The Best Floating Basement Floor Ideas

The Best Floating Basement Floor Ideas: Raised Tiles

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For basements with occasional dampness, it is important to install a floating basement flooring system that will allow air to flow beneath the surface of the flooring. We carry a variety of tiles that are ideal for these situations.

For a designer look, our MaxTile provides a . Choose from different colors including: walnut, maple, light oak, dark oak, cherry, stone, or slate.

If you like carpeting, we recommend our CarpetFlex Tiles. Like the MaxTile, this product sits on an interlocking plastic tray that keeps the surface of your floor up off the concrete. Should you experience a moisture issue, including a flood, simply pull your flooring up, dry them and the area, and put them right back down. Water will not damage these flooring products.

For a softer, more impact absorbing basement floor ideal for aerobics or gym activities, check out our StayLock Orange Peel or StayLock Bump Top basement flooring options, both are raised tiles. Made of nonabsorbent, soft PVC, they are flexible and comfortable for workouts and floor exercises. Like the other floating basement flooring products mentioned above, they can be easily installed and removed if needed. These products are available in recycled content in black as well as in other designer colors.
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