Top Five Home Budget Dance Floors: Rosco, Marley & Interlocking Tiles

By Cara Walters Created: June, 2017 - Modified: January, 2022

When it comes to dancing, practice may never make perfect - but it can keep the process going in the right direction. From marley flooring to modular dance floor tiles, you can now practice in the privacy of your home with Greatmats' extensive selection of home dance flooring.

Home dance floors need to have the ideal combination of a smooth but slip-resistant surface that is also shock absorbent. From warm-up exercises to jumps, leaps, spins and twirls, a home dance studio shouldn't sacrifice quality and safety for your budget. Greatmats has home dance floors for any dancer that suits a wide variety of styles, whether barefoot or with shoes, from ballroom to jazz and Latin to ballet. Outfit an entire room or fit to size according to your needs.

Greatmats offers vinyl flooring, specifically marley dance flooring in Rosco or Adagio brands, to provide a non-slip surface for dance styles such as:
  1. jazz
  2. modern
  3. ballet
  4. Irish
  5. Flamenco
  6. lyrical
  7. drill team
  8. or tap.
Vinyl flooring is also a great option for all-purpose dance flooring. It can be used in permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Modular home dance flooring may be an option for more multipurpose areas. The raised tiles offer a durable surface lend well to dance styles where sound is important, such as tap or Riverdance.

Additionally, Greatmats offers subflooring to enhance any home dance flooring to further prevent strains, tears or serious injuries.

The top five home dance floors on a budget are:

1. Rosco Dance Floor Reversible

Reversible Marley Home Dance Floor

(Approximately $3.05/sq. ft.)

This portable marley home dance flooring is ideal for ballet and dance styles that require soft shoes. It is reversible and comes in either black and gray or black and white; design your home dance studio to your own style! The easy tape-down installation is also great for portability - simply remove, roll and go! Cut to length to fit your home dance studio and start practicing on this excellent choice for slip-resistant home dance flooring.

This lightweight home dance flooring by Rosco weighs 1.9 pounds per linear foot or 255 pounds per roll. Its flexibility allows for it to be rolled and unrolled as needed or taken on the road. Please note that Rosco home dance flooring should never be stored in a flat position as this will cause the rolls to flatten and may cause rippling in the material when unrolled. It's best to store this material suspended on a rod.

The semi-matte, non-skid finish provides the controlled slip that ballet and modern dancers require. The Rosco home dance floor is sold by the linear foot or as a complete 131.3-foot full roll as a bolt. Cleaning is simple using the Rosco floor cleaner, also available through Greatmats.

For bulk pricing check, it's worth looking to a full roll of the Rosco Home Dance Floor.

2. Home Dance Floor Package, Adagio Basic 10.5 ft x 10 ft

Adagio Marley Home Dance Floor

(Approximately $4.50/sq. ft.)

This Adagio home dance floor is suitable for all dance types, including ballet, modern, tap and jazz. The basic package comes with 20 linear feet of marley home dance flooring and one roll of tape. It is designed for quick and easy installation at home on any hard, flat surface. This black home dance floor will make any room look like a professional dance studio, and at a great price.

At such a great price, dancers can upgrade this floor to a home dance floor package that includes a subfloor option for an even better home dance floor surface. The subfloor option is available in various sizes as needed. For custom sizes please contact customer service. Greatmats stocks this product, and can cut any length of material that is needed.

Cleaning is simple; just use hot water. Tap marks can be removed with Rosco's heavy duty floor cleaner, also available through Greatmats.

This home dance floor package is not intended to be installed directly over carpeting. For carpeted areas, choose our Adagio home dance floor package with the two-part sub-flooring system.

For better pricing per square foot, look into a full roll of the same flooring as used in the Adagio home dance floor package.

3. Portable Dance Floor Tile 1 ft x 1 ft

Portable Home Dance Floor Tiles

(Approximately $6.75/sq. ft.)

