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Carpet Tiles And Mats Materials
Carpet tiles are made from materials such as peel and stick, raised carpet tiles, modular carpet tiles, and foam carpet.
Installing Outdoor Tile Over a Wood Deck - Options
When installing outdoor tiles over wood deck surfaces, you need flooring that is up to the task. Check out our guide to help you with the installation.
What Are The Best Rubber Floor Tiles for Home & Commercial Gyms?
Rubber floor tiles are an excellent flooring choice for your home or commercial gym. Rubber tiles are durable, strong, attractive and offer excellent impact absorption.
What Floor Tiles Come In Navy Blue?
Greatmats identifies navy blue floor tiles that make a great cushioned carpet option for home or home business floors
What is the Best Flooring for Dog Agility Training at Home?
The best indoor home dog agility training floor will offer shock absorption, cushioning, traction, and durability for dogs to train at home without fatigue or injury.
How Versatile Are Interlocking Foam Mats?
Greatmats discusses why interlocking foam mats are considered to be so versatile and ideas on where you can use them.
Weight Lifting Mats for Resistance Training
Weight lifting mats are available in hundreds of different forms. Let Greatmats staff guide you through choosing from among the best resistance training mats for sale.
How Thick Are Play Mats For Kids?
Play mats for kids come in interlocking, puzzle, and folding. These mats are great for kids bedrooms and and are easy to diy instal.
What's The Best Flooring For An Ab Wheel Workout?
Ab wheel workout is great for core training and toning up the upper body as well. Find the best ab wheel gym gym flooring at Greatmats.
When Should Other Flooring Be Installed Over Wood?
Greatmats discusses when you should install flooring over wood and what floor types are suitable.
Are Rubber Puzzle Tiles Good For Gyms?
Greatmats discusses rubber puzzle tiles and if they are a good option for gyms in commercial or residential settings.
How Thick Should Stable Mats Be?
Greatmats identifies how thick stable mats should be and the best options available for barn or stall mats.
How to Clean Dog Agility Flooring
Greatmats discusses how to clean your dog agility flooring to ensure it maintains its durability &amp; integrity. Learn what products are safe to use on the floor.
What Is The Best Artificial Field Hockey Turf?
Greatmats talks about the best artificial field hockey turf and how to choose the what product will work for you.
Where Would You Use Resilient Rubber Flooring?
Greatmats discusses where would you use resilient rubber flooring as in applications where you want durability and comfort.
What is the Best Treadmill Mat Over Carpet or Concrete?
Greatmats identifies multiple options for treadmill mats that can be used over carpet or concrete floors, under treadmills, in your exercise room or home gym.
What Are The Best Gym Flooring Rolls?
Gym flooring rolls are perfect for your fitness center. They are easy to instal at home or in a commercial area. The best rubber mats are found at Greatmats.
What Is The Best Impact Resistant Flooring?
Impact resistant flooring is great for absorbing shock, heavy weights, and heavy drops. Impact resistant flooring is ideal for gyms, garages, work shops, and high impact areas
What Is The Best Exercise Mat for Stretching?
Stretching mats should offer plenty of cushion to prevent soreness and plenty of stability for safety while standing.
What is the Best Flooring for Plyometric Exercise?
Plyometric circuit training requires excellent grip and cushion. Here are your five best options for both home and commercial workout spaces.
Is Laminate Flooring Water Resistant?
Greatmats discusses if laminate flooring options are water resistant and what those best products are.
What's the Best Gym Flooring for a T25 Workout?
The best T25 workout flooring options need to have some cushioning and easy on the joints.
What To Look For In Kids Carpet Tiles
Greatmats identifies a number of top quality kids carpet tiles for bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, classroom and more.
What is the Best Wine Cellar Flooring?
Greatmats identifies best wine cellar flooring options that include cork laminate, rubber and plastic options. The best options provide moisture protection.