Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile Pebble 3/4 Inch x 2x2 Ft.

  • Ideal for home gym weight room flooring
  • Lightweight, super high density durable EVA foam material
  • Designed to withstand the weight of exercise equipment
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Reg: $13.29/tile - $3.32/sqft
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Introducing Gym Floor Workout Tile Pebble Top 3/4

Pebble Top Gym Floor Tiles - Features and Benefits

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  1. Ideal for home gym weight room flooring
  2. Lightweight, super high density durable EVA foam material
  3. Designed to withstand the weight of exercise equipment
  4. Waterproof and easy to clean
  5. Easy DIY interlocking installation, no adhesive is required
  6. Double sided with non-slip pebble texture for longer life
  7. Each tight-fitting tile includes 2 border strips
  8. Lead free and latex free

Use Types

Exercise Room Flooring, Home Gyms, Weight Rooms, Portable Temporary Horse Stall Mats

Durable exercise room flooring, Foam workout room flooring, home gym floors

An excellent solution for an economical and easy to install home exercise room flooring is the Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile Pebble 3/4 Inch x 2x2 Ft.. These interlock together and provide a sturdy workout room flooring for multiple athletic activities.

Interlocking exercise mats from Greatmats deliver a high level of density that’s perfect in gymnasiums at the house. Our exercise room floor will adequately protect the subfloor from damage from any hefty exercise equipment. Our flooring for workout room is made to be easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time.

Exercise Room Flooring

Our workout room mats provide plenty of versatility. Sometimes, a customer prefers the wall to wall install method, where DIY gym flooring rolls will cover the entire space. Another great option is an island, where it will only cover a small section.

No matter how our customers make use of the puzzle exercise mat, they receive long lasting performance and a good value, outperforming box store gym flooring. The pebbled EVA surface is durable, meaning it will hold up nicely, even under heavy use, and will continue to look great.


Product Questions:

Q: Does this product have beveled edges for a floor that does not go wall to wall?
A: This tile does not have beveled edges. The border strips provided have a 90 degree edge.
Q: Can the pebble top foam gym floor tile be painted? If so, what type of paint is best suited for the job? For a basement playroom.
A: We do not have an experience with painting these tiles.
Q: Can this product be cut for wall to wall installation?
A: Yes this product can be cut using a sharp utility knife for a wall to wall fit.
Q: Can this product be used for an outdoor weight/workout area? I live in Sierra Vista, AZ. Lots of sun, and heavy rains in the summer months. Temperatures seldom top 95 degrees, and is typically in the high 80's.
A: This product is a foam material and is designed for indoor use only. Not intended for exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight.
Q: Does it work well on carpeted floors?
A: Yes this durable high density thick foam tiles can be installed over a low height carpet in a wall-to-wall installation. Depending upon use, foam tiles may slip over carpeting. Visit our Gym Flooring Over Carpeting blog for other options.
Q: Is this Low VOC and Non-Toxic? I have problems with chemical odors.
A: I would suggest getting a sample first. We don't have any testing per your questions to make a statement.
Q: Would this be appropriate for barefoot dancing? Is it slick or tacky or neither? Is there any kind of oil or other substance on the mat that would come off on my feet? I have mats from another company that I have tried to scrub clean but they still have a residue.
A: I would suggest a marley vinyl for a dance floor. This blog covers a few options for dance floors for home use.
Q: I've read reviews of other tiles that complain of the tiles sliding around on the floor and pulling apart with any type of aerobic activity. Do you know how these tiles stand up to vigorous movement?
A: Because these tiles are thicker and heavier than any other type of interlocking foam tile that we know of, this would be less of an issue. But if installed over carpeting, that is the worst case scenario for tile slippage. Install over a hard flat surface and use double sided carpet tape as needed.
Q: We have a stained concrete for the basement floor. There is a clear cost wax over the stain. Do you know of any problem with this mat system affecting this type of flooring? We are planning on covering an 18' x 17' room with this and hope to create a home gym but want to be able to convert the room as needed and don't want to ruin the flooring. Thx
A: We dont have any experience with foam tiles over a waxed concrete floor, we dont think this will be an issue.
Q: Does the 3/4 inch Pebble foam interlocking mat have click floor tile ramp pieces
A: These interlocking mats come with two detachable, straight-edged border pieces each. If you require a ramped-edge, your local flooring or home improvement store may have a solution.
Q: Will this protect a concrete floor from weights up to 300 lbs being dropped on it?
A: This product is a super high density foam and not rubber. It can handle very heavy equipment and an occasional accidental weight drop. It is not recommended for heavy power lifting. Rubber flooring would be a better selection for your application.
Q: Um, what are the dimensions of each tile? Call me crazy, but it seems like that is something that should be listed in the product description.
A: 2x2 Feet. 20mm thick
Q: Can these tiles be put over current hard wood floors without damage to the hard wood flooring?
A: These tiles are made of a super high density durable EVA foam material and there should be no issues with the hard wood floors.
Q: Can you cut these with a utility knife?
A: Yes, these tiles can be cut with a sharp utility knife.
Q: What size area the tiles
A: Each tile measures 2x2 feet, thus covering 4 square feet.
Q: How many edge pieces comes with an order?
A: Each tile comes with 2 border strips.
Q: How do these mats deal with moisture? I’ve previously used horse stall mats in our home gym on the ground level floor and have had some condensation/moisture problems under the floor. Do these provide more ventilation than horse stall mats? Thanks
A: Moisture will not absorb into the mats, so water wont damage the mats. There is a slight pebble texture on both sides, so it does not sit completely flat against the floor. However, it is still likely, that moisture will would be trapped under the mats.
Q: Can I place these tiles over carpet for a home gym area?
A: If installing over carpet, we recommend putting a layer of plywood down over the carpet first. If you'd like to install a gym flooring directly on the carpet, you'll want one of our StayLock Tile options - with either a Bump Top or Orange Peel surface texture.
Q: How thick are the mats?
A: 20mm (roughly 3/4 inch)
Q: How many tiles come in a box?
A: 15
Q: Can you install directly over a subfloor. We have carpet now in upstairs room but will remove.
A: Yes this durable high density thick foam tiles can be installed directly over a sub floor or over a low height carpet in a wall-to-wall installation. Depending upon use, foam tiles may slip over carpeting.
Q: What are the measurements for a tile?
A: These tiles measure 2x2 feet.
Q: How thick are the mats
A: These mats are 20mm thick.
Q: Are these tile good to use on squat machine?
A: Yes. These are made a super high density foam that allow for great output while offering fatigue relief. Just keep in mind that as a foam product, it will likely indent some underneath the weight of the machine.
Q: Can you add a sports logo?
A: We do not offer custom graphics on this product.
Q: I plan on using this in a section of a garage set up as a gym. Is there a problem with moisture being trapped under the mat?
A: Although there is a pebble surface texture on both sides, these are considered a flat-bottomed tile. Moisture can become trapped underneath the mat. You may want to consider our Staylock Tile with a bump top or orange peel surface to prevent trapping moisture.
Q: Is there a beveled edge to purchase separately for this? Or one you would recommend?
A: We do not offer beveled edging for this product.
Q: How much does 1 tile weigh?
A: Each tile weighs 2.2 pounds.
Q: Would these mats have good grip for barefoot heavy bag training? Slippery when wet?
A: For your use, we would recommend our Home Sport and Play mats. Please use the following link to view them and feel free to reach out to us at 877-822-6622 for further assistance.
Q: Could this rubber mat be placed on top of a radiant heated floor?
A: These 3/4 inch thick mats are made of a high density EVA foam material and they can be used over radiant heated floors. Please keep in mind they will need room to allow for expansion and contraction and the heat may cause them to have an odor when they are first installed as the foam may off gas.
Q: When will these be back in stock?
A: Please call 877-822-6622 to obtain the most current product availability.


