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Gymnastics Octagon Training Mats

Gymnastics Octagon Mats All Sizes

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Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for Gymnastics Octagon Mats All Sizes

  1. Versatile progressive skill builders
  2. Order in one or two colors
  3. Various sizes available
  4. Competitive pricing, see chart
  5. Dry cean only
  6. Quality manufacturing in the USA
  7. For school and home use
Use Types

Gymnastic Skill Development, Octagon Shape Mats, School and Home Use

Vinyl Gymnastics Octagon Mats for Training

Greatmats' provide a versatile and effective training option that gives gymnastics students and cheerleaders a safe means of training for certain skills.

Our gymnastics octagon tumbler mats will fit perfectly into your team colors, as they are available in a choice of 16 colors for the mat body color and 16 color options for the ends of the mats. This means our octagon tumbling mat is available in 256 different color combinations. Show your team spirit by ordering gymnastics octagon mat products that match your team colors!

Training Uses for the Octagon Tumbling Mat

The octagon mat works perfectly for training that involves forward rolls, walkovers, and back handsprings.

Our octagon gymnastics mat supplements training for both novice and experienced gymnasts as well as cheerleaders. The octagon mat product is not only useful when initially developing and learning new skills, but it can be just as helpful to experienced gymnasts and cheerleaders in bringing their moves to the next level.

The interesting shape of the mat allows for new and challenging moves to be modeled and practiced before attempting them without the support of the mat. The muscle memory that gymnasts gain while using these octagon gymnastics mat products can help prevent injuries later when practicing difficult moves, as the student will be better prepared.

Greatmats Gymnastic Octagon Training Mats are a truly versatile product, as they can also be used when teaching and practicing leaps, tick-tocks, and over splits. Kids and adults alike enjoy the high quality and versatility of these octagon tumbling mat products.

In addition, these mats can be used for non-gymnastic purposes, such as free play or general exercise. For example, you could lay these mats horizontally to allow students to jump over the mats while running through the gym or when participating in an obstacle course. Should the student trip while jumping over this mat, he or she will at least have a soft landing versus tripping over a hard object.

Or you could use these mats in an exercise game where the child needs to roll the mat by hand across the room.

We do not recommend that you use these mats in a vertical orientation and have children try to jump and land on top of them, much like you would for a box used with plyometric exercises.

The octagon shape of these mats works perfectly for a wide range of torso bending exercises and for training torso bending skills. The different diameters and sizes of the mats allow for proper angles for performing bending exercises safely, based on the height of the athlete.

Picking the Right Size of Octagon Mat

We offer numerous sizes of these octagon mats, ensuring you can find just the right one to meet your training needs. Here are the sizes from which you can choose (depending on availability).

15 inch length by 24 inch width
20 inch length by 28 inch width
25 inch length by 30 inch width
30 inch length by 36 inch width
35 inch length by 40 inch width
40 inch length by 40 inch width

The larger octagon tumbling mat sizes, such as the 35 by 40 inch or the 40 by 40 inch, are great for cheerleading teams. The 40 by 40 inch octagon will actually split into two halves to be used for smaller skill development routines, which is an extremely helpful feature.

This octagon tumbling mat product was recently upgraded to include more hook-and-loop fasteners so that octagons can be connected together and used in conjunction with one another for training and practice. After all, there is strength (and versatility) in numbers!

When attempting to pick among the various sizes of Greatmats Gymnastic Octagon Training Mats available, a good rule of thumb is that each of the octagon tumbling mat sizes is designed for use by a specific age group and size of athlete. This starts at age 3, with the 15 by 24 inch or 20 by 28 inch size being the best option. This extends up to the 35 by 40 inch and 40 by 40 inch sizes to be used by athletes over 50 inches tall. The 25 by 30 inch mats work well for athletes between 5 and 8 years of age, while the 30 by 36 inch size is best for students less than 50 inches in height.

If you're not quite sure which sizes and quantities of mats will work well for your particular classes or for your gym, just contact the Greatmats customer service team to receive the advice and help you need.

The wide range of sizes for the octagon gymnastics mat products allow them to be used for fun training games and exercises, as these mats are great for kids to roll over and jump on. Our mats will work great as soft obstacles as well.

Soft Foam Construction of the Octagon Gymnastics Mat

Our octagon gymnastics mat products are filled with a premium quality 70 ILD polyurethane foam. This material is durable and will stand up to continued use with excellent bounce back characteristics. Greatmats octagon tumbling mat products come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, which guarantees that these mats can take years of training and use.

Polyurethane foam is an open cell type of foam that provides a better cushioning than what you find with polyethylene foam, which uses a closed cell construction.

