How to Cut and Install Foam Floor Tiles - 2x2 Foam Squares

2x2 foot interlocking foam floor tiles are an easy form of flooring to install. You'll need a tape measure, sharp utility knife and a straight edge.

Beginning with a clean floor, start laying full tiles in a corner, leaving a 1/4 inch gap between the foam flooring and walls for tile expansion. Push the puzzle tiles together, working out evenly from the corner until full tiles will no longer fit.

Measure the distance remaining between the interlocking foam floor and remaining walls. Cut tiles for the remaining space using a sharp utility knife to fit accordingly, using a straight edge guide. Cut the majority of the way through the tiles on one side. Then fold the mat at the slice to expose the core.

Finish cutting from the other side, keeping the tile folded and following the crease from the inside. Then lay the cut tiles to fit flush with the walls - minus your 1/4 inch gap.

Border strips will also create a finished edge.

Why 2x2 foam tiles?

2x2 foam tiles are a great soft flooring solution for areas in need of cushion and water resistance. Made of closed cell EVA foam material these flooring tiles absorb impact and create safe, anti-fatigue environment for kids, athletes, elderly, sport dogs and everyone in between. While puzzle tiles are available in multiple sizes, 2x2 foot tiles are the easiest to to store or transport. When disassembled and stacked, they can easily fit on or under a workbench, in a closet, or even in a trunk or back of an SUV. Plus, at a smaller size, they're much cheaper to ship.

Designed for portability, repeat installations are no problem. Simply lay the mats down when you need them and remove the flooring when your done. They can also be left in place for permanent installations. Should a tile become damaged, you'll only need to replace the damaged section rather than the whole floor. In some cases, the tiles may even be reversible so you can just flip the damaged tile over and use the other side as you finished surface.

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