In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 20 mm
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 4.00
Weight 2.20 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 10
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock Yes
Interlock Loss 0.03 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness Shore C 62
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Pebble top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited




Customer Reviews

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193 star ratings

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Customer Rating:

Installed 30 mats in around 20 minutes by my self, no tools required. Foam is dense enough for stable footing lifting barbells but still comfortable to kneel on. Dropping weights is no problem. A little slick with no shoes on but yoga mat sticks well providing secure footing in socks or bare feet doing yoga. Overall highly recommended

Customer Rating:

I could not have chosen better flooring for my needs. Its sturdy, does not move, and best of all gives me options on how large or small I want my flooring space to be. This is super important to me for those times when I move and my gym space changes. I have a very keen sense of smell and I barely noticed the smell some reviews speak of. I been using the flooring for about a month and the light smell is completely gone. Its also cleans very easy. If you are looking for a flooring solution, especially for a home gym, look no further.

Customer Rating:

These mats are perfect for my home gym. In fact I'm ordering more, that's how much I like them! And they were easy to install.

Customer Rating:

I'm happy with these gym mats, they're pretty much perfect for my small home gym. They look good. Fun/easy to install (with some rare instant gratification.) They fit my space weirdly perfect. They included one extra mat, which I needed and lots of the edge pieces. The mats don’t stink, which is nice. They fit well. The service was really good and they shipped fast. Price was fair too. Overall the best solution for my need.

Customer Rating:

Great customer service with Greatmats. I would not hesitate ordering from this company. The product is good. There are issues with minor variation in thickness of the tiles but the tiles still hold together well. I had rubber mats before these tiles and like the feel of this product better underfoot. It has a softer feel than rubber so floor work is more comfortable. The install was very easy and the overall look is good in the room. There is a minor smell associated with the product but it is not offensive and has been diminishing over time. I think this is the best option out there for foam tiles in a home gym setting.

Customer Rating:


Customer Rating:

We love the ''Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch'' flooring in our home gym. We have slowly expanded our gym and are going to order our 3rd segment of flooring to complete the square footage needed. I can drop 35lb. dumbbells from waist high and the flooring protects our porcelain tiling just beneath it - no problem. My wife does aerobics on them daily and after 2 years of the same motions over a certain area, it does show some wear but I'd say that's pretty good durability! With the ability to buy two or three replacement squares for the great price they offer, it is an easy fix to get us back up to new condition. Great product - highly recommended.