Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

  • Use for all dance types
  • Great dance floor for hard and soft shoes
  • Economical Professional Quality Marley
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  • Rosco Adagio Full Bolt black swatch. Rosco Adagio Full Bolt black swatch.
  • Rosco Adagio Full Bolt gray swatch. Rosco Adagio Full Bolt gray swatch.

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  1. Use for all dance types
  2. Great dance floor for hard and soft shoes
  3. Economical Professional Quality Marley
  4. Available in versatile black or gray
  5. Perfect slip resistance for professional dance studios
  6. Durable and long lasting
  7. Easy to roll out and install with tape
  8. 5 Year Warranty

Use Types

Tap Dance Floors, Ballet Floors, Modern and Jazz Dance Flooring, Irish and Flamenco

Dance Studio and Tap Dance Flooring

Our Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft. is our best selling dance studio floor due to its durability, versatility, and economical price. It is among the most versatile DIY dance floor models that we offer. It can be used for many dance styles, including modern, jazz, Irish, Flamenco, lyrical, hip hop, drill team, ballroom, and barefoot dancing.

As a truly all-purpose and versatile portable dance floor, this Rosco flooring can be used with both soft and hard shoes, greatly increasing the value and possible use cases for it. It is an economical choice.

Rosco Adagio Floor

A full roll is 5 1/4' wide and 101’ long with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Upon request, custom cut lengths are available. Please contact our knowledgeable and helpful sales team with any questions about sizes, use cases, and pricing.

Vinyl dance floor is a non-absorbent, non-reflective, and non-skid surface that gives tapping and ballet dancers the controlled slip that they need to perform at an optimal level.


Accessories for ROSCO ADAGIO MARLEY FULL ROLL 5.25 FT. X 101 FT.

Gmats Double Sided Tape 2 inch x 25 Yd.
Gmats Double Sided Tape 2 inch x 25 Yd. Weight: 1.01lbs $27.90 /roll
Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon
Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon Weight: 12.00lbs $39.38 /roll $52.50
Vinyl Dance Floor Tape 108 LF
Vinyl Dance Floor Tape 1-5/8 Inch x 108 LF Weight: 2.00lbs $22.37 /roll $25.72
Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel
Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel 2 Inch x 3.5 x 3.5 Ft. Weight: 44.00lbs $214.46 /roll $225.75
Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Liter
Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Liter Weight: 7.00lbs $16.25 /roll $21.67
Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile 10 mm x 2x2 Ft.
Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile 10 mm x 2x2 Ft. Weight: 2.00lbs $6.89 /roll $9.72


Product Questions:

