Boat Deck Flooring

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Marine Grade Flooring Solutions

Greatmats delivers numerous boat flooring options that can stand up to difficult weather and environmental conditions. This type of flooring thrives in damp locations, resisting soaking up water and creating an anti-slip environment that’s safer for those enjoying the boat.

Our flooring products for boats will work in either a fresh water environment or a marine environment that receives exposure to salt water regularly. Sun and wind do not affect the integrity of many models of our boat flooring either. Products are available that protect the exterior deck or an interior cabin area.

Whether you own a pontoon, yacht, fishing boat, jon boat, cabin cruiser, or cruise ship, we have a style of boat flooring that will meet your needs.

You’ll find high grade floors that deliver outstanding style for an environment where those on the boat expect luxury. You’ll also find affordable flooring options that excel in covering the surface of the boat and extending its lifespan.

Vinyl Flooring for Boats

Vinyl is one of the top boat flooring materials available, as it offers outstanding durability and resistance to damage from moisture or sunlight. Additionally, high quality vinyl floors are available that help to maintain the value of the boat and that deliver a sense of luxury.

Some highly popular vinyl floors for boats include brands like LonSeal, LonMarine, and LonWood. These rolls can resemble either wood or stone, which looks amazing when deployed in a marine environment, either indoors or outdoors.

These vinyl materials resemble rich types of hardwoods, such as teak, mahogany, and walnut. They also have options that look like expensive stone flooring, such as marble. The designs on these vinyl floors should hide any scuffing that may occur in high traffic areas, which are common in the confined space of a boat.

As a replacement flooring, vinyl will be easy to install, going directly over the top of the subfloor material in the boat or over the existing flooring. Vinyl is extremely thin, usually around 1/16 to 1/8 inch, so it doesn’t add an excessive amount of weight to the boat, which is important.

Some types of vinyl will work only for interior areas of the cabin of the boat, where the flooring receives protection from the harshest weather. Other vinyl products have a specific rating for exterior use, such as on the deck of the boat.

Vinyl floors meant for semi-interior or semi-exterior installations may need a coating finish that will protect them from the weather. The customer may need to add this finish after the installation.

When looking to cover hatches or baseboard seams, some vinyl flooring products made for marine environments will have trim pieces available to maintain the color and look of the overall flooring layout.

PVC Plastic Flooring for Boats

PVC plastic boat flooring works well for exterior installations, as it will have protection from sunlight built into it. It also often will have perforations in it that allow rainwater and splashes and spray from the movement of the boat to drain through to the subfloor.

People enjoying the boat or working on the boat will appreciate being able to stand on a dry surface as the moisture and water drains through the perforations in the PVC plastic.

PVC plastic boat flooring tiles are a good choice in smaller wet marine environments, as it naturally provides a sure footing for people walking on the boat. Versus walking on bare aluminum on the bottom of the boat, PVC plastic yields a far safer option.

Some types of PVC plastic will have built in resistance to chemicals and oils, which may be an important feature on some working boats. PVC plastic rolls of flooring that resist chemicals and oils are available that installers can cut to fit inside a marine compartment on the boat.

Installation of PVC plastic tiles and rolls is an easy process. Installers can cut PVC plastic with a utility knife and a sharp edge to fit it directly against the edge of the boat or to fit around stationary objects.

Common Types of Boat Deck Covering and Pontoon Covering

  • Vinyl
  • PVC plastic