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Wall Padding Considerations

Date Published: 05-24 - 2022

Let's talk about wall pads. Wall pads are designed to cover hard wall surfaces and protect against head injury.

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They are generally 2 inches thick and come in panels. The most common panel size is 2x6 feet.
There are available with two different types of installation designs. For direct connect permanent installations wall pads with a lip on the top and bottom are most popular. If the wall pads will be removed frequently, a z-clip option is designed for that purpose.
Lip-style wall mats have a flange on the top and bottom that you can drive a screw through to hold the mats in place. Concrete and stud walls will require different types of prep before installing the mats.
Panel style wall pads are generally covered with vinyl and most are designed for indoor use only. We do, however, offer some outdoor-rated wall padding for spaces like baseball field walls and fences. These are custom-made in the USA.
Most wall pads also have a wood backing with a foam core and vinyl wrap. Sizes range up to 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
They are available in a variety of colors and can be customized not only with graphics but also to go around corners, windows, outlets and more.

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