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What To Look For In Kids Carpet Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2022 - Modified: May, 2024

Carpet tiles are ideal flooring for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, classrooms and other rooms frequented by kids. When choosing a kid friendly carpet tile, it’s important to look for certain qualities.

Qualities to Look for in Kids’ Carpet Tiles

The best kids’ carpet tiles will all share some similar characteristics.

Soft, Cushioned Surface

Children will spend time crawling, sitting, and kneeling on the floor, and trips and falls are also bound to happen. Carpet tiles that are soft and cushioned can help to keep kids comfortable and safe.

The pile height of the carpet tile can affect its cushion. Look for a tile with a greater pile height, which will help to create a softer surface.

Many carpet tiles also incorporate foam, which offers additional shock absorption and cushion. Foam interlocking tiles are ideal for boys’ and girls’ rooms, thanks to the cushion they offer.

Stain Resistance

When you choose a tile that’s stain resistant, the spills and messes that occur in kids’ rooms won’t be a big deal. Stain-resistant tiles tend to be easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about constantly watching for potential messes.

Modular Design

Choosing tiles that have a modular design can also be highly beneficial when kids are involved.

Even if you choose a stain resistant tile, it’s possible that the tile may become stained, worn, or damaged over time. When the tiles are modular, this isn’t a big problem.

With modular tiles, you can swap out a damaged tile without replacing the rest of the flooring. This capability makes it easy, fast, and cost-efficient to maintain the floor.

Great Color Assortment

Of course, colors also matter when it comes to kids’ carpet tiles. Bright, colorful tiles are just more fun, and kids are more likely to enjoy them.

Consider buying carpet tiles in multiple colors, which allows you to create fun patterns and designs for a truly unique and eye-catching look. You can even lay the tiles to create lines and areas used for games, making a room that’s interactive and designed just for kids.

Top Kids’ Carpet Tiles to Consider

At Greatmats, we offer several quality carpet tiles that are ideal for kids.

Kids Carpet Tiles 1x1 Meter

Kids Carpet TilesThe Kids Carpet Tiles are designed specifically for educational, hospitality, institutional, and pediatric facilities. These carpet squares feature fun patterns designed to appeal to kids.

The tiles are equipped with a StayTac backing, which offers support, cushion, and noise reduction, making for a floor that’s ideal for kids. They’ve been treated with an antimicrobial, soil, and stain treatment, and are also equipped with anti-static protection.

These tiles are backed by a limited lifetime wear warranty.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile ⅝ Inch x 2x2 Feet

Royal Interlocking Carpet TilesThe Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles feature anti-fatigue properties that make them comfortable underfoot. They also offer insulation properties that are similar to what you would enjoy from a traditional carpet, particularly helpful when you’re installing the tiles in a basement.

The tiles are waterproof, odor proof, and stain resistant so that they can withstand big messes. They’re also lightweight and portable for easy installation.

The tiles require no adhesive; you can remove and replace them as needed in case of damage or wear.

Comfort Carpet Tile Center Tile

Comfort Carpet Tile Center TileThe Comfort Carpet Tile Center Tile offers anti-fatigue and insulation properties that resemble the benefits offered by traditional carpet. The tiles are both waterproof and odorproof, so they can withstand plenty of use by kids.

The tiles feature an interlocking design that lets you fit them together to create a single continuous surface. You can easily cut them to fit a room or area with a utility knife and a straight edge.

These tiles are available in several designer colors, meaning you can create eye-catching designs and pick shades that complement the existing decor of a kids’ room.

Riverine Carpet Tile 50x50 cm

Riverine Carpet TileThe Riverine Carpet Tile is a high-traffic tile that’s available in a range of eye-catching colors. It’s specifically designed for high-traffic areas like schools.

These tiles offer support, cushion, and noise reduction to make for a safer, more enjoyable space.

Clockwork Carpet Tile 1x1 Meter

Clockwork Carpet Tile 1x1 MeterAvailable in a wide selection of patterns, the Clockwork Carpet Tile 1x1 Meter adds distinctive style to any space. This tile features a plush surface that’s comfortable underfoot that’s ideal for kids’ play spaces.

The tile is also equipped with a StayTac non-adhesive installation system which means you can remove the tiles as needed. The system also makes for a simple DIY installation.

These tiles won’t create static when walked on, and they’re warm and highly durable.