Where Can You Use Sport Flooring Tiles?

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. Can Indoor Sport Court Floor Tiles Go Over Cement?

  2. Where Can Outdoor Sports Tile Installations Occur?

Customers love deploying sport court floor tiles, as they have an impressive level of versatility. Sport flooring tiles can be used indoors, outdoors, over concrete, wood, carpet or rubber.

Use them indoors as basketball courts for a gymnasium or over the top of cement subflooring in multi-sport complexes. Some of them also work perfectly outdoors over the top of a concrete pad to create a surface that’s safe for athletes for tennis or inline hockey.

Greatmats has several different sport court floor tile products that deliver an impressive level of versatility. These tiles consist of a few different materials, including rubber, vinyl, plastic, and artificial turf. They also are available in a variety of finishes and colors, so the perfect look is available for whatever use case is on the horizon.

Here are five different options to consider for sport court floor tiles for either indoor or outdoor use.
  1. Court Floor Tile Flat Top
  2. Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro
  3. BestGym Rubber Tile Interlocking
  4. Outdoor Court Tile XT3
  5. Turf Athletic Padded Interlocking Tile

Can Indoor Sport Court Floor Tiles Go Over Cement?

Yes. Multiple styles of these tiles can go directly over the top of a hard surface, such as concrete. When adding these tiles to a space such as a basement, pole shed, garage or sports complex, they yield a surface for successful athletic training for nearly any type of sport.

These surfaces are far safer for the athletes than the harsh concrete, protecting the lower body joints of the athlete.

In an indoors gymnasium space, basketball is a popular sport to play. Consider the Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro to create a safe space that has the firmness needed for the running, jumping, starting, and stopping that’s required in basketball. It works over concrete, low-pile carpet, or rubber.

DIY Basketball Court Tiles

For a sports complex that hosts volleyball and other indoor sports, these vinyl topped, snap together tiles have the versatility needed for these sports too. The durable vinyl wear layer appears to have a wood grain finish, so it delivers the look that you’d expect to find in this setting. Installers even can paint lines over the top of these for the perfect finishing touch.

In a facility that hosts workouts and games where turf is the appropriate surface, such as soccer or flag football, try the Turf Athletic Padded Interlock Tile over concrete.

Athletic Turf Padded Interlocking Tiles

Each piece covers more than 7 square feet with a rubber base layer that provides cushioning. This format interlocks together with puzzle style edging, which simplifies installation. The green artificial grass looks amazing installed in a sports facility, creating a unique type of sport court floor tile layout.

One of the most versatile models for use indoors is the Color Plus Rubber Interlocking Tiles product. This is a high-end tile that has multiple base color options with additional color flecks added.

Color Plus Rubber Interlocking Tiles
Some of the use cases for these rubber tiles include:
  • Health club
  • Ice arena
  • Garage gym
  • Locker room
  • High traffic retail sporting goods store

In a sports facility, these tiles have the ability to support the weight of exercise equipment and smaller free weights. With the interlocking edging and with 11 pounds of weight per tile, laying these out makes for a simple DIY project that even a novice can undertake successfully over concrete, tile, or wood. (If you will be going over finished hardwood, add a layer of craft paper in between.)

In fact, all of Greatmats’ sport court floor tiles have an interlocking edge design that’s made with simplicity in mind with regard to the install.

Where Can Outdoor Sports Tile Installations Occur?

Sport court floor tiles made for installations outdoors can be performed over leveled concrete and asphalt, among other locations. As long as the subsurface over which these tiles will be going is flat, installing the interlocked pieces will take very little time.

A popular outdoor tile is the Outdoor Court Tile XT3. It features perforations that run through the entire thickness of the tile. Even with the perforations, the plastic material is extremely firm and durable, so the tile is usable for almost any type of sport.

To add a bit of style to the sporting surface, the XT3 is available in a dozen different colors.

Outdoor Court Sport Tiles

Finally, for locations that may need a type of tiling that works for either indoors or temporary outdoors installs, consider the
Court Floor Tile Flat Top. This is a basic style of tile, using a smooth surface and solid color options. It doesn’t have perforations like the XT3, but it works nicely over outdoor cement pads or other firm surfaces, temporarily, as well as over low pile carpet or rubber indoors.

Each one has a hidden interlocking system, so the final layout does not show the curves of a puzzle style edging. Instead, all that is visible are clean, straight lines that yield a professional look.

When converting a garage or a pole shed into a temporary gymnasium, these are a popular choice. They quickly disassemble, meaning they’re ready for storage after the workout time is completed. They function equally well for practice time as well as for competitions.
For more on this topic please review our Interlocking Sports Flooring Tiles product page.