Steve Valente Installs Wood Grain Foam Tiles In His Basement

By Paige Cerulli Created: November, 2023

When Steven Valentes needed a flooring product to beautify and enhance his unfinished basement, he chose the Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible from Greatmats in the dark wood grain.

He installed the tiles throughout the basement, which included a workout room and a TV room. Valentes has been highly satisfied with the result. “It has been such a wonderful product and we are so happy that we found Greatmats,” says Valentes. “Not only does it beautify our basement, which isn’t finished, it also makes it way more functional.”

The tiles are crafted from EVA foam, and their waterproof design is a major benefit in settings like basements, where moisture may be an issue. Valentes discovered the value of these waterproof basement foam tiles almost immediately. “On the night we installed these tiles, we had a tropical storm,” he explains. While some water did make its way into the basement, it beaded on top of the tiles. “We took them up, shook them out, and they were dry sooner than later,” says Valentes.

The upgrade to Valentes’ basement has also garnered plenty of compliments from neighbors. “We have recommended Greatmats to them,” says Valentes. “Thank you, Greatmats, for such a fine product.”

wood grain foam tile flooring in basement with tv console

The Benefits of Wood Grain Basement Foam Tiles

Valentes’ story demonstrates just why these foam tiles are so helpful for basement installations.


Had Valentes chosen a product that wasn’t waterproof, he would have been facing water damage to his brand-new floor almost immediately. It’s likely that he would have had to replace at least part of his floor, depending on the extent of the damage, meaning more money spent on flooring and more time spent installing it.

These waterproof basement foam tiles are designed specifically for that type of situation. Since they can get wet without being damaged, leaks and floods are no big deal. The tiles are quick and easy to install and remove, so after exposure to moisture, they can be uninstalled, dried out, and then reinstalled again.


These foam tiles add cushion to a space like a basement. Since Valente’s basement is unfinished, the tiles make it a more welcoming space for his family to watch TV, or for a workout. The cushioned floor is more forgiving if a child falls or wants to play on the floor.

The foam also creates a warmer floor than the concrete subfloor, so the area is more enjoyable to use. The tiles are a simple way to transform an unfinished basement into a livable space.

Aesthetically Pleasing

These basement foam tiles are available in five attractive, realistic wood grain finishes, allowing you to transform not only the feel, but the appearance of your space. The tiles offer a way to enhance your space’s aesthetic with the look of real wood grain, but without any of the drawbacks, like its cost or how easily it can be damaged by water.

In Valente's case, the tiles enhanced an unfinished basement, giving it a beautiful look. This flooring can be a great way to revitalize a space, whether you’re creating a bedroom, family room, home gym, office, or other space.

These tiles are double-sided, which offers an additional benefit. In addition to the wood grain surface, the reverse side is a scuff-resistant tan surface. If the tiles are ever worn or damaged, you can simply reverse them to maximize their life.

Easy to Install

One of the greatest benefits of these tiles is the fact that they’re so easy to install. Since they measure 2x2 feet, they will quickly cover a larger area, but they’re still sized so that they’re easy to transport and store. The tiles are lightweight and fit together like puzzle pieces, making the installation incredibly easy.

Each tile includes two border strips, which allows you to create an island installation with clean, finished edges. You can also perform a wall-to-wall installation by cutting the tiles to fit with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. You can also easily cut the tiles to fit around objects, like support beams.

Easy Maintenance

Once you’ve installed the tiles, you can easily maintain them with minimal care. You can damp mop the tiles with common household floor cleaners, but should avoid bleach. You may be able to vacuum them, but test your vacuum on an inconspicuous area before using them on your entire floor.

Ordering Basement Foam Tiles

Valente’s story is a prime example of just why these basement foam tiles are so popular. If your basement is prone to flooding, leaking, or even condensation, traditional flooring can easily be destroyed. These foam tiles are a fantastic choice and are highly durable and waterproof, so they’re ideal for basements and other challenging installation locations, like trade shows.

If you’re ready to order these tiles or are still exploring your flooring options, contact the Greatmats customer service team today. We’re happy to answer your questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you determine which flooring product is best for your needs.