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Exercise Room Flooring, Workout Room Flooring, Exercise Room Foam Mat

Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile Pebble 3/4 Inch

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(89 Reviews ) Write a Review
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Kid Safe Kid Safe Floor Tiles

Latex and Lead Free, Non Toxic, Allergen Free, Waterproof, Safe and Soft, Low Odor

Leading properties: Fire Rated ASTM E648-03 and Surface Flammability Passed ASTM D2859.

Our interlocking foam tiles have been fire test rated by two laboratories.

Purchase safe and soft foam floor tiles and matting products from Greatmats.

We ensure that all of our foam flooring products are constructed with the highest quality EVA foam material and workmanship.

We know our products are Kid Safe and will provide for years of enjoyable family use.

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Thickness 3/4 inch
Length 2.00 feet
Width 2.00 feet
Weight 3.60 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile Pebble 3/4 Inch

  1. Ideal for home gyms and weight room flooring
  2. Super high density durable EVA foam material
  3. Designed to withstand the weight of exercise equipment
  4. Waterproof and easy to clean
  5. Durable pebble top surface texture
  6. Double sided for longer life
  7. Each interlocking tile includes 2 border strips
  8. Lead free and latex free
Use Types

Exercise Room Flooring, Home Gyms, Weight Rooms, Portable Temporary Horse Stall Mats

High density foam mat exercise room flooring, Foam workout room flooring tiles

An excellent solution for an economical and easy way to install home exercise room flooring is the Gym Floor Workout Pebble Top 3/4 Inch thick foam floor tiles, which interlock together and provide a sturdy for many sport, exercise and athletic activities.

Exercise Room Flooring Foam Mat

Our super high density foam mat exercise room flooring will work in home gyms or in exercise studios where you need to protect the original flooring. As an added benefit, our exercise room mats can be taken apart quickly when you need to return the room back to the original flooring.

You'll love the versatility of our exercise flooring, as you can create a small island installation under exercise equipment. Or you can put together a wall-to-wall installation of this workout room flooring throughout an entire area, and it will look great for a long time. Our pebble top workout room flooring even works as a temporary horse stall mat because of its toughness. We've put together a list of the six best reasons to install these home gym tiles.

Workout Room Flooring Foam

Our pebble top exercise room flooring consists of a durable high density EVA foam flooring material. This workout room flooring tile is an excellent option for home exercise areas where a lightweight and durable flooring is needed.

Additionally, the top surface of our exercise room mats includes a durable pebble top workout room flooring surface pattern.

At 3/4 inches in thickness, this double-sided tile will stand up to significant punishment and is kid safe. Although EVA foam is not quite as durable as rubber flooring materials, this workout room flooring tile comes as close to rubber's durability as any foam floor tile product out there. It carries a material density rating of Shore C 62, which indicates a tough material that will stand up to whatever activity you'd like to use it for.

Each Gym Floor Workout Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch tile measures 2 by 2 feet. However, each tile doesn't quite cover 4 square feet on your floor. You will have a slight loss of coverage area because of the interlocking edges on these exercise room mats.

Even though the tiles cover nearly 4 square feet each, they are not difficult to move around for one person, as each individual workout room flooring tile only weighs 3.6 pounds. One person can carry multiple tiles, which will speed up the installation process. This is helpful if you're trying to install the pebble top exercise room flooring inside a large room, and you need to complete the job quickly.

The large coverage area for our tiles also ensures that you'll receive a good value when you consider the cost of the tiles per square foot.

Easy Installation High Density Foam Mat

You can install our foam exercise room mats over any hard, flat surface. Just make sure that the sub-floor is firm and sturdy before installation. You can place these foam tiles over concrete or wood and although it can be used over low pile, the lightweight nature of the tile may allow for sliding on top of the carpet surface.

Each tile has a puzzle-like edge that makes interlocking the tiles fast and easy. Just line up the workout room flooring tiles so the interlocking tabs match the slots on the adjacent tiles. Then use your hand or foot to press the tabs into the slots and create the tight fit between the tiles.