Q: If this Marley is not reversible how do we know which side to lay down?
A: The shinny side goes down on this marley material.
Q: Can this be installed over carpet? It is a flat loop-style
A: No, this marley vinyl sheeting material does require a hard flat surface for installation. For other options over carpeting, visit this blog.
Q: Can I put it on top of interlocking foam tiles?
A: We have a high density interlocking foam tile that can be used under this vinyl marley as an underlayment.
Q: if i lay this down over cement or tile will it still sound good with the tap shoes? and can i use the double sided tape underneath instead of taping it on top?
A: You could install this over concrete, but its not good for the dancers, some type of subfloor or underlayment is recommended. As for the sound, any hard flat surface will sound good. You can use our vinyl single sided tape around the perimeter if you like.
Q: Is the Flooring heat resistant
A: Good question, the Rvalue would be minimal. As for absorbing heat outdoors in the sun, not sure about that question, as it's primarily used indoors and not rated for sun exposure.
Q: I have a concrete floor in my basement at present. We are planning to lay a laminate that has underlay attached. Could I put this flooring over a portion of the room once the laminate is laid as a small ballet/jazz area for my daughter? I am wondering if the laminate with underlay and the Adagio on top would be enough to protect her from shin splints.
A: Yes you can install the Adagio over the laminate. As for an underlayment option, we would recommend either our high density foam tiles called Sport Plus Designer, or our Plyometric rubber underlayment material in 3/8 inch. We have a blog about softening hard dance floors which may be helpful.
Q: is this floor portable? My studio may move?
A: Yes, this marley dance floor can be taped down for semi-permanent type installation.
Q: Watching the video that shows the 3-part flooring system being used in a dance studio, I noticed the shape of the plastic court tiles showing through the marley floor. Is that typical?
A: Yes you can expect the square shape of the plastic tiles to translate up through the marley over time.
Q: If I install the Adagio vinyl floor over foam tiles, can I install the Adagio floor by welding together the pieces of vinyl floor, instead of using single-sided tape?
A: Yes the vinyl can be heat welded together.
Q: Do you ship to Canada? If so how long would it usually take? You are able to cut the rolls to pre-determined lengths if we send you the measurements, but you can't cut the width? By that I mean make the rolls narrower? Thanks.
A: We do ship to Canada. For a quote and lead time, please contact one of our reps, as it varies. The rolls are 5.25 feet wide only.
Q: What type of flooring is best for tap dancing?
A: The Adagio Marley is great for tap dancing with the correct subfloor.
Q: Can vinyl flooring go outside?
A: The marley flooring is for indoor use only.
Q: We have purchased, locally, 7 rolls of Rosco Adagio Marley roll down flooring and our flooring contractor has asked the question ''Is a surface of Spruce Plywood Sheathing suitable as a base layer for the roll down flooring''. Of course, below that 2nd layer of plywood will be rubber ISO cushions on plywood.
A: Yes, that would be suitable as a sub surface for the Marley.
Q: Do you ever sell marley dance floor remnants?
A: Check our Clearance products page for Marley. We do have discounted options available on occasion.
Q: What tape do you recommend for Adagio that won't be slippery?
A: You can use a Gaffers tape over the Adagio in instead of the smooth vinyl dance floor tape.
Q: How long does this marley flooring typically last?
A: There are factors that will determine how many years this floor will last. There are customers that have this flooring for over 20 years.
Q: How much area does one roll cover?
A: Each roll measures 5.25' by 101' and will cover 534 square feet. Feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team for further assistance with this product.
Q: do you have a sample you can send
A: Yes, please reach out to us at 877-822-6622 to obtain a free sample of this product.
Q: Where are the floors manufactured? Where are they deliverd from? When will they be received from time of order, destination Rochester NY
A: They are manufactured in Europe and shipped from Wisconsin. For more information about shipping and delivery, please contact our customer service department at 877-822-6622.
Q: If I want to cover an area of 10'x10', what should I actually order? I am looking for Marley which will be appropriate for ballet. Thanks
A: Please contact us at 877-822-6622 and we'll be happy to walk you through the process of picking the right flooring.


SKU# R-300-FullAdagio
In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Vinyl
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1.5 mm
Width 5.25 feet
Length 101.00 feet
SF per Item 534.00
Weight 270.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 9
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 92
Interlocking Connections No
Made In EU
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Tape down or glue down
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited




Customer Reviews

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38 star ratings

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

We have always used Rosco Adagio floors for our dance studios and when we had to update one of our rooms we knew that we wanted to purchase this product again.

Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft. customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

I knew Greatmats would provide the quality product we needed to ensure both safety and aesthetic.

Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft. customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

Great Product! Next time I would order it to fit my studio space though, so I don't have to cut it myself and carry the huge and heavy roll back and forth. The shipping was a little sketchy, as it came on a torn up box and a broken pallet but I know that they outsourced to a carrier to deliver it.

Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft. customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

Love this flooring! It has been so great for our studio. Exactly what we needed!

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

Very high quality product! Better than expected.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

I had a customer looking for a sprung dance floor. I found Greatmats on the internet and called them for assistance. Angie, my service rep was extremely helpful in helping me to narrow down my choices and explain the product installation. She even provided me with an accurate count of panels and Adagio flooring layout. I would highly recommend Greatmats for their product selection and very competent and accessible service reps. Everything from selection, ordering, communication, delivery and support was textbook. I couldn't be happier with the process.

We settled on a Roscoe sprung floor with a Marley Adagio surface. I choose the Subfloor DYI floor panels and opted for 4x8 sheets of mdf to complete the install because the floor was going to be a permanent installation. The 3.5'x3.5' Subfloor was incredibly easy to install and the template for foam circle placement made it simple and fast. Using 4x8 sheets was more economical than using the more mobile full panel method. This also allowed me to securely screw the 4x8 sheets to the DYI panels. I also lightly sanded all the joints. Filling the screw holes and sanding them was a bit time consuming, but well worth it so the screw holes would not telegraph through the Adagio surface. (super important where looks are as important as function) It made for a completely flat surface with no joint lippage. Taping the joints was easily achieved with 2 installers.

Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft. customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Marley Full Roll 5.25 Ft. x 101 Ft.

5 Stars!