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When traveling to a trade show or exhibition and setting up a vendor booth, having the right flooring can make a big difference in terms of welcoming visitors to the display. Count on the trade show flooring kits from Greatmats to create a great-looking floor.

Our customers can select from a number of coverage options with these floor kits. A few types of flooring materials are available in our kits, and all of them are easy to install thanks to interlocking tiles.

Size and Shape Options

When you order trade show kits from Greatmats, you receive everything you need to complete the flooring layout. We offer a few different layout sizes, helping customers meet the exact size they need for the booth.

  • 10x10: We offer 10x10 foot kits that consist of carpeting and faux wood floors.
  • 10x20: Our 10x20 foot kits are also available in carpet top tiles and in vinyl floors that look like wood.
  • 20x20: With our 20x20 foot kits, customers can cover a large amount of space in the trade show booth for a low price.
  • 20x30: We have 20x30 foot kits that have reversible foam tiles, giving customers two style options for a single price.

Individual tiles in the kits are square-shaped with interlocking edges, which greatly simplifies the installation process. These tiles typically measure 2 by 2 feet when disassembled, which simplifies transporting the tiles to and from the trade show.

These tiles typically have a thickness of 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch.

Material Options

Many of our trade show kits contain comfortable flooring options, which is important for a display like this. Those working in the booth likely will be standing for long periods of time, and they can use the cushioned flooring to make standing and working more comfortable.

We offer custom carpet tiles that have a thin, durable layer of carpet on top and a layer of foam on the underside.

Another popular option features a vinyl top layer with a foam layer bonded to the underside.

Pattern and Texture Options

Some customers want to try to match the pattern and color of the trade show kit flooring to the theme of the display. Some customers prefer the use of neutral colors that allow the items within the display booth to stand out clearly.

The carpet tiles in our trade show kits often use colors like tan, gray, and blue. You can find some carpet squares in the kits that feature a dark green or black color as well.

Our vinyl-topped tiles also make use of neutral colors, such as grays, dark browns, and light browns. Often, these vinyl tiles will have a faux wood grain pattern printed on them, and the color will look like a wood stain. We also offer vinyl tiles in a solid tan color.

The tiles in these trade show kits offer a beveled edge in the final layout, which reduces the trip hazard from the lip of the flooring.

Common Use Options

Because everything required to complete the flooring layout is included as part of the kit, customers most frequently use these tiles in areas where they know they have a certain amount of flooring to cover.

This type of kit is perfect for use at a trade show, where customers must lay out the flooring quickly, use it for a few days, and disassemble it just as quickly. These kits are easy to transport as well.

If you have a room in your home or retail location that has an approximate size of 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, or 20x30, making use of one of these kits greatly simplifies installation.

The tiles included in the kit will have interlocking edges on all four sides (center tiles), interlocking edges on three sides (perimeter edge tiles), or interlocking edges on two sides (perimeter corner tiles).

Installation Options

To install these trade show kit tiles, just line up the tabs on the first tile with the slots on the second tile. Then press the edges together with your hands. There is no need to place glue on the edges of the tiles, as the interlocking edge design holds the tiles in place adequately.

It’s important to place these tiles over the top of a firm subfloor, such as concrete. This is a common type of subflooring to find at a trade show convention.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

When cleaning the carpet top tiles, use the same techniques you would use for a roll of carpet. Before disassembling the tiles and placing them in storage for transport, run a vacuum cleaner over the top to remove any dry debris. You can use a spot cleaner for stains on the carpeting whenever needed.

When cleaning the vinyl top tiles, start with a broom or a vacuum, removing any dry debris. If needed, you can use a mop and a floor cleaning solution to remove stains and stubborn soils.