Each of the exercise room mats comes with two border strips, making corner or island layouts an easy process. The border strips all make use of the same interlocking tabs on the edges that appear on the tiles.

Depending on the type of installation you're performing, you may need to cut these tiles to fit the location. This is an easy process, as you only need a utility knife and a straight edge to score through the tiles. If the tile begins to fray as you're cutting, that's a signal that you need a new, sharp blade.

Although you can use adhesive when installing the Gym Floor Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch flooring, it's not needed. The interlocking edges on these tiles fit together tightly enough that you don't have to worry about seams popping up and causing a tripping hazard. Additionally, if you ever plan to disassemble the tiles, you will want to avoid using adhesives.

Quality Flooring for Workout Rooms

These workout room flooring tiles can withstand the weight of many types of exercise equipment. Our Gym Floor Workout Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch product officially measures 21 mm in thickness. Because of our tight manufacturing tolerances, you can be assured that the pebble top exercise room flooring's thickness will remain within tolerances of plus or minus 1 mm. Mats that are cheaply made may have thin areas or impure materials that can cause folding and buckling of the mats.

This pebble top exercise room flooring option is designed to last a long time beneath exercise equipment, and it comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturer defects.

Understand that this foam tile is not rated for commercial use in high traffic areas. Additionally, understand that there will be a lip island installations using on this type of tile of 3/4 of an inch. Border strips on the edge of the flooring remain at the same 3/4 inch thickness as the rest of the mats, they do not have a ramp finish that would cause a gentle slope of the edge and reduce tripping hazards.

High Density Foam Mat for Horses

Although the pebble top exercise room flooring is primarily designed for human foot traffic and exercise equipment, this high density durable EVA foam floor tile also can be used as a portable horse stall mat for temporary installations. The EVA foam tiles will not absorb moisture, which means they'll work great in an installation in a barn for horses, where you're sure to see moisture introduced from urine or spilled drinking water.

The excellent build quality of our workout room flooring is one of the reasons why this foam will work as a temporary horse stall mat. Even if the horse moves around a lot on top of the tiles, you can count on our tile not buckling or folding, as long as the sub-floor or sub-surface is flat and sturdy. This type of horse mat works best over concrete or wood and is excellent in trailers. Keep in mind that rocks or other sharp objects can puncture EVA foam, but this will not effect the ability of the tiles to perform their intended tasks.

Easy to Cleaning Exercise Floors

Each of the workout room flooring tiles is reversible. So should any tile become gouged or discolored, you can flip the tile over and hide the damage. These tiles are only available in black, and the black color extends throughout the thickness of the tile, as well as on both sides of the tile, minimizing the visibility of blemishes.

When it's time to clean the flooring, you can start by sweeping it with a standard broom to remove dry debris. Some customers choose to run a vacuum over the flooring, but you should test your vacuum in an area of the tile that isn't easily seen. Some powerful vacuums can cause damage to the surface of the floor.

For a more extensive cleaning, you can damp mop the tiles using hot water and a common household floor cleaner, as long as it doesn't contain bleach. You also can spot clean small areas of the tiles using a sponge or gentle scrub brush and a household cleaner. Avoid steam cleaning the tiles, as this process may heat up the tiles and cause them to expand. The tiles will not absorb any water from the steam, but the heat can cause them to expand.

After mopping the tiles, you can allow them to air dry in place in the room, or you can disassemble the tiles before washing them and allow them to dry in another location.


