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Trade Show Flooring and the Multiple Options Available

Trade show flooring from Greatmats is available in multiple types of materials and types, ensuring you can find the perfect option for your needs. We even offer trade show flooring kits that have all the pieces you need for the perfect layout in your exhibit booth without having to piecemeal a solution. 

Our floors can emphasize comfort for employees standing and working in the expo space, durability to support large amounts of weight, easy assembly, portability, or all of the above.

Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are lightweight, which makes them ideal for shipping to and from the trade show. They also are extremely easy to install, meaning you don’t need to hire people with specialized skills to do the work. When you need unique colors or a faux wood grain finish, foam tiles deliver these at a lower cost.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can deliver a high level of comfort for those who are working in, or visiting the booth, especially when the carpet top has a foam base. For added durability, you also can select carpet tiles that feature a raised plastic base. Our Royal interlocking carpet tiles the most popular trade show flooring option, and will support the weight of most displays.

Hard Plastic and Vinyl Tiles

When you need to support heavy items in the booth, a hard plastic or vinyl tile may be a good option. Multiple colors are available with these tiles, delivering extra design options. We offer a wood grain look in the Max Tile brand, black or gray colors in our garage floor tile with diamond tread pattern models, and light gray in a portable outdoor tent tile option.

Vinyl Show Flooring Rolls

When you need a showy flooring for use in the tradeshow booth, we offer glossy vinyl rolls that are sure to bring attention to your booth. Such rolls can cover a large space quickly. However, they have quite a bit of weight, which requires some planning for transporting them to and from the trade show.

Trade Show Flooring Q&A

What are the options for trade show flooring?

Multiple materials are available, depending on the needs of the customer. Trade show booth flooring, such as faux wood, carpeting, EVA foam, plastic, vinyl, or rubber will work perfectly in the right situation. Think about the types of equipment that will be used. Then pick an option that can support the heft of the largest object in use. Various colors and designs are available as well.

Does an outdoor trade show floor exist?

Setting up for an outdoor exposition requires a trustworthy product selection. Our outdoor Staylock perforated deck tiles resist rain and other weather issues. They can be installed atop grass, dirt, or asphalt. We recommend these portable trade show flooring tiles for applications outside. The hard material is durable, allowing it to resist weather damage. With drainage holes in the surface, water will not pool, avoiding a slipping hazard. Additionally, grass will survive for short periods underneath these tiles, so they can be placed over a lawn. They disassemble extremely quickly, too.

How much assembly do the interlocking trade show flooring options require?

As a general rule, interlocking foam or soft carpet tiles use a puzzle-style interlock which is super easy. Other types of modular tiles use a tab-and-slot or hook-and-tab system to connect the individual tiles securely. This design is easily assembled and disassembled, as it is made for fast installation projects.

How many carpet tiles are needed for a 10x20 trade show booth?

Because trade show carpet tiles are available in multiple sizes, you could need anywhere from 50 to 200 carpet tiles for a 10x20 trade show booth, depending on the size per tile. Our interlocking carpet and foam tiles are 2x2 ft and the modular tiles are 1x1 ft in size. If you are unsure how many tiles to order for a particular size of convention flooring for trade show booths, such as 10x20 or 10x10 trade show flooring, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team.