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Home Basement, Gym, Garage, and Outdoor Patio Flooring

When you are seeking home flooring, you will quickly realize that this is not typically a situation where you can pick one style of flooring and meet all of your needs.

Colorful foam mats may be appropriate for a kids’ playroom, while you may want waterproof carpet tiles for use in a basement. Garage floors need a high level of traction to help you deal with snow and rain that drip off the car. Greatmats has many options for home flooring to fit your desired use case.

Size and Shape Options

When you are seeking a style of home flooring that is easy to install and take care of, we have a wide range of options. Interlocking tiles yield these benefits while also looking great and matching the decor of the house or condo.

Another benefit of interlocking tiles is the easy-to-handle size of the individual pieces. You can typically select from a few different sizes of interlocking tiles, including 1x1 foot, 18x18 inches, and 2x2 feet.

These square-shaped interlocking tiles simplify the process of trying to determine how many you should order to complete an installation. You won’t have to make complex calculations to determine the number of tiles you need when they are square shaped.

Material Options

You can select from a wide range of materials in our residential flooring models.

Foam tiles deliver cushioning and waterproof capabilities that are perfect for areas with kids. Foam is available in multiple thickness measurements, and thicker materials will deliver a greater level of cushioning.

We also offer tiles with a vinyl top layer and a plastic interlocking base. These tiles work nicely in a basement where moisture can sometimes accumulate. The vinyl and plastic tile will not absorb moisture.

Carpet tiles are a nice option for use at home. Some of these tiles have a peel-and-stick design, while others have an interlocking design.

For an outdoor patio at home, consider installing PVC plastic outdoor tiles. These tiles can stand up to any type of weather. PVC plastic tiles work nicely for a home gym installation too.

Pattern and Texture Options

Just as with the wide range of materials available, we also offer various patterns or textures in your home flooring selections.

Foam tiles are available in dozens of different colors. They often have a slightly textured surface to provide traction or a tatami surface for safe martial arts practices where the floor helps you avoid skin burns.

PVC plastic tiles deliver plenty of color choices. Some PVC tiles have a perforated design that allows rainwater to drain through them when used outdoors.

Vinyl tiles have a range of patterns available, including those that work to mimic hardwood floors, such as oak. This faux wood plank floor will look amazing no matter where you install it in the house.

Carpet tiles appear in many different color choices too. We even offer carpet squares that include interesting patterns and exciting colors to deliver a fun design for a man cave or game room.

Common Use Options

Our home flooring tiles are available for a large number of uses. Just pick the material that matches the plans you have for the room or space.

You can find interlocking tiles that will work in a kids’ playroom, a bedroom, a home gym, a basement, or a family room. We even offer some types of tiles that will create a safe space in a garage, as they can withstand heavy items and will not soak up liquids.

Most of our tiles offer a waterproof or water-resistant design, so you can install them in locations where spills or moisture may appear.

Installation Options

One of the biggest advantages of using interlocking tiles as your home flooring is that you do not need to use glue or adhesive for the installation, as you would with a roll of laminate, carpet, or vinyl.

If you live in an apartment or townhouse, you can install these interlocking floors without violating any rental agreement by using adhesive. When you are ready to move to a new place, you can disassemble these tiles and carry them with you to your new residence.

To install the interlocking tiles, just line up the tabs on one tile with the loops or slots on the adjacent tile and pop them together. The interlocking edge will hold together without the need for glue, even when placed under stress.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is a nice benefit when using them in a residential location. You do not need a floor that’s challenging to maintain or clean. You want a floor that’s easy to live with and use, especially if you have concerns about pets and kids causing damage to the floor.

To remove dry debris, just run a vacuum cleaner or broom over the top of the installation. For a more thorough cleaning, use a neutral-pH solution or a common household floor cleaner with a mop on firm surface tiles. For carpet tiles, you can use a carpet cleaning machine occasionally for stubborn soils.