Product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners, avoid bleach. Test your vacuum before use.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground and/or Freight.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 3/4 inch
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 4.00
Weight 3.60 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 15
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock Yes
Interlock Loss 0.03 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness Shore C 62
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Pebble top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Does this product have beveled edges for a floor that does not go wall to wall?
This tile does not have beveled edges. The border strips provided have a 90 degree edge.
Can the pebble top foam gym floor tile be painted? If so, what type of paint is best suited for the job? For a basement playroom.
We do not have an experience with painting these tiles.
Can this product be cut for wall to wall installation?
Yes this product can be cut using a sharp utility knife for a wall to wall fit.
Can this product be used for an outdoor weight/workout area? I live in Sierra Vista, AZ. Lots of sun, and heavy rains in the summer months. Temperatures seldom top 95 degrees, and is typically in the high 80's.
This product is a foam material and is designed for indoor use only. Not intended for exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight.
Does it work well on carpeted floors?
Yes this durable high density thick foam tiles can be installed over a low height carpet in a wall-to-wall installation. Depending upon use, foam tiles may slip over carpeting. Visit our Gym Flooring Over Carpeting blog for other options.
Is this Low VOC and Non-Toxic? I have problems with chemical odors.
I would suggest getting a sample first. We don't have any testing per your questions to make a statement.
Would this be appropriate for barefoot dancing? Is it slick or tacky or neither? Is there any kind of oil or other substance on the mat that would come off on my feet? I have mats from another company that I have tried to scrub clean but they still have a residue.
I would suggest a marley vinyl for a dance floor. This blog covers a few options for dance floors for home use.
I've read reviews of other tiles that complain of the tiles sliding around on the floor and pulling apart with any type of aerobic activity. Do you know how these tiles stand up to vigorous movement?
Because these tiles are thicker and heavier than any other type of interlocking foam tile that we know of, this would be less of an issue. But if installed over carpeting, that is the worst case scenario for tile slippage. Install over a hard flat surface and use double sided carpet tape as needed.
We have a stained concrete for the basement floor. There is a clear cost wax over the stain. Do you know of any problem with this mat system affecting this type of flooring? We are planning on covering an 18' x 17' room with this and hope to create a home gym but want to be able to convert the room as needed and don't want to ruin the flooring. Thx
We dont have any experience with foam tiles over a waxed concrete floor, we dont think this will be an issue.
Does the 3/4 inch Pebble foam interlocking mat have click floor tile ramp pieces
These interlocking mats come with two detachable, straight-edged border pieces each. If you require a ramped-edge, your local flooring or home improvement store may have a solution.

REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:

A little more rigid than expected but it looks like it will perform well.

Hayward, WI

Customer Rating:

As seen in the picture, I use the pebble 3/4'' tiles for my home gym. I was concerned about installing a workout area in a room with a tile floor, so I elected to go with the thicker foam tiles. Greatmats was awesome- I requested three samples from them, which arrived quickly and were free! It was extremely helpful being able to compare the densities, weights, and textures of all three samples side-by-side. The other two samples were roughly a half-inch thick and it was apparent the 3/4'' was the way to go for my purposes. I try not to drop any weights- more to take care of the equipment than out of a fear of damaging the underlying tile- but I love the peace of mind the mats give me to set down a deadlift relatively firmly or letting a weight slip out of my hand and not have to worry about any damage to the floor below. The density is perfect- firm enough to not feel 'squishy' underfoot (I was concerned about my feet sinking in and being unstable during squats, but that hasn't been an issue), but still enough cushioning to soften a weight being dropped. Installation was a breeze- I went to Home Depot and bought a 3' straightedge which helped tremendously. Because I installed wall-to-wall, I had to trim about a half-dozen tiles. Just make sure you have a fresh blade on your utility knife and the cuts will go much faster. I have yet to mop it or spill any water on the floor other than sweat, but I haven't noticed any liquid seeping through and they're very easy to sweep/mop up. Excellent product- I actually plan to buy a few more to finish off the room!

San Diego, CA

Customer Rating:

I have had them for five years. Started using them in dirt floor cattle barn for horses, during inclement weather or when vet or farrier work would be done. Then switched to using them for entryways on the ground for my living quarter trailers, in stock trailers for short hauls and temporary stalls with concrete floors at horse shows.

Wadsworth, IL

Customer Rating:

My sons are in the pecan business as I am, we purchased new tree shakers and we needed some type of padding to prevent the thin shelled pecans from damage when shook out of the tree. Garrett’s wife was a gymnast in her younger days and suggested looking at mats. This is a picture of their machine. I followed his lead and covered my machine also.

