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Tactical Hapkido Alliances Barry Rodemaker on Greatmats

Date Published: 06-27 - 2019

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I’m Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker the founder and president of the Tactical Hapkido Alliance.
I chose the 20 mm puzzle mats because of the versatility. We do traditional forms - hyungs, katas, whatever you want to call them - and we do some light ground work.
They’ve been in my school for five years, and they’re awesome.
I have people from all over the country coming to train at our conference at the headquarters school, I always get comments on how nice the mats are to work on and where can I get them.
I needed something that could be versatile.
They hold up very well. They’re easy to clean. They’re easy to maintain. They’re actually really easy to customize.
If you’re looking to make a good investment and have a school open for a while, you want to invest in good mats and they’re not going to break the bank.

About Tactical Hapkido Alliance

The Tactical Hapkido Alliance is about 20 years in existence. I’ve been training for over 30 years. I teach traditional taekwondo and Tactical Hapkido which is my system. Our system is taught at 30 plus schools across the country. We have schools in Canada and it’s taught at several universities and we have an instructor that teaches at West Point - teaches our program.


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