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Cheerleading Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll

SKU# Cheermats642-138

Cheerleading Mats, Competition Cheer Mat Floor, Flexi Roll 6x42 Ft

Cheerleading Mats, Competition Cheer Mat Floor, Flexi Roll 6x42 Ft

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Top Features for Cheerleading Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll

  1. Durable, needle punch carpet top
  2. Available in many colors
  3. Professional All Star and school quality
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Convenient flexible style roll up design
Use Types

All Star Cheer Mats, Gymnastics Practice, Outdoor Events, Cheerleading Mats, Tumbling Mats

Flexi roll cheerleading mats, All star competition cheer floor mat options in 1-3/8 inch

Our are manufactured to the highest construction standards in the industry. Our cheerleading mats are offered in two thicknesses and feature a quality 26 ounce needle punch carpet top that's flame-bonded to a cross-link polyethylene foam base layer. This carpet flame bonded construction technique delivers the highest possible quality of cheer mat construction on the market in sizes for schools, all star and home use.

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Cheerleading Mats for Competitions

Our flame-bonded technique for attaching the foam to the carpet top ensures the highest quality of cheer mat. These long lasting mats will stand up to hour after hour of practice without failing. Some manufacturers use a gluing process to attach the carpet top to the foam, but this glue will give way after some time and repeated us. The flame bonding process ensures a longer lasting construction.

The needle-punch carpet creates just the right blend of softness, traction and durability for cheerleading surfaces. Additionally, our carpet top is extremely durable, ensuring that our cheer mats last a long time without looking worn or suffering a loss of performance. Needle punch carpeting is the strongest type of cheer carpeting offered. Our 26 ounce style of carpet is much tougher and more durable than other cheerleading mats on the market.

Additionally, we use an extremely high quality of foam in these mats. Not only does this foam stand up to significant pounding from tumbling, jumping, and stunting from cheerleaders, holding its shape and resistance, but it also provides plenty of cushioning. The foam is tough too, allowing it to avoid creasing or slipping out of place while you're transporting the rolls.

When ordering more than one 6-by-42-foot cheerleading mats dimensions strip, pricing includes hook and loop connector strips. You'll use connector strips on top of the mats to fasten one mat to the next. Should you need a shorter mat, you can cut the mats with a sharp utility knife.

Flexi Roll Cheerleading Mats

Our line of mats features a flexible roll up style for easy installation, as well as easy removal and storage. The back side of the foam is sliced part of the way through, which makes rolling up the flexi roll mats is easier and can be performed by one person.

The foam sections within each mat are cut with water jet precision for a perfect cut and size each time. This is very important to the manufacturing process, because if the cut is too deep, the carpet can become damaged or compromised. If cut is too shallow, the foam will rip when rolled up. The precise cutting of each foam section ensures that the carpet top on the cheer mat will lie flat with no gaps because each foam section will fit together tightly.

Moving the Cheerleading Mats

With cheerleading mats dimensions of 42 feet long and 6 feet wide, they provide an excellent cheer tumbling strip area. That's equal to 252 square feet of coverage. Each 1-3/8-inch thickness mat does weigh 115 pounds, so installation and moving of the mats will require multiple people. (Beyond the 1-3/8 inches of thickness in these particular cheer mats options, Greatmats also offers a 2-inch thickness style that weighs 135 pounds.)

The easiest way for one person to move the rolled up cheer floor mats is to use a two-wheeled hand truck. Or you also can place one person on each end of the roll to carry a roll together. Once the roll is positioned properly and ready to be rolled out, one person can roll out the mat.

If our 1-3/8-inch thick roll-up pads are just too heavy for your needs, we do offer a smaller cheer mat dimensions with 1-3/8-inch thickness that measures 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. Such mats are not suitable for long tumbling passes, but these smaller mats are great for practicing jumps, providing a cushioned landing spot. The 5-by-10-foot mats offer the same type of segmented foam and carpet top construction as the larger cheer and tumbling mats, meaning they roll up tightly in the same manner. Each individual 5-by-10-foot mat weighs 30 pounds.

Installing the Cheer Mats

When installing multiple mats side by side, we recommend you unroll the mats all in the same direction. By unrolling the mats this way, you'll ensure that the carpet pile on the top of the mats goes in the same direction. If the carpet pile is lying in different directions, the color shading of the side by side mats may appear different from afar.

Never kick the side of a mat to try to align it. This could cause the carpet to separate from the foam. Instead, use your hands to adjust the roll's individual foam sections. Each section is lightweight, allowing for positional adjustments by hand.

If the ends of the mat curl up immediately after installation, you can flatten them by placing a heavy object on the section that's curled. After several minutes, the curl will settle down and become flat.

Storing Cheer Floors

When it's time to roll up the mats for storage, start at the same end for every mat. By doing this, you'll be sure the carpet pile will lay the same way when it's time to unroll them.

Roll the mats as tightly as possible to ensure they occupy the least amount of storage space. When rolled tightly, each 6-by-42-foot cheer mat dimensions roll should be about 3.5 feet in diameter.

Cheerleading mats will ship rolled up inside a sturdy plastic bag. You may want to keep the bags handy, as you can use them to store the cheer floor mats when they aren't in use, protecting them from dust and other soils. We also offers replacement plastic storage bags for sale for your rolled mats, should the original bags become damaged.