For a home dance floor that can be easily installed and easily removed, this commercial-grade vinyl top surface is great for temporary or repeated installations. The tiles measure 12 inches x 12 inches and come in a variety of sleek, wood grain or stone colors for a professional look. These colors include:
  1. maple
  2. slate
  3. light oak
  4. dark oak
  5. walnut
  6. cherry.
Your home dance studio can look like the professional dance studio you know and love. The breathable bottom allows for water and air flow underneath without sacrificing the tightness of the tile fitting. Installation after installation, these home dance floor tiles will remain just as durable.

Unlike some products that begin to fall apart after repeated uses, the tabs on these portable home dance floor tiles are built to last. Your floor will not separate and wear out after multiple assemblies. It is easy to assemble, easy to tear down, and easily stored or transported.

These home dance floor tiles can be used for multiple purposes as well, such as weddings or outdoor events. A 10 x 20 feet portable dance floor can be assembled by one or two people in minutes and disassembly is even faster.

These portable home dance floor tiles are made in the USA and easy to clean. Simply use a damp mop, hot water and a common household floor cleaner.

4. Tap Dance Floor Kit, 9 Tiles

Portable Home Tap Dance Floor Kit

(Approximately $12.15/sq. ft.)

Specifically designed for tap dancing, this home dance floor kit contains nine tiles that are vinyl and waterproof with a protective coating. These tiles are engineered for indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to setup, easy to take down and create a professional dance floor wherever you go.

Each tile weighs two pounds and is 12 inches x 12 inches in size. The non-slip, modular snap together design requires no adhesives or tools for easy assembly and disassembly. The Greatmats tap dance floor kit can replace traditional tap boards in the home or on the road. It will not absorb moisture and features a raised plastic base that allows for air floor beneath the floor.

The sleek wood grain adds a luxury feel to any home dance studio. Color choices include:
  1. light oak
  2. dark oak
  3. maple
  4. cherry
  5. and walnut.
For custom sizing, please call the Greatmats customer service team.

See the tap dance floor kit in action. There is an excellent video of a tap dancer, additional installation videos, a question and answer section as well as other product specifications and pictures.

5. ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile

Wood Look Dance Floor Tiles for Home

(Approximately $6.55/sq. ft.)

For a professional look that can double as a dance floor or recreational space, the ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile is durable, scuff resistant and great for any general dance practice. A sleek wood grain pattern gives this gym flooring a professional look for any home dance studio. The no-break polypropylene plastic material is designed for repeated installations with no tile degradation. An easy rubber floor underlayment install can increase comfort and reduce noise.

Installation is easy with these snap together home dance floor tiles. The 20 millimeter thick, raised flooring delivers the look and feel of gym flooring, but in your home dance studio. The commercial-grade vinyl top will deliver years of dance practice and recreational fun without significant wear or tear. Install over carpet or hardwood flooring to make any room your home dance studio.

Count on Greatmats

Practicing dance on flooring not specifically designed for the sport could cause strains, tears or other serious injuries. Greatmats has home dance flooring uniquely built to prevent injuries associated with warming up or dancing on the wrong style of flooring. From the most popular style of flooring, marley, to modular and tap dance tiles, Greatmats has flooring designed for any style dance on any type of budget.

Upgrade your home dance studio with optional subflooring - built to enhance any home dance studio. Greatmats' offering of subflooring provides the support and cushion needed for serious dancers. As with Greatmats' selection of home dance flooring, many of its forms of subflooring are portable as well - meaning your home dance studio goes with wherever you are. A professional dance studio doesn't have to be far away. Use Greatmats' home dance flooring to create a dance studio in the comfort of your own home.

Visit the Greatmats Flooring Knowledge Base for blogs, videos, user profiles and more to discover the right home dance studio flooring for you. Our customer service experts can help you decide between tiles or rolls, vinyl, foam or plastic and any other detail that will make your home dance studio the most comfortable and stylish room to practice in.

Visit for more information or call 877-822-6622 to speak to a home dance flooring expert today!

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