Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

Karate Mats showing Brookings tkd class karate 1 inch mat
Karate Martial Arts Matting Premium 1 Inch stack of colors
USA Karate striking instruction on Greatmats martial arts mats
Infinity Kihap installation of Greatmats 1 inch karate mats
Martial Arts and Karate Mat close up image 1 Inch thick
Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch thick showing full tile 1 meter
Karate mats close up showing interlocking design
Martial Arts Karate Mats 1 Inch thick with full with borders attached
showing 4 1 inch thick premium karate mats
1 inch thick interlocking premium karate mats used for aerobic exercises
close up of Red and Blue Karate Mat Interlocks
karate studio flooring showing wood grain pattern and gray puzzle mats
karate studio showing black and gray karate mats flooring
thick foam karate mats installed in personal trainer gym space
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Reg: $29.00/tile
Handling Time Estimate: 1-3 Working Days
  • Ideal surface for karate studios
  • High density foam that supports quick movements
  • Quick DIY installation with interlock edges
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  • Black/Gray
  • Red/Blue
  • Wooden/Black
  • Black/Red
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  1. Ideal surface for karate studios
  2. High density foam that supports quick movements
  3. Quick DIY installation with interlock edges
  4. Puzzle style edges hold tightly together
  5. Multiple stylish color choices
  6. Includes 4 border strips with each tile to finish the layout
  7. Durable surface texture accommodates shoes
  8. Waterproof tiles that are easy to clean

Martial Arts Studio Flooring, Karate Studio Flooring, Dojo Flooring, Taekwondo Flooring

Best Value Karate Mats for Studios or Home

Finding just the right level of cushioning, durability, and firmness in karate mats is easier with our 1 inch thick foam mats for sale.

Our 1 inch foam mat is available at a low price per square foot of coverage, making it a good value. If you have a huge studio area that you need to cover with dojo mats, our 1x1 meter size karate mat delivers a reasonable cost.

To save even more money, our 1-inch interlocking foam mats have a design made for a DIY installation using the puzzle style edges that connect securely. Even when placed under stress, these pieces stay tightly together without requiring glue.

Padding for Martial Arts Workouts

When you need padding on hard floors at the studio or at home, trust our training karate mats to protect the athletes when they fall.

Our 1 inch thick interlocking foam mats have a high quality design that softens the blow from any fall without sacrificing durability or firmness. Athletes won’t sink into the 1 inch martial arts mats, meaning they can make quick, decisive movements.

The high density EVA foam in our mats provides a versatile option that delivers a high level of performance.

Versatile Karate Mats

Although many studios and residential customers use our 1 inch floor mats for karate, they actually work with a wide range of disciplines, including:
  • Karate
  • MMA
  • Taekwondo
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay thai
  • Kung fu
  • Striking disciplines

These 1 inch foam tiles even work well at a general fitness studio and at a yoga studio. This is one of the most versatile flooring products we offer.

These mats have a smooth leather textured surface that’s great for use with bare feet or with shoes. Athletes can use many different kinds of shoes safely without harming the surface on these tiles.

Double-Sided Martial Arts Mats With Multiple Colors

At a dojo, having the ability to set up different training areas that are designated with unique colors is a significant advantage.

Our mats are available in multiple color choices, letting you set up your studio to match your needs. Each color available uses the same puzzle edge design, so you can mix and match the various colors as part of the normal DIY installation process.

Additionally, each tile is double-sided, so you can flip the tiles whenever they begin to show wear. This further enhances the value of the tiles, as they are usable for far longer than a single-sided tile. Each side has a different color, and the available combinations are:
  • Black and gray
  • Black and red
  • Black and wood grain
  • Blue and red

Each tile comes with 4 border ramps to create a more finished look. Optional border ramps in the color black are available to reduce tripping hazards.


Color tones and shades may vary within a single order. This does not represent a manufacturing defect as this is common in EVA Foam. Using a multi-color pattern can make this less noticeable. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Occasionally, the coloring may transfer from the materials to feet and uniforms. Our experience shows that red and black tiling most often transfers the colors. This is common with EVA.


Product can be damp mopped with hot water. Test your vacuum before use.


