What's The Best Living Room Dance Studio Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: March, 2021 - Modified: September, 2023

If you have a dancer in your life who is passionate about practicing, you may be wondering what it might take to transform an area of your house into an in-home dance studio. Dancing on hard concrete or old carpet just doesn't cut it for many dancers. Since the Covid quarantine, many dance families have opted for a living room dance floor - a surface on which dancers can whirl and twirl and even participate in virtual classes. Providing a living room dance floor is not as difficult as you may think, and Greatmats has just what you need to transform any wood or hard surface into a fabulous dance floor.

Home Adagio Dance Package

is one of two dancers in the Manzel family. She and her family live in Minnesota, and she takes dance very seriously. At age 10, she earned her way into the semifinals of the hit NBC reality TV series, “World of Dance” with Jennifer Lopez. She also won the prestigious title, “2020 Mini Female Best Dancer” at the Dance Awards National Competition, which ended up being done virtual, due to Covid - as were the classes that she and her sister participated in.

This made her parents realize that they needed to make a dedicated dance space for their girls - a 12x12 foot floor of Rosco Adagio Marley in their living room. They also put an Adagio floor in a spare bedroom. The girls love the new floor and appreciate the ease and comfort of dance turns on it.

Home Adagio Dance Package A from Greatmats is the perfect living room dance floor. It will deliver results over any flat, firm surface. A package includes 20 linear feet of marley flooring, and it comes with appropriate tape. The flooring can be cut into two equal pieces at 10 feet each, and the edges and seams can simply be taped. The resulting surface is 10.5 feet by 10 feet. It looks amazing and is suitable for practice or performance. It can be rolled up and transported or stored when and if needed.

Reversible Rosco Dance Floor

is an 8-year old dancer who has been enjoying dance since she was age 4. She trains in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, acro, and hip hop. She is used to training on a marley dance floor, so when the Covid-19 quarantine took effect, her mom realized she needed to provide a similar experience at home.

She installed Sport Plus Designer Foam Tiles directly over her living room laminate flooring, and she added a layer of reversible Rosco marley dance flooring to the top of it. Leona is in love with the floor and makes her feel like she is in a studio. She is able to perform all of her dance moves, and her mom loves that she was able to install the products herself.

Reversible Rosco Dance Floor A is another great living room dance floor solution. It is a portable product that can be used in temporary or more permanent installations. It features a great slip coefficient designed for ballet and soft shoe dance types. This flooring is very flexible and can be easily rolled and unrolled as needed, and when it’s time to use it, simply tape it down using either side.

Throw in the cushioned layer of underneath the marley for a little extra fatigue relief and comfort.

Rosco Adagio Marley Custom Length Floor

is a 16 year old practicing numerous genres of dance. Her family installed the Rosco Adagio Marley floor in her basement family room, as they wanted to make a suitable space for her to safely and comfortably continue to master her dance disciplines, even during the Covid season of taking online classes. The flooring, combined with some performance subflooring, provides shock absorption and protection for her ankles and knees - allowing for hours of dance practice every day.

is a 13-year-old who has been dancing for 10 years. He has taken numerous dance classes all over the world, and he has starred in Kidz Bop music videos and two national commercials. He has also worked with Disney on multiple occasions. When Covid-19 forced Jacob to return home for dancing, it wasn’t long before his family realized the flooring surfaces were tough on his body. So, they installed a Rosco Adagio Marley floor for him, which he has danced on every day since it was installed. He loves it and says it is like dancing on a professional studio floor.

Home Adagio Dance PackageA Rosco Adagio Marley floor can be custom cut from sizes 10 feet to 90 feet long. This living room dance floor solution works well for tap, ballet, jazz, modern, Irish, Flamenco, and other style disciplines. It is suitable for soft shoes, hard shoes, or bare feet - so, it’s extremely versatile. Even while taped down, it causes no damage to a subfloor and provides a safe, reliable, controlled slip floor that is non-absorbent, non-reflective, and non-skid. It can be used for a temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent installation, but when installing over concrete, consider a dance underlayment.

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When you’re ready to install a living room dance floor in your home, reach out to the friendly and helpful team at Greatmats who is ready to help you determine the perfect product for your space. Regardless of the flooring you choose, rest assured, when you purchase from Greatmats, you will be getting the best quality, service, and pricing available anywhere.