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Comparing Professional Martial Arts Interlocking Foam Mats - Puzzle Mats

Date Published: 04-13 - 2016

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Let’s compare professional martial arts puzzle mats.

Pro puzzle mats are designed to provide a safe and comfortable training space for martial arts - with easy installation.

Greatmats offers mats with custom-tailored thickness, foam density and surface texture to meet the needs of several martial arts disciplines.

Our puzzle-style martial arts mats range from ⅞ inch to 1 ⅝ inches thick. Thinner mats are designed for striking arts such as taekwondo or karate.

Thicker mats offer greater fall protection and are intended for disciplines heavy in groundwork and throwing. The 1 ⅝ inch thick Grappling MMA mats offer a 4 foot critical fall-height rating.

These durable foam mats have Shore C hardness ratings, ranging from 35 to 55.

All offer excellent impact absorption for practicing jumping kicks, but with a hardness rating of 50, our karate mats are a little firmer, providing solid footing for balance.

Surface texture designs take into account the type of contact skin or footwear will have with the surface.

Our thatch texture mats are resistant to scuffing from shoes and boots. Smooth leather textured karate mats are easy on bare feet.

No-burn tatami surfaces allows your skin or grip the flooring without suffering floor burns.

Each Greatmats Professional Martial Arts Puzzle Mat is 1x1 meter in size with interlocking edges and four border strips attached for creating finished edges.

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