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What types of flooring are used in a veterinary hospital?
The type of flooring used for veterinary hospitals must be suitable for moisture, be durable, comfortable and easy to clean in case of animal accidents on the floors.
Where Should You Install Rubber Floor Mats at Home?
Find out some of the best areas where you should install rubber floor mats at home for extra floor protections.
Is There Such A Thing As Rubber Laminate Flooring?
Rubber laminate flooring and mats can be found at
What Are The Dimensions Of A Turf Flag Football Field?
Greatmats discusses the dimensions of a turf flag football field which can depend on what league you are playing in.
What is the Best Dining Room Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what the best options are for dining room flooring. Durable floor options for the dining room will stand up to foot traffic and heavy furniture.
The Cost Of A Turf Baseball Field
Turf baseball fields will have commercial grade synthetic grass installed, ranging in price from about $2.10 per square foot to about $3.50 per square foot.
How Thick Should a Gymnastic Mat Be?
Greatmats offers the best tumbling mats. Here, we offer a guide to picking the right thickness for your gymnastic floor depending on the person and activity.
What's the Best Functional Fitness Flooring?
Greatmats discusses options for the best fitness flooring like rubber rolls or thick rubber mats.
Reasons to Use Carpet Tiles to Protect Gymnasium Floor
Protect your school or university gym floor with our large carpet tiles that can be used as a temporary cover for special events held in the gymnasium.
What Is The Best Interlocking Foam Play Mat System?
Greatmats identifies a few products that are the best interlocking foam play mat flooring systems for indoor areas.
Rubber Garage Flooring Dos and Don'ts
Discover fun new ways to you utilize your garage space with rubber flooring. Get inspired today! Click to read the article.
How Thick Are Plush Carpet Tiles?
At Greatmats, we carry several plush carpet tiles in varying thicknesses that offer many benefits.
How Do I Protect My Old Dog From Slipping On Hardwood Floors?
Prevent old dog slipping on hardwood flooring with greatmats foam and rubber flooring.
Which Artificial Turf Products Are Available In Blue?
Greatmats identifies the best blue colored turf options and there are a variety of indoor and outdoor products.
What Are The Best Aikido Mats?
Greatmats addresses the question: what are the best Aikido mats? See a list of the top 6 recommended mat for the martial arts practice of Aikido for home or pro use.
What is the Best Recreation Room Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best options for recreation room flooring, from raised interlocking tiles to rubber flooring rolls.
What Styles Do 3/8 Inch Gym Floor Mats Come In?
At Greatmats, we have ⅜-inch thick gym floor mats in multiple styles to fit the various needs of your gym including straight edge and interlocking.
How To Lay Flooring Over Cracks In A Garage Floor
Greatmats discusses garage floor tiles that can be quickly and easily installed for cement floors with cracks in it.
Which Wearwell Safety Mats Offer The Best Non Slip Surface?
Greatmats identifies which Wearwell safety mats offer a non-slip surface for industrial or commercial settings.
Is Recycled Rubber Flooring Expensive?
Recycled rubber flooring for gyms, playgrounds, garages, underlayment, and commercial use can be found at
What Are The Best Types Of Flooring To Install Over Tile?
If you have porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, or cork flooring tile that you are looking to update without removing it, there are great solutions to install over it.
Permanent vs. Portable Dance Flooring
Discover the differences between portable and permanent dance floors and how they are constructed.
Do I Need a Mat for Rowing Machines?
Rowing machine mats protect the floor from water and friction damage and indoor rower from dust and carpet fibers - wall while reducing noise.
What Do You Put On The Floor Under A Bird Cage?
Greatmats identifies options that you can put on the floor under a bird cage or other animal cages.