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Rosco Marley Dance Floor Reversible 10 LF

SKU# RoscoDF10LF
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SKU# RoscoDF10LF
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Thickness Less than 2 mm
Length 10.00 feet
Width 5.25 feet
Weight 22.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year limited
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Top Features for Rosco Marley Dance Floor Reversible 10 LF

  1. Portable marley dance flooring
  2. Perfect ballet and soft shoe marley dance floor
  3. Reversible and removable for portability
  4. Convenient 10 Lf Roll - additional sizes available
  5. Great slip coefficient designed for ballet and soft shoe dance types
  6. Professional dance studio flooring
  7. Easy tape down installation
Use Types

Ballet Dance Floors, Modern Dance Floors, Jazz and Lyrical Floors, Drill Team, Dance Competitions

When looking for a dance floor ballet option works well for all styles of dance, our Rosco Dance Floor Reversible provides the high quality and versatility you want. This is a marley dance floor designed for soft shoe use in professional and home dance studios.

Dance Floor can be taped down for temporary and semi-permanent flooring. This is especially a good option for ballet floors in studios, as you can pull up the flooring to take it to the performance stage, reinstalling it there. Or when using the ballet floor at home in a practice room, you can roll up the flooring to return the room to its original purpose. The ballet dance floor is also great for theatrical performances.

Use Cases
The ballet flooring is a marley floor material that works well for a variety of types of dance that involve a soft shoe or bare feet, including the following ballet, jazz and modern dance. The flooring is great for use in studios, at home, or on the stage for performances. You can even use this ballet floor on the road for tours, in theaters, or for professional troupes.

The semi-matte non-skid finish on the Rosco Dance Floor Reversible Full Roll provides the controlled slip that ballet and modern dancers require.

This floor is reversible with black on one side and gray on the other. This is a great feature for someone who wants to be able to use this floor for performances, as you can adjust the color that's visible on the floor to meet whatever type of mood you're trying to set or to match whatever kinds of props are included for the performance.

Just remember it's designed for use with bare feet and soft dance shoes only. This ballet dance floor does not have any UV treating, so if you're going to use it outdoors, say for an outdoor stage dance performance, don't leave it exposed to the sun and the weather for extended periods of time.

Size Options
This Dance Flooring is now available in a convenient 10 linear foot roll. Standard width is 5.25 feet. The flooring is extremely thin, measuring less than 2 mm (or 0.079 inches) in thickness and weighs 1.9 pounds per linear foot.

A great feature of the ballet flooring is its flexibility. It can easily be rolled and unrolled as needed or even taken on the road for portable shows. This makes the floor ideal for touring dance companies and theaters that do not need a permanent dance floor.

Installation Ideas
When installing the ballet flooring, we recommend that it only be used over the top of a hard flooring, such as a wood floor. Before installation, make sure the sub-flooring is completely flat with no indentations or sharp objects sticking up, such as a loose nail. Clean the sub-flooring well before laying out the dance floor. Imperfections in the sub-floor may be visible through the thin ballet floor material, and sharp objects on the sub-floor could puncture the dance floor.

If installing our Rosco Dance Floor Reversible over an area where the flooring has cracks or holes, you'll want to fill in these imperfections before installing the dance floor.

Before rolling out the ballet dance floor roll, we recommend that you allow the flooring to acclimate to the temperature of the room where it will be used for at least 24 hours before rolling it out. This is especially important if you've ordered the flooring in the winter, where it could have been exposed to below freezing temperatures during transit.

If you want to cut the floor to fit your area, precise measurements are important. Use a straight edge and a utility knife or a matte knife to ensure a clean, straight cut.

When it's time to lay out the floor, position it where you want, using vinyl tape to secure it to the sub floor. Be sure to use vinyl tape on the ballet flooring, as other types of tape may leave a sticky residue that could cause problems for the floor over the long term.

If you are going to place multiple pieces of the floor side by side to cover the entire length of a stage, you'll want to leave a gap of about 1/16th of an inch between each piece of floor, just in case the floor expands during use in warmer temperatures. Tape each seam with vinyl tape to cover any gaps. After all of the pieces are connected with vinyl tape, you'll want to tape around the entire perimeter of the ballet flooring to keep it from sliding.

Permanent Installation Ideas
You have the option of creating a permanent installation of the Rosco Dance Floor Reversible. This is a great idea for areas where you know you'll never need to roll up the floor and remove it. If you ever plan to use the area where you're installing the ballet dance floor for other purposes where people will be walking on it with hard shoes, we do not recommend a permanent installation, as this floor is not designed for hard soled shoes.

Cut and test fit the sheets of ballet flooring to the area before beginning the gluing process. Only use adhesive recommended with your flooring product. Spread the adhesive over the sub-floor and then roll the ballet floor over the adhesive, starting from one end and moving to the other end. If you drop the sheet over the top of the adhesive, you could trap air under the flooring, causing rippling in the floor.

Additionally, use a three-section linoleum roller to ensure a tight fit to the adhesive on the sub-floor.

Maintenance Ideas
You'll receive the best performance from the ballet flooring when you keep it as clean as possible. Fortunately, maintaining the flooring doesn't take a lot of time.

Here are some basic tips for keeping the dance floor looking great for as long as possible and for lengthening its lifespan. For additional ideas, follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions that ship with the floor.

Sweep and Mop: The general cleaning of the floor should occur at least three times per week for a permanent installation or before rolling it up for storage. Sweep the ballet floor with a soft push broom. For the Rosco Dance Floor Reversible Full Roll, we recommend you use Rosco All-Purpose Cleaner on the floor. Using a cleaner with ammonia could cause the ballet dance floor to become slippery.

Prevent Dirt Buildup: Keeping as much dirt and debris off the floor will allow it to work better. We recommend using a rough rug or even a sticky dirt catcher that people can step on before accessing the floor to catch dust and debris.

Keep Liquids Away: Do not allow people to have water or other drinks while using the floor, as spills could cause staining. It's possible that the dancers may sweat on the floor, which won't stain the floor, as long as you clean it up in a short amount of time.

No Scouring: Don't use a rough brush or scour pad on the floor, as any scratches could cause the floor to tear over time. Rough scrubbing will cause the floor to lose its finish as well.

Storage Ideas
If you will be rolling up and reinstalling this ballet floor regularly, understand that you should not store the Rosco Dance Floor Reversible in a flat position. The weight of the full roll will cause the flooring to almost collapse on itself when stored in a horizontal position, which may cause a rippling in the material when you later unroll it.

Store this material rolled onto its original core rod in a vertical position. Or if you have cut the roll into smaller pieces, you can hang these pieces on a rod in your storage area.

As long as you maintain and store this vinyl ballet dance floor properly, it will last a long time and for many, many uses. It is a dense, durable material, carrying an extremely high density rating of Shore A 87. The flooring material is covered with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


Damp mop with Rosco floor cleaner only.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Vinyl
Product Edging Straight
Thickness Less than 2 mm
Width 5.25 feet
Length 10.00 feet
SF per Item 52.50
Weight 22.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 87
Interlocking Connections No
Made In EU
Order Minimum 1
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Tape down
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year limited
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