How Versatile Are Interlocking Foam Mats?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021 - Modified: December, 2022

Interlocking foam mats are among the most versatile flooring solutions available. They can be used for kids, exercising, camping, and so much more.

Interlocking foam mats are easy to install, lightweight, affordable, and relatively durable. There are different sizes, thicknesses, and styles, with an option for just about any application or purpose - making them super versatile.

6 Popular Foam Interlocking Mats:

  1. Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium
  2. Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles
  3. Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles
  4. Wood Grain Foam Tiles
  5. Home Sport & Play Mat

This list represents some of the best interlocking foam mats available, with each of them offering a solution for multiple purposes and applications. From
under pool and martial art mats to soft mats for kids to play on to mats for dogs to train on - this list represents such versatile products, that they could be used for just about anything!

Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 PremiumFoam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium are great for a playroom, nursery, or other space where kids will be crawling and playing, or, where people will be exercising and need some nice cushioning. They are also used in yoga studios, bedrooms, daycares, under pools, in workshops, in a camper or tent, in game rooms, under bounce houses, and so much more.

This is another very economical flooring option, priced at about $6.25 per 2x2 foot tile. They are brightly colored, waterproof, stain resistant, thermal insulating, and attractive. They have a thatch surface texture, offering extra durability.

Indoor Playground Flooring TilesIndoor Playground Flooring Tiles are 1.5 inches thick, providing superior cushioning and protection with a 4 foot fall height ASTM rating. This product offers a surface with a no skin burn top texture that’s non absorbent. It offers a soft and flexible footing with shock absorption qualities and safety in any space where kids will be running, jumping, and possibly falling.

These large 1x1 meter, non-toxic puzzle mats deliver a floor with a firmness that ensures children will not sink too far into the tile and suffer a twisted or sprained ankle injury due to the flooring. Each tile is about $40 and offers almost 11 square feet of coverage.

Dog Agility Mats Interlocking TilesDog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles are the best of the best in the category of dog agility mats. They are double sided, reversible EVA foam mats that are cushioned, allowing dogs to train longer without fatigue and injury. They also have a non-slip grip top that provides excellent traction for the dog and the trainer, and they are densely constructed and free from latex and lead.

These mats are waterproof, designed to last, lightweight, and portable and require no adhesive for installation. They are priced at about $27.50 per 1x1 meter tile, and they can be used for any and all kinds of dog training.

Wood Grain Foam TilesWood Grain Foam Tiles offer a faux wood tile option that marries classic comfort and aesthetic appeal. They are latex free, lead free, and waterproof. They are simple to install in any place or space, and they are affordable, being priced at about $5.60 per 2x2 foot tile.

These lightweight, foam tiles can truly be installed in nearly any area of the home as they interlock tightly together, offering a solid floor that is comfortable and attractive and suitable for a trade show booth, workout space, den, laundry room, hallway, bedroom, family room, art studio, sailboat, kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Home Sport & Play MatThe Home Sport & Play Mat is another versatile flooring choice for many areas of the home, especially workout areas and home gyms. They are priced at about $9 and are 2x2 and ¾ inch thick.

This mat offers a flexible consistency similar to soft rubber while delivering more cushion than rubber does. The mats are waterproof, stain resistant, and scuff resistant, and reduce fatigue while absorbing shock. They have been used for karate, group exercise, yoga, under punching bags, in boxing rings, in weight training areas, for martial arts, in kitchens and other areas of the home, under portable hot tubs, and so much more.

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