The open cell type of foam has cell walls that are broken. Air naturally fills those cells, creating the cushioning. As someone steps on or lands hard on the mat, the air rushes out of the cells, absorbing the impact softly. A good polyurethane foam pad will quickly refill the cells with air, giving the octagon tumbling mat a bounce back capability. A poorly constructed mat would not bounce back very quickly, losing its shape after several compressions. But the high quality of our foam mats ensures they will last a long time and will maintain their shape.

Think of a polyurethane foam as a soft foam, more like a sponge, whereas closed cell foams are tougher and often are used in puzzle types of floor mats that are designed for durability.

The ILD measurement in the foam determines its softness, as well as how many pounds of pressure it can support. ILD is short for Indention Load Deflection.

Testing is used to determine the ILD measurement of polyurethane foam. The test uses a machine to depress the foam by 25% of its thickness. The amount of pressure required to cause this type of indention in the foam determines its ILD rating. A foam with a higher number is considered a harder type of foam material, meaning it requires more pounds of pressure to depress the foam, while a lower number indicates a softer type of foam.

Among polyurethane foams, a rating of 70, as is found in our octagon mat, is an average to slightly firm type of foam that's designed to provide cushioning, but also to rebound quickly and to retain its original shape. A softer type of foam, such as one with a rating of around 20, would be most likely found in bedding materials or furniture cushions, where the foam may be depressed for long periods of time and doesn't need to have a fast bounce back capability.

Gymnastics Octagon Vinyl Exterior

The exterior of these mat products consists of a durable and high quality 18-ounce coated vinyl that is stitched together with a strong and tear-resistant Dacron thread. Rugged and tough webbing handles are connected to the ends of these tumbling mats, making them easy to carry.

The 18-ounce type of vinyl is some of the thickest and sturdiest vinyl that you'll find in cushioned octagon gymnastics mat options. Even though the material is tough, we do not recommend that you drag these mats across the floor, as continued dragging could cause the material to prematurely wear down.

Greatmats is dedicated to offering products that are safe and non-toxic. The vinyl used in these Gymnastic Octagon Training Mats is CPSIA 6P compliant for phthalates, and this product is also lead free. Our octagon gymnastics mat product is in compliance with California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as California State Proposition 65.

Gymnastic Octagon Training Mats are designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

Maintenance and Cleaning Options for Octagon Mats

We do not recommend leaving our octagon tumbling mat products outside because they are not waterproof and are not rated for extended UV exposure. The vinyl will slowly break down over time if left outside.

Keeping the vinyl clean doesn't take a lot of time. Just use a mild soap or detergent mixed with water and wipe down the vinyl to keep it clean.

We sell our octagon mat products at very competitive prices. See below or contact our customer service team for exact pricing, which depends on the size of mat you select.

These mats are made to order with custom color choices. This leads to a longer time to ship the product, so allow for at least a 4-week product lead time, plus shipping time. If you have any questions, please contact us for the help and answers you need!


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NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Product Type Mat
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Width 0.00 feet
Length 0.00 feet
SF per Item 0.00
Weight 0.00 lbs
Packaging Bags
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent No
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Order Minimum 1
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Layout flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Pricing for Gymnastic Octagons

15 inch W x 24 inch L Octagon - Retail $136.10, On Sale $129.30 each
20 inch W x 28 inch L Octagon - Retail $198.25, On Sale $188.35 each
25 inch W x 30 inch L Octagon - Retail $265.50, On Sale $252.20 each
30 inch W x 36 inch L Octagon - Retail $396.40, On Sale $376.60 each
35 inch W x 40 inch L Octagon - Retail $529.10, On Sale $502.65 each
40 inch W x 40 inch L Octagon - Retail $684.25, On Sale $650.35 each

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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

What size would I need for a 5 year old that is working on learning her walkover and backhand spring?
We would say a 20x20 inch, however not know the size of the child its hard to say, we want the octagon to meet the back above the buttocks as the child rolls back.
For practicing walkovers, what size would be most compatible for 42'' (5 year old) and 50-52'' (7.5 year old)?
Here is a good size guide SIZE GUIDELINE: 20 x 28 inch (3-5 year old) 25x 30 inch (5-8 year old) 30 x 36 inch (under 50 inch in height) 35 x 35 inch (50-60 inch in height)
Can the product also stand vertically and support a child jumping onto it for plyometric (box jump type) exercises? Are they any other products that are designed or would work for that purpose?
We would not recommend activities not specifically designed for this product.
I am working with teenage girls on walkovers. What size would be best? Of course the girls range in height from about 5'0 to about 5'10. I can only afford to purchase 1 size so I want to make sure I make the best choice. Thanks!
Here is a good size guide SIZE GUIDELINE: 20 x 28 inch (3-5 year old) 25x 30 inch (5-8 year old) 30 x 36 inch (under 50 inch in height) 35 x 35 inch (50-60 inch in height)
what side should a 13 year old that is 61 inches tall get
The product page has guidelines for octagon size in relation to the user. In your case it looks like a 35x40 would work.