Ships via freight delivery shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
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SKU# KM1Inch
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 1 inch
Width 3.30 feet
Length 3.30 feet
SF per Item 10.76
Weight 8.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 70
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.03 feet
Material Hardness 125 kgs/m3, 50-55 Shore C
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Leather
Surface Design Solid color double sided
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

We were happy with the order start to finish. Product is excellent and so was the customer service.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

These mats are exactly what I was looking for. The quality is very good, the colors really pop, and the shipping was fast! They are a great upgrade for my Martial Arts school.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

The mats are amazing. They are exactly what we have been looking for to match our schools aesthetics. The quality is great for training. I appreciate it! I've attached some photos.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

We love our Great Mats flooring. We opted for the 1" karate mats because the aerobic flooring was on backorder and we needed it quickly; I was worried, but completely unnecessarily. I am so pleased with my decision. No more joint problems for me or my customers-not from our floors! Our old floors were concrete under carpet. These are NOT slippery, yet easy to pivot and dance on. They are easy to clean. We vaccuum or dust with a swiffer-type dry mop and steam mop twice a week to sanitize. They can also be mopped with soap and water-we just haven't found the need to do that with the steam mop.
Customers who left because of joint issues related to our flooring, are now coming back.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch x 1x1 Meter

Thank you so much.


Product Questions:

Q: My mother is elderly and in bad health. She is very weak and falls. I want a product that will protect her hips and things in a fall. Is this a product you would recommend for that purpose? Or do you suggest a different style?
A: Consider a 1.5-inch-thick tile, also available in 2x2-foot tile sizes. This 1-inch tile is not very soft. Review this blog for fall protection flooring and mat options and comparison.
Q: Can you glue or tape the mats down?
A: Tape-down installation is preferable to glue-down installation; however, neither is commonly done nor needed in most installations. The tiles will generally stay in place depending on the size of the installation. Review our 1x1 meter puzzle mat installation page for more information.
Q: What sort of surfaces can these mats be installed over? Laminate floors? Carpets? And will they damage the floors they are laid over?
A: Generally, any hard, flat surface is best; carpeting is not recommended. The martial arts mats will not damage any surface they are installed over.
Q: I am wondering if there is any data on voc's on these? I would like to order them, but need to know this first.
A: We do not have any testing on VOC, normally this type of testing is for glues and paints with vapors.
Q: Will the wooden design fade with time or heavy traffic?
A: The mats may show signs of wear over time, but the wood design is not a print-on; it is integrated into the color of the surface texture of the top layer of the mat, so it will not fade or wear off more than a solid color mat.
Q: We are thinking of using this product for our yoga studio. Can you tell me if your EVA Foam is Formamide free?
A: The manufacturer of our EVA foam tiles has provided us with a test that states that one sample of an EVA foam tile passed a test that stated the sample was free of formamide. We don't then state that all of our EVA foam tiles are formamide free. The reason is that all the EVA foam tiles on the market are pretty much the same material. Formamide-free EVA tiles can not exist, but the formamide will dissipate over time, and one can get a passing test result after a few months of manufacturing.
Q: I plan on putting these over a pine floor in an older home on pier and beam. Do you suggest some type of breathable vapor barrier between the wood and the tiles?
A: The foam tiles will act as a vapor barrier. So, if moisture is coming up from the underside of the base flooring, the foam tiles will stop the movement of that moisture at the bottom of the foam tiles.
Q: Do you recommend this thickness of the tiles for a yoga floor?
A: Yes. We have multiple yoga studios that have found great success with this flooring. Here are a couple for you to see what they say about it. Kismet Yoga and Fitness Platinum Yoga
Q: Would you recommend this product to be placed on a concrete basement floor for jump roping?
A: This would be a great floor for that purpose. It is designed for jumping-related activities and will not only reduce fatigue but provide a thermal buffer from the concrete.
Q: Are these good with heat? Thinking about installing them in my hot yoga studio. I have laminate right now but it bubbles and separates with the heat (100 degrees).
A: These tiles will not hold up in that heat. Our LonWood Performa would be a better choice for this type of environment.
Q: I have a hardwood floor. Will these mats slide?
A: It depends on the size of the installation, how they are installed and the finish on your floor. In most cases these mats will not slide, especially for larger installations and wall-to-wall installations.
Q: I have a PRX Performance fold out squat rack with a weight bench. Will it damage this flooring?
A: Heavy objects and furniture will indent the flooring. For short-term use, the indents will bounce back in roughly the same amount of time it took for them to form. Long-term usage of heavy items on this flooring can cause permanent indents. Sharp objects should be avoided as they can puncture the EVA foam. This will not affect the performance of the mats but will cause cosmetic blemishes.
Q: Can this flooring be used for aerobic classes?
A: Yes, this can be used for aerobics and is popular in Jazzercise studios.