School mats are designed to be durable and to withstand the increased traffic and use that they’ll see in school environments. Available for a wide variety of applications, these mats are all designed to prioritize student safety. They can make an excellent long-term investment that enhances a school’s appearance, safety, and functionality for its students.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your gym’s safety or find the ideal flooring for a preschool, you’re sure to find the solution within Greatmats’ school mats selection.

Preschool Flooring

Creating a safe preschool environment starts with a quality, safe floor. Interlocking foam tiles are a popular option since they create a forgiving surface that kids can sit, crawl, and even stumble onto. Options like our Foam Play Mats are waterproof and stain-resistant, and they’re free of lead and latex. These foam tiles create a soft, impact-absorbing cushion to keep kids safe and comfortable. Yoga mats and flooring offer similar shock absorbing, comfortable properties.

Carpet tiles can also create a welcoming, comfortable surface. Laying these tiles on top of a harder surface, like concrete, can make a room much warmer and friendlier for students and teachers.

Many of these school mats are available in fun, bright colors that will appeal to kids. You can even order activity mats and tiles in multiple colors so you can create patterns and designs.

Gym Mats and Flooring

Outfitting a gym with appropriate school mats and flooring products can help to keep your students and athletes safe. Greatmats offers gym mats suitable for elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and university use.

Folding gym mats are one of the most versatile investments you can make in your gym mats and equipment. These mats can serve many different purposes, so you’ll get great value out of them. When partially folded up, they can assist with skill building and athlete training. Then unfolded and attached end-to-end, they can serve as tumbling mats for gymnastics and cheer training. These mats can also be attached together to create a larger, shock absorbing floor for gym classes.

You can also choose from a wide variety of specialty gymnastics mats. Options like incline gymnastics mats can help with skill building, while crash mats are a must-have safety feature for gymnasts, sports teams, and more. These thick mats and pads offer maximum shock absorption to help keep your students safe as they learn flips, stunts, and more.

When your gym needs to serve multiple purposes, then vinyl and carpet gym floor covers can help to protect it while increasing its versatility. These covers are easy to unroll and install over your gym floor, preparing it for school dances, meetings, and other events where the foot traffic could damage the wood surface.

Wall Padding

Many gym mats are also suitable for use as wall padding. Greatmats also offers specific wall pads that are ASTM impact rated and available in a wide variety of colors. These wall pads are available with digital logo options that can make an impressive addition to your gymnasium. This wall padding can create a safer area for sports teams to practice, PE classes to take place, and for kids to play.
Wall padding can also be used to create seclusion rooms for children. Using gym wall mats is an affordable way to convert a standard room into a specialty seclusion room, giving students this important and safe space. Greatmats offers gym wall mats that can be made to your custom dimensions, making the process of installing them into an existing room easier and faster.

Stage Flooring

Greatmats also offers a variety of school mats suitable for use on your auditorium stage. Products like Marley dance flooring can transform your stage into a dance floor, perfect for theater and dance groups. Some of these products can be installed temporarily, which is a big advantage for schools where a stage might serve multiple purposes, or where a dance practice room might also be used by other classes.

Stage mats are available to help protect your stage edges and keep kids safe. These mats can be custom ordered with your institution logo for an impressive, cohesive finish.

Playground Flooring

Specialized playground mats and flooring can improve the safety and functionality of your elementary and middle school playground. Products like Bounce Back Rubber Playground Mats are highly durable and made of recycled rubber content. They offer excellent non-slip properties and are suitable for outdoor use. These UV-resistant mats are ASTM fall height rated, and they’re available in several thicknesses with fall height ratings from 6 to 10 feet.

Playground flooring tiles are easy to install and create a flat surface that can make a playground ADA accessible. They don’t require the maintenance that loose flooring and fill requires, and its’ easy to replace individual tiles that might be worn or damaged. Other products include swing and slide mats, which offer extra durability to help protect these high-traffic areas while also contributing to student safety.