Injury Prevention
Preventing injury is a significant concern of coaches and sponsors of cheerleaders. And a safe cheer floor plays a key role in the ability of cheerleaders to avoid injuries. The cushioning of the foam in our cheer gym mats will reduce the stress on joints from tumbling and jumping. These types of joint injuries - like ankle sprains, knee injuries, and wrist injuries - are some of the most common minor injuries cheerleaders will suffer during both practice and competitions.

Not only does the proper cushioning in your cheerleading flooring help to prevent such sprains, but it also puts less pressure on the joints of the participants, allowing them to practice for longer periods of time and participate more fully in practices. Sometimes a nagging injury can increase in severity quickly, leaving the cheerleader out of action for several weeks. Investing in a type of cheer floor that keeps the cheerleaders joints injury free is a smart idea over the long run.

If your cheerleaders will be doing stunting, fall height is an important consideration in the type of flooring you'll choose. Cheerleaders using multiple person stunting will run the risk of falling from a height up to 4 feet, which requires a thick padding, such as our 1-3/8-inch padded mat. Other types of stunting that involve a potential fall height of greater than 4 feet needs a thicker mat, such as our 2-inch padded carpet top mat, landing or crash pads, or spring floors.

Our carpet bonded foam cheer mat rolls are great for both practice and competitions or really any place where you need to have the ability to pick up and move the cheer floor. For example, if your cheer team practices on a hard gymnasium floor that's also used for volleyball, you may need to pick up and lay down the mats on a daily basis. These rolled mats can be moved around easier than puzzle mats, for example, although the rolls are heavy.

One area where cheerleading mats differ from gymnastics mats is with the top surface. Mats for cheering have a carpeted surface, while gymnastics mats offer a vinyl surface. So make sure you order the correct kind of mat for your team's needs.


Vacuum as needed.


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SKU# Cheermats642-138
Product Type Roll
Material Type Carpet bonded Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-3/8 inch
Width 6.00 feet
Length 42.00 feet
SF per Item 252.00
Weight 115.00 lbs
Packaging Bags
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent No
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness Shore C 30
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Carpet top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Roll out flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year limited
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Product Questions:

Is there financing available?
Please review the About Us page linked from our page footers to learn about financing options.
Is it possible to cut the mat length without damaging the pad? I need 2x21 foot mats vs one 42 inch 6 foot mat. Thanks
Yes the mats can be cut with a sharp utility knife without damaging the integrity of the mats.
What kind of transition do you use for the edge?
This product does not have a transition for the edge.
How many matts do you recommend buying for 10 girls to practice on?
I would say about 3 or 4 for 10 kids is good.
What is the size of a competition cheer mats when it's rolledup. Trying to find space in the school to store them.
6 ft tall and about 3.5 ft wide per 6x42 ft roll.
Can this mat be installed to run a martial arts program?
We do not recommend a carpet flooring surface for martial arts training, especially with bare feet, carpet is hard to disinfect.
I’m interested in purchasing but I need a vinyl surface. Is the price the same and if I need smaller than 42ft is it safe to cut if its vinyl?
We do have rollout mats in custom lengths and with a vinyl top layer. Please contact us for more information.

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Customer Rating:

We love the mats and they make our school looking very professional. Everyone is impressed with the looks and quality.

Fayetteville, AR

Customer Rating:

Came fast, great quality! We are super excited. The color was on point.

St George, UT

Customer Rating:

We have had our Flexi roll mats for about a month now. They are working out perfect. Our tumblers of all ages 5 thru 18 are in love with the new mats. Thanks Great Mats for a quality product.

Kansas City, MO

Customer Rating:

This is the third time I've ordered matts from Great mats. As my business has grown, my needs have as well. The product is always great, but I have to say the delivery system has changed this year, and the freight company used was aweful, uncommunicative, and delayed my order more than once. I would recommend going with another freight delivery company.

New York, NY

Customer Rating:

Easy roll up.

Maumelle, AR

Customer Rating:

We are so happy with our mats. Easy to roll up, and extra long to fit the whole squad.

Chillicothe, MO

Customer Rating:

Worked great with our other mats, and was easy to set up!

Las Vegas, NV

Customer Rating:

Love the mats!

Anacortes, WA

Customer Rating:

Perfect for our unfinished basement


Customer Rating:

Great mats! Great prices! Great Customer service!

I'm glad Greatmats' instructions were so complete regarding checking over the condition of the mats upon their receipt from the transport company. Two of the three mats we ordered were damaged. We followed Greatmats' recommendations regarding inspection and documentation of any damage on the shipping bill and reported it to them. Greatmats customer service was excellent to deal with. My only complaint (aside from the damage to the mats, which was the carriers fault) is the length of time it took the manufacturer to send us a repair kit (about three weeks). The repair kit was complete however and even included a hot glue gun necessary for the repair. We were offered complete replacement of the damaged mats but the damage was not sufficient enough to warrant that.

We love the mats! I recommend Greatmats as a company and the quality products they market.

South Jordan, UT

Customer Rating:

Mats work as expected

Greenville, NC

Customer Rating:

We absolutely LOVE our Cheerleading mats! Best customer service Representative I have ever dealt with! Thanks Pam Livingston!

Johnstown , PA

Customer Rating:

I was extremely pleased with the entire process of ordering, communication, and timely delivery of our cheer mats. My contact through the process was outstanding!Everytime I had a question she always repsonded quickly and was extremely efficient throughout the entire process. I will highly recommend GreatMats to anyone I come in to contact with! I greatly appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of this company!

Oklahoma City, OK

Customer Rating:

We love our mat!! It was exactly what we were expecting. It's a great product and we hope to be able to order more in the future.

Montgomery, AL