily convert spaces in the house for a workout.

Event Foam Squares

  1. Portable and not bulky
  2. Installation finished in a hurry
  3. Durable to hold up in the future, while still looking great
  4. Anti-fatigue benefits help to keep comfort up and stress levels down during each event
  5. Water-safe and low maintenance

Quality trade show foam flooring needs to be highly portable, easily installable, and durable enough to look great show after show. That's a lot to ask, but these meet all of those criteria.

They can be installed in just minutes, leaving extra time to set up the rest of the booth and to engage with clients. They are transportable with little effort, but they're also able to be used again and again.

They create a surface that's comfortable and forgiving, instantly making booths welcoming and enjoyable for clients. If a client feels comfort underfoot after a long day of walking around, they're likely to spend more time in the booth.

With anti-fatigue benefits, they help in reducing stress, increasing productivity, and preventing injuries. Both clients and staff at event shows will benefit.

Choose among convention foam floor tiles near me in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We have everything from bold to reserved color selections, resulting in a unique aesthetic for any business. They create a cohesive, beautiful look for the booth.

Some 2x2 foot products are lightweight and feature an eye-catching wood pattern that is truly impressive once assembled.

The pieces can be shipped to trade shows via ground service at a reasonable price. It's convenient and simplifies transporting the items to shows.

Home Foam Mat Tiles

  1. Insulation properties stop chill from the concrete from penetrating upward
  2. Non-absorbent and will not be damaged by water if a leak or flood occurs
  3. Can be pulled up and dried out in event of a leak, then reinstalled again

They can transform a cold and unwelcoming concrete basement into a usable, warm, and inviting area for the whole family.

They’ll increase the usability and versatility of a basement, transforming it into a family room, den, or other living space. Plus, they are carried at an affordable price point.

Keep in mind that they can be indented by heavy weight. Where heavy furniture like couches and chairs are in use, place plastic coasters under the legs. Indentations usually heal up eventually, but a heavy piece left in place for too long may cause permanent damage.

The intended purpose dictates the size and thickness required. Greatmats offers interlock products ranging from 3/8 to 1-5/8 inches thick, and we have products that can accommodate any project.

Our most popular are the 2x2 feet and 1x1 meter sizes. Because they are larger, they're perfect for commercial installations and professional studios that need to cover a lot of space in a hurry.

The 2x2s are especially suitable for residential use and can accommodate smaller areas.

Pay attention to the hardness levels and densities of the foam flooring when shopping. Foam's hardness refers to how hard or soft flooring feels underfoot.

Density isn't the same measurement as hardness. Density measures the mass in comparison to its weight. The density specifies the ratio of the material compared to the air inside.

Foam Flooring FAQ and Q&A

What are interlocking foam tiles?

This is a type of tile with interlockable puzzle style edges. It yields an easy to assemble design. Individually, it doesn’t weigh much, meaning one person can carry and install it. Multiple coverage sizes are available.

Are wood grain foam tiles waterproof?

Yes, which is a big benefit of this product. It won't absorb moisture. It is an ideal choice for a subbasement with leaks, moisture problems, or floods. If there's ever a water issue, pull everything up and let the subfloor dry.

What flooring do gyms use?

Foam flooring has the traction required for helping athletes remain well-balanced. It’s sturdy enough for quick movements as needed. And the cushion level provided is nice for protecting the joints in the lower body. Regardless of whether workouts will be done wearing shoes or using bare feet, it will deliver excellent performance levels.

What is the softest flooring?

A soft foam floor instantly creates a cushioned environment in any room. Lay it over hard floors, resulting in a playroom that's safer for toddlers. It also works as baby playmats, softening the blow if the child falls while learning to walk. Keeping these play mats for babies clean and safe is a simple process too.

How do you cut foam floor tiles?

Installers can cut them with a sharp utility knife, so they’ll fit around support posts. For a wall to wall layout, customers will need to make occasional cuts. Use a straight edge to keep the knife on line.

Top 5 Best Features of Large Foam Mat Flooring

  1. Waterproof foam floor tiles for babies, kids, or adults deliver a cushioned surface, covering hard floorings and creating safer spaces.
  2. Closed cell EVA foam mats don’t absorb liquids, making them easy to disinfect.
  3. Installations are DIY-friendly and fast and will match many use cases.
  4. They offer thermal protection against a cold subfloor, as well as noise absorption and impact protection.
  5. The interlocking foam mats 24 x 24 size covers a large area yet has a lightweight configuration.