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Rubber Mats with Holes for Wash Bays and Dog Kennels

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2017 - Modified: July, 2024

If you’re looking for a versatile flooring solution for your horse barn or dog kennel, then consider the Wash Rack Classic Interlocking Mat. This rubber mat features a perforated hole surface that lets water drain right through, keeping the footing dry so your animals don’t stand in liquids. Each horse mat is 1/2-inch thick and weighs 14 pounds, so it’s easy to move and install.

These rubber horse mats are highly durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They interlock easily to create a solid surface, and their rubber material helps to keep them securely in place.

Uses for Rubber Ring Mats

This ring mat has many applications around your barn and kennel.

  1. Wash stall mats - These perforated mats are ideal for wash stalls. Their rubber texture helps to maximize your horse’s traction, whereas other flooring can become slick when wet. Because the mats are perforated, water drains right through them, so your horse isn’t positioned in standing water. If you need to clean underneath the mats, you can pull them up and then lay them down again. The mats also create a forgiving surface, perfect if you’re bathing horses all day to prepare for a show. Rubber ring mats can be installed right over the concrete of your indoor wash stall, or you can lay them over the gravel surface of an outdoor wash stall.

  2. Horse trailer mats – These mats can also be installed in a horse trailer. Their forgiving surface can help to make the trip easier on your horse’s joints, while the rubber surface can help to maximize your horse’s traction. Because the mats measure 3 by 3 feet, they’re easy to move when cleaning your horse trailer. They also serve as a barrier between your horse and the trailer floor, helping to prevent cold transfer in the winter and heat transfer in the summer.

  3. Dog kennel matsDog kennels, including boarding and grooming settings, can benefit from rubber ring mats. The mats are forgiving against a dog’s paws, but they help to keep dogs up off of cold floors and out of pooling liquids. Cleaning the mats is easy, too, since they can just be hosed off. These mats are non-absorbent and create a comfortable surface for both dogs and staff.

  4. Drain-through industrial floors – Ring mats are a great choice for drain-through floors in industrial settings, like factories and kitchens. They give staff the traction and grip that they need to stay safe, but they’re also forgiving, ideal for settings where employees spend long hours on their feet. If a fall does occur, these mats are more forgiving than a tile or concrete floor. Their size makes them easy to move when cleaning up after a shift, and their rubber construction holds them securely in place during busy times. These mats are durable enough to withstand high traffic in commercial settings.

Installing Rubber Horse Mats

Rubber ring mats also offer plenty of benefits when it comes to their installation. They can be dry laid with no need for adhesive, which also means you can remove and relocate the mats at any time. The mat edges interlock together to form a solid surface, and you can cut them with a utility knife and a straight edge.

Since water flows through these barn mats, you’ll want to install them over a concrete with a floor drain, dirt area, a paved area, or over gravel. Gravel can help to promote drainage, especially if the area beneath the mats isn’t flat.

Do rubber ring horse mats smell?

These rubber ring mats do have a stronger rubber small, so we don’t recommend you install them in small rooms with poor ventilation, like small tack rooms or bathrooms. The mats are best used as rubber mats for horse stalls in large barns or for outdoor use where there’s plenty of airflow.

Can ring mats be used in horse trailers?

Yes, you can use ring mats in horse trailers. The mats connect together securely to form a solid floor, and their rubber underside helps to keep them from shifting. They even help to reduce heat transfer, ideal for trailering on hot summer days when the heat of the road heats up the trailer floor.

If your horse urinates during the trip, it will flow right through the mats, so your horse keeps his traction and the footing doesn’t become slick. When it’s time to clean out your trailer after a trip, the mats weigh less than traditional solid trailer mats do, so they’re easier to remove and flip.