Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF gym flooring installation
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF thick.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF close up of rubber
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF weights.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF gym flooring.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF garage.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF Captain America.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF party room.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF liquor store.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per Si store.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF trainer.
Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind 1/4 Inch Per SF Dog.
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Reg: $2.04/sf
Handling Time Estimate: 3-4 Weeks on Average
  • Economical rubber flooring roll option
  • Various colors and amount of color in the flooring
  • Durable rubber flooring
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  • Regrind

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  1. Economical rubber flooring roll option
  2. Various colors and amount of color in the flooring
  3. Durable rubber flooring
  4. Excellent option for cardio areas
  5. Made in the USA
  6. 100% post-industrial recycled material
  7. Slip resistant flooring
  8. Easy to maintain and clean

  • Cardio Areas
  • Commercial Gyms
  • Home Gyms
  • Garage Gyms
  • Recreation Centers

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Durable and Versatile Rubber Flooring

The Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind per SF product features random color flecks throughout the black rubber base. This roll is 4 feet wide and can be ordered in 5 foot increments with a 25-foot minimum length per roll.

Customers take advantage of the wide range of use cases for rubber flooring to receive a good value. Our rubber mat roll works for:
  • Home gyms
  • Garage exercise areas
  • Cardio fitness areas
  • Recreation centers

This 1/4 inch thick rubber flooring is best used in spinning rooms, cardio areas, and light-duty commercial areas. For commercial gyms with heavy equipment, it is recommended to use 8mm or thicker rubber flooring.

Budget-Friendly & Eco-Friendly Rubber Flooring

The 1/4 rubber roll has a thin design which makes it a lighter option and simplifies installing it. It's a budget-friendly choice for cardio equipment and other gym areas where heavy weights won't be dropped.

The regrind color option is an economical and eco-friendly choice to have some color in the rubber flooring. The color fleck is random and inconsistent throughout the rubber roll. Colors will vary from roll to roll and from lot to lot. Due to the regrind, these rolls are made with 100% post-industrial recycled material, helping to keep rubber material out of the landfills.

Choose the regrind option if color isn't a primary factor when finding a budget-friendly flooring option. The random color flecks could also be a great choice for a fun flooring option at recreation centers, indoor amusement parks, and more.

The rolls may contribute to LEED points in a green building design as well.

Please Note: Cut lengths for rolled rubber products are provided as a courtesy at no additional cost to customers. In some cases, the manufacturer may provide a cut length within two pieces of material. In other cases, the manufacturer may send material that is over or under the specified footage. In all cases, the manufacturer is required to supply the overall amount of material per order. It is common for rolled rubber jobs to have butt seams or cut end seams within one roll or run.

Regrind provides an economical option to obtain some color in the rubber flooring. Colors and color percentages are inconsistent and will vary from roll to roll and from lot to lot. No guarantee of which color or the amount of color will be present in the rubber flooring material is made.

Thickness size tolerance plus or minus .02 inches
4 ft width size tolerance plus or minus 1/4 inch


Any black recycled rubber material can have minor variations in the intensity of the black color. The rubber flooring can have a shading look when the product changes direction when placed on the floor. This occurs due to the way light is reflected and how the human eye sees the color. Installing the product in the same direction can diminish the appearance of color differences.


Always use Neutral pH cleaner on rubber flooring. Damp mop.


Ships via freight delivery, shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
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SKU# AM14-10Regrind
In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Rubber
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1/4 inch
Width 4.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.50 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 9
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives Yes
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 65
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Colored fleck
Installation Method Tape or glue down on hard, flat surface
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included No
LEED Points Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

On that rubber mat it just kind of keeps the dogs nice and stable. Cleaning is super easy. We mop in there a couple of times a week and just one easy swipe gets rid of all the mess. It's really easy to sweep as well. Even if the dogs have accidents, it's really easy to clean up with some paper towels and stuff. It doesn't leave any residue or any paper towel mess on there.
It's worked out excellent for us.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

We are using it in our liquor store. It did a great job of covering the different types of existing flooring, concrete and ceramic tile that we had in the old building. It is much more comfortable to walk on for the long days required in a retail buisness. We are very pleased with the product.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

I purchased the 1/4 Rubber Flooring Rolls for my personal gym in my lower level. The mats were exactly what I needed. The customer service was very helpful when I called to order, and the shipping was very fast. The floor looks and performs perfectly. I installed 500 sf in about 4 hours with a friend. The installation was relatively easy, and came out perfect. No visible seams, and the mats required no glue, however I did use seam tape to ensure they stayed exactly where I put them. I would certainly order from Greatmats again.

Customer Rating: 4 Stars - Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

Very good product - easy to cut and install. The only issue we had was the thinner product will deform when rolling the heavy gym equipment over it. It all laid right back down, but I was worried it would tear or crease if I wasn’t careful bringing the equipment in. It looks awesome though - very good product for sure.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva 1/4 Inch Regrind Per SF

Fast shipping! Great communication! Would definitely do business with them again.


Product Questions:

Q: Is this floor good for use in the garage?
A: Yes. Many customers will use rolled rubber on a garage floor, similar to a basement floor, but not for parking cars on it. Rubber and cars are not a good combination. For gym flooring, it's good. For cars, we have garage flooring tiles that are made from hard plastic.
Q: Does this flooring withstand someone walking on it in heels? I am concerned that heels would puncture the rubber.
A: The rubber will stand up to high heels. This is only a concern with foam tiles.
Q: Can I put a treadmill and other exercise equipment on it? It will have to be rolled over to set the equipment in place.
A: Yes, this is fine; the rubber is durable and can take this type of use.
Q: Is there a transition piece that can be ordered for this floor? One that goes from the floor up onto the mat?
A: We do not sell that type of transition; that would be available locally at a big-box flooring store or similar.
Q: I'm very interested in putting rubber floors in my boxing and Muay Thai gyms. How soft is it, and how friendly is it for bare feet?
A: Rubber is not considered a soft product and tends to be quite grippy. I would tend to recommend one of our martial arts mats; perhaps the one-inch-thick karate mat is best for barefoot combat arts.
Q: Is this rubber flooring waterproof, or will water leak through it?
A: This material can be permeated by water when power washed, but if the water is simply sitting on the rubber material, then it will not go through the tile. Consider a sample to test.
Q: Can this flooring be used outside or over dirt/grass? We would use it for events where we need it to hold equipment outdoors to protect it from dirt. It will not be used on wet ground, and it will be rolled up and put away after each event.
A: Rubber flooring rolls are designed for indoor use on hard flat surfaces; I would recommend outdoor portable flooring in plastic material for your application.
Q: Would these be good to butt up against each other for a larger weight workout room, or will they separate because they don't lock together? If not a good choice, what would be a good mix of price/quality for a home gym?
A: You can simply use double-sided carpet tape to hold the rubber rolls in place. For many home gyms, tape is not needed as the rubber flooring rolls will grip the floor well and are heavy enough to not move around.
Q: Can we put this on the carpet? Our floors are carpeted now, and I don't want to take them out. I want to cover the carpet with this.
A: If the carpeting is very flat with no padding, like commercial carpet, then it may work with 3/8 inch rolled rubber. The issue is that the seams where the rolls touch might not be flat and level due to the carpet movement under the rubber rolls.
Q: Could these be used over existing tiles in a kitchen? Is there any reason that wouldn't be a good idea?
A: Yes. This material can be installed on any hard flat surface. Glue or tape down for waterproof/water-resistant flooring.
Q: I'm considering using this flooring for my basement gym, which is now primarily concrete and very hard on my feet and ankles when standing on it. Will this 1/4 inch rubber be thick enough to disperse some of the force when laid over the concrete?
A: This depends on the types of activities performed; rubber is hard like a car tire. We also have 20 mm foam tiles, which are popular over concrete for exercise areas, called Home Sport and Play Mats. It may be worth taking a look at this blog from our Buyers Guide collection, which talks about basement home gym flooring.
Q: Will this flooring be good for an indoor soccer field?
A: Not really. The rubber is very grippy. I would go with our Court Floor Tile Flat Top or artificial turf. For more on turf options, it may be worthwhile to read this blog about artificial turf for athletic facilities.
Q: Is this product suitable for an Olympic weightlifting gym floor? We would use three layers of 3/4” plywood lifting platforms over the mats so the weights would not drop directly on the product.
A: We suggest choosing a thicker product for an Olympic-weight area. Please contact a representative for recommendations.
Q: I have a covered porch, which is like another room. It is 18x6 ft. The floor is wood decking. Can I use this as a floor over the decking?
A: The rolled rubber will warp and expand if exposed to sunlight and high temperatures. We have decking tiles that would work better.
Q: Does this rubber flooring have a strong smell? We previously purchased stall mats for our basement home gym and couldn't handle the odor.
A: This is considered low-odor rubber flooring and is designed for indoor use. All rubber will have some smell that will dissipate over time. With that being said, stall mats often use a binding agent with a stronger smell, which is why they are recommended for well-ventilated areas.
Q: How well do the edges seal on both the interlocking and the rollout versions? Will moisture get between the sections when cleaning, mopping, or disinfecting them? I am highly allergic to mold and cannot risk anything that could potentially create mold.
A: The edges will fit together well but are not considered watertight and will not prevent moisture from getting through the seams. For that reason, we only recommend damp mopping the floor.
Q: I am looking for a floor for a kids sensory gym. We will have climbing structures and swings for occupational therapy. Would this be a good product for that?
A: This product will be comfortable for the kids but will not offer much in terms of fall protection for climbing structures. Our martial arts mats and folding gym mats have been popular in such spaces. You may want to check out our blog on flooring under climbing walls and fall protection flooring.
Q: We have put this in a fitness room at my school. I'm looking to find out if it has fire certification, allowing it to be used in a school.
A: In accordance with ASTM E 648, this product has a critical radiant flux of 0.1 W/cm2.