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Choosing the right flooring for your animal enclosures can help to keep your animals safer and healthier, while also making it easier for you to care for them. Whether you’re outfitting a barn, shed, or other shelter, you’re sure to find the product that’s right for your needs at Greatmats.

Barn and Stall Mats

We offer an array of stable and stall mats suitable for your range or boarding facility. Made of durable rubber, many of these mats are ideal for horses, cattle, your alpaca herd, and more.

Stall mats can help to create a forgiving stall surface, while also preventing your animals from digging down into the stall base. This can save you stall cleaning time and effort, and you may be able to use less bedding when you’ve matted your stalls. Stall mats can help to prevent urine from seeping down into your stall base, making the stalls easier to clean and healthier for your animals.

Our stall mats are available in both interlocking and straight-edge options. You’ll find our straight edge mats in 3/8-, ½-, and ¾-inch thickness options. The thicker the mat, the heavier and more durable it is, and the more securely it will stay positioned within the stall. Lighter mats are popular for use in horse trailers. If you’re looking for mats that are easy to move around, then consider our Portable Horse Stall Mats. These mats weigh just 3.6 pounds each, so they’re ideal for shows and events.

Mats do need to be cut to fit your stall, but you can save time by ordering our stall mat kits. These kits include mats that will fit specifically sized stalls, so you don’t have to worry about any cutting on your own. An installation guide is included so you can install the mats in the correct way to get a perfect fit.

If you’re looking for a super durable product for use with cattle, the Sundance Mats 4x6 Ft x ¾ Inch Interlocking are an ideal option. These mats can insulate your barn from the cold and damp conditions, and they’re highly durable, thicker mats that can withstand horse and cattle traffic. The non-slip pebble top helps to keep your animals safe, and these interlocking mats create a secure connection to keep them in place. They’re easy to clean and are made from 100% recycled rubber. These mats are available in kits for different stall sizes to make for an easier installation.

Rubber Tiles and Rolls

Rubber is highly durable and a great option for use around animals. In addition to our horse stall mats, we offer a variety of rubber tiles and rolls that may be more conveniently sized for your needs.

Interlocking rubber tiles are a versatile flooring option that can be used for a variety of animals. Our Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm Black Mix is easy to trim to fit, non-slip, and double-sided. It’s an economical option suitable for rabbit cages, goat stall flooring, and more.

Our Ring Mat 3x3 Ft for Equine 5/8 Inch is also ideal for multiple uses. The waterproof mat’s perforations let water drain away. It’s ideal for use in a horse wash stall, and can also function as dog kennel flooring. You can also use these mats to create a wash stall for preparing your show cow or pig.

Dog Training and Care Mats

If you’re outfitting a dog training, agility, or boarding facility, you’ll need specialty flooring that’s durable and safe for dogs. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from at Greatmats.

Designed specifically for pet areas, our Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf Roll 12 Ft wide per SF creates a natural, beautiful flooring that’s suitable for dog day care and pet areas. These rolls are an easy way to give your dog a grass surface without the care and maintenance that comes with real grass. The turf reacts naturally and is virtually maintenance-free. It’s backed by a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Our Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles create a surface that’s safe for both trainers and their dogs. The cushion the mats provide allows for longer training session and provides valuable fatigue relief. These waterproof foam mats won’t absorb moisture, and their non-slip grip top maximizes traction, perfect for those tight turns and fast runs. These tiles are double-sided and reversible, so they’re suitable for obedience training, agility training, and more.

Animal Flooring Guide

Whether you’re outfitting your dog agility facility or need stall mats for your new 20-stall equestrian facility, you’ll find plenty of quality animal flooring options at Greatmats. Our buying guide provides the details you’ll need on each product, including product reviews and recommendations. If you need additional help, our Greatmats customer service team is more than happy to answer your questions. Please contact us today and we can help you to decide which product is right for your needs and provide shipping quotes, as well.