Albany, GA

Customer Rating:

This flooring is excellent quality. I purchased to replace gym flooring tiles that were more expensive, half the thickness, and vastly less durable. Shipping was prompt and service was without issue. Highly recommended.

Washington, DC

Customer Rating:

Good looking quality product that is easy to install.

Huntsville, UT

Customer Rating:

I order these for my senior horse and I love them! I use them in my horse trailer then pick them up and take them to her stall at the horse show. Easy & light!!!

Fort Worth, TX

Customer Rating:

We love the ''Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch'' flooring in our home gym. We have slowly expanded our gym and are going to order our 3rd segment of flooring to complete the square footage needed. I can drop 35lb. dumbbells from waist high and the flooring protects our porcelain tiling just beneath it - no problem. My wife does aerobics on them daily and after 2 years of the same motions over a certain area, it does show some wear but I'd say that's pretty good durability! With the ability to buy two or three replacement squares for the great price they offer, it is an easy fix to get us back up to new condition. Great product - highly recommended.

Avon, IL

Customer Rating:

I really like this product! It was easy to install and looks great! So far it is holding up very well, and has been easy to clean.

Evergreen, CO

Customer Rating:

Could be softer but looks great!

Apopka, FL

Customer Rating:

A great surface to cover a cement floor in an art studio I'm now renting. Easels and furniture move around well on it since it is a harder surface. Easy to assemble. It has reduced most fatigue when I stand and paint, which is what I do. However, I found I have had to add a foam gel pad right in front of my easel to buffer foot fatigue even more. It also makes a much more professional appearance to the studio.

Palm Harbor, FL

Customer Rating:

The mats arrived quickly and were easy, and almost fun, to install. We now have a safe functional gym area in our basement. The floor looks nice, and we feel motivated to work out more. Hope that lasts.

Deerfield, IL

Customer Rating:

First-rate material, easy to assemble and fast ship. Used it to cover a concrete floor around a heavy bag and speed bag and appears very durable.

Chicago, IL

Customer Rating:

They have no odor!! Super easy to assemble!! I spent considerable time looking for a surface to put over ceramic tile floor on a concrete slab in my basement that would protect my floor from dropping free weights. Almost all reviews stated that the smell of rubber was horrible and permeated the entire house. The first thing I did when the tiles arrived (and they arrived within a few days of my order) was stick my nose in the odor whatsoever! Assembly was done without consulting a guide. It took me a minute to realize the there are ends and runners, and that you have to mix and match. All in it took me 20 minutes to assemble a 8' x 8' pad - 16 tiles...AND THEY DON'T STINK!!

New City, NY

Customer Rating:

Product great, staff great! I used these tile mats for a permanent art project at Canyon Vista Hospital in Sierra Vista, AZ. Lightweight and durable. I also installed my remaining mats in the walk-in refrigerator floor at Mi Casa Restaurant in Benson, AZ. Thank You Greatmats!

Cochise County, AZ

Customer Rating:

Great product! Mats are very solid and not subject to denting by my equipment like some of the softer mats sold in sporting good or big box stores. Mats are extremely easy to install, took me about 40 minutes to install my project (see attached picture). Shipping was very fast. I would certainly recommend this product from Great Mats for anyone looking to put together a home gym.

Broadview Heights, OH

Customer Rating:


Florence, MT

Customer Rating:

We are using the mats as a cushioning agent over a concrete floor in our grand-daughters small play room. It has made the room much warmer and quieter. It was easy to trim to fit the area. We placed 12'' Mickey Mouse puzzle pieces on top and they stay in place very nicely. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Bossier City, LA

Customer Rating:

They worked well in the stalls at shows. Easy to put down and take up.


Customer Rating:

These mats are great! They were easy to put down, take up, and clean off. Reboxed and will wait for another show where the stalls are not matted. Thank you!

Lucy Rumble