Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles 1-1/2 Inch x 1x1 Meter

  • 4 ft fall height ASTM rated
  • Lead free and latex free, no rug burns tatami top texture
  • Material density: 103 kgs/m3, hardness: 35 Shore C
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$35.95/tile (You Save 38%)
Reg: $58.00/tile - $5.37/sqft
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Indoor Playground Foam Tile Hand Video

Egg Drop Video on Indoor Playground Foam Tile

1x1 Meter Foam Installation Video

Indoor Playground Tiles Features and Benefits


  1. 4 ft fall height ASTM rated
  2. Lead free and latex free, no rug burns tatami top texture
  3. Material density: 103 kgs/m3, hardness: 35 Shore C
  4. Waterproof and non absorbent, easy to clean
  5. 4 straight border strips included per tile - Ramped borders sold separately
  6. Easy to assemble, no adhesive required
  7. Reversible and removable for portability
  8. Safe for kids, Easy to clean, Waterproof

Use Types

Indoor Playground Floors, Playground Safety Surfacing, Indoor Play Floors

Indoor Playground Mats, Foam Indoor Playground Area, Kids Gym Playground Mat

City recreational departments, churches, schools, small businesses, and youth organizations all can make use of Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles 1-1/2 Inch x 1x1 Meter, as can households that have a large play areas.

Parents often prefer that their youngsters have a fun and safe time playing on children’s play flooring outdoors. It's great to exercise in the fresh air. But for those times when the weather doesn't allow the toddlers to make it outside, having the option of an indoor padded playground works great. Such kids play area flooring requires a safer material for the youngsters to protect for falls from short heights and to prevent burns on the skin.

Installing Residential or Commercial Indoor Playground Flooring Surfaces

When ready to install them, we offer 1.5 inch foams that work well in this type of use case. The interlocked seams fit tightly and virtually disappear from view.

They provide a safer and more comfortable surface with unsurpassed durability. These consist of EVA foams in 40x40 inch interlocking foam floor tiles. They will last for many years and are completely waterproof.



Border Ramp for 1.5 inch x 1x1 Meter Mat - Pair Weight: 1.00lbs $9.15 /tile $9.63


Product Questions:

Q: can you install heavy indoor playground equipment on this foam tile
A: Generally the foam tiles are not rated to hold heavy equipment without indenting. One option is to install the equipment first then install the foam tiles around the equipment.
Q: any issues with people wearing shoes on this and scuffing or causing problems for the product?
A: This product is a foam tile, and will last longer with soft shoes or sock use. Street shoes could scuff the foam tiles under heavy use. For a more durable option consider an all rubber playground floor tile.
Q: Can this product be glued down if we are concerned about corners coming up over time? What glue would we use?
A: Yes, and we dont see this as an issue with any of our installations. The glue would be contact cement.
Q: Can these be laid over carpet?
A: These can be installed over a thin carpet. They might slip a little in smaller installations, double sided carpet tape can be used to keep them in place if needed.
Q: Have these been tested for formamide levels, or other VOCs?
A: All EVA foam tiles have some levels of formamides present at the time of production, these dissipate over time. Its possible to test the tile after 6 months and have a test that passes acceptable levels. This tile has not been tested for such.
Q: How do these tiles do in extreme heat? We are in LV and it hits triple digits all summer long.
A: These EVA foam floor tile are designed for indoor use, for outdoor use always choose a rubber playground tile.
Q: I want to put this is my basement, but I'm afraid my pets will go down there and use the mats as a restroom. How hard are they to clean/sanitize if they have accidents on the mats?
A: The mats are easily cleaned with water and household cleaners like dish soap. Liquids can seep in between the seams. You want to make sure the mats are pulled up and cleaned thoroughly.
Q: If installing on a concrete floor in the basement, do I need to put down a vapor barrier?
A: If the basement is not prone to moisture, you can install the foam mats directly over the concrete.
Q: I would need to cut the mats in curved shapes to fit into the aft quarter berth of my sailboat. Your video shows making a straight cut, by cutting halfway through and then bending the mat and cutting the rest of the way, but I was wondering about cutting the outer mats to fit a curved area, and cutting a hole in the middle of the center mat. Is it feasible to cut this product to fit my project? Thanks
A: The folding method yields the cleanest cut. It is feasible to cut curves and holes in this mats.
Q: Can I double up these mats to get a greater fall height protection?
A: With the mats not being tested to be used that way, we cannot recommend this.
Q: Do you guys deliver to France?
A: I'm sorry. We only deliver to the United States and Canada. To ship outside of those areas, you'd be responsible for arranging for a freight forwarder.
Q: I’m confused do the grey aisle border pieces come with it or can those only be purchased separately, I see a picture of them advertised with the mats and I can’t tell if that’s what comes on them or not?
A: The beveled border strips are accessories that are sold separately.
Q: Do you know the R-value of these mats? Is it reasonable to consider them part of a room's insulating envelope if they cover the entire floor?
A: I'm sorry. We do not have an R value for this product.


SKU# GRPMAT158Indoor
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 1-1/2 inch
Width 3.30 feet
Length 3.30 feet
SF per Item 10.80
Weight 9.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 40
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.04 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness 103 kgs/m3, 35 Shore C
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Tatami
Surface Design Solid color, double sided, double color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited




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Customer Rating:

We love the mats. They are perfect for our indoor playground. We had wanted to buy the green ones but they were out of stock. Other than color, we are 100% satisfied. They were easy to install as well.

Customer Rating:

We love our new Great Mats floor in our toddler playroom. It's easy to clean and provides a safe surface for our kids to play. It was simple to install and looks great as you can see.

Customer Rating:

We like it, but have trouble keeping it looking clean. Do you have a product or recommendation for cleaning the mats?

Customer Rating:

Product is excellent and service was EXCELLENT. I spoke with a customer service representative over the phone who was very knowledgeable and was not pushy in selling any product. She assisted me in answering my questions and helping me find the right product that I was looking for. Would definitely recommend your company over any other!

Customer Rating:

We love our playroom flooring. This is the 8th room we have installed this flooring in for our autism therapy clinic. We love it! We have been using for over 5 years and it still looks like new! Here is our latest installment.

Customer Rating: