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Top 5 Foam Trade Show Flooring Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: July, 2017 - Modified: October, 2023

When you’re designing a trade show booth, you have a small amount of space to make a big impact. Every square foot of space matters, especially when it comes to flooring. The trade show booth flooring you choose can make or break the booth's entire appeal. Not only are aesthetics extremely important, but comfort is essential in encouraging potential customers to visit your booth longer and in keeping your staff comfortable. Foam trade show flooring tiles offer an ideal combination of style, cushion, support, and an easy installation process.

Desirable Features of Trade Show Flooring Tiles

Foam trade show flooring tiles feature many qualities that make them ideal for trade show use.


Foam offers valuable shock absorption and comfort that your staff and your booth visitors are sure to appreciate. Foam can be a welcome relief after walking on the hard flooring of a trade show venue, and it’s a forgiving surface that can help encourage booth visitors to spend more time at the space. Foam also offers some insulative properties, so it can help to keep your booth warm on chilly mornings when the venue subfloor is cold.


Foam flooring tiles are available in a wide variety of style options. You can choose solid colored tiles that complement your business brand colors, or opt for a highly realistic wood grain that can draw attention to your booth. Foam tiles are also available with carpeted surfaces, meaning you’ll have plenty of design options to choose from to help realize your vision for your booth.

wood grain trade show flooring tiles in booth

Portability and Installation

Foam trade show flooring tiles are fast and easy to install. A single person can perform a tile installation, and the tiles interlock together just like puzzle pieces, but won’t pull apart during use. Many of the tiles are available with clean, finished edges for a professional appearance. Since the installation is quick and easy, your staff will have more time left to focus on setting up the rest of your booth and engaging with customers.

These tiles are also sized to be easily portable, so you can better manage them during the installation process and then store them away when not in use.


Foam trade show flooring tiles are designed to be durable. These tiles are intended for repeated installations, and while they’re forgiving and comfortable, they’re also strong enough for repeated use. As a result, foam floor tiles are an excellent investment in your business.

Top 5 Foam Floor Tiles for Trade Show Booths

At Greatmats, we carry an excellent selection of foam trade show flooring tiles. We’ve highlighted our top five products to give you some ideas for your own booth.

1. Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible

wood grain pattern foam tiles for trade shows

The Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible are highly durable foam tiles ideal for trade show use. Choose from five highly realistic wood grain patterns to capture attention and add a rustic, charming touch to your booth. These cushioned tiles feature wood grain on one side and a scuff-resistant tan surface on the other, so you can reverse them if needed to get maximum use out of the flooring. The tiles are lead and latex free.

Easy to clean and portable, the tiles feature an interlocking edge design for a simple installation. Each tile also includes two border strips. These tiles are also available as a kit option in four different, common dimensions.

2. Foam Kids and Gym Mats Premium

colorful foam tiles perfect for trade show flooring

The Foam Kids and Gym Mats Premium are available in an array of bold and bright colors, so your trade show booth can really make a statement. These tiles resist stains and water and add valuable cushion to your booth. Measuring 2x2 feet, the tiles are sized to be easy to handle and install. They can be damp mopped with a household cleaner to keep them looking their best.

The tiles feature an interlocking puzzle edge, so they easily fit together for a fast and easy installation. While they’re comfortable and help to absorb impact, they are also durable and are backed by a one-year limited warranty. The tiles are available in pre-sized kits, too.

3. Comfort Flex Tile

foam based trade show flooring tiles

The Comfort Flex Tile is available in three rustic wood grain patterns, so you can add a unique look to your booth. The tiles offer anti-fatigue cushion to help maximize comfort, and they’re lightweight and easily portable. Since the tiles are waterproof, spills are no big deal, and you can damp mop them for easy cleaning.

The tiles measure 2x2 feet by ½ inch thick, so while they’re easy to move and store, they’re also large enough to quickly cover your booth area. They are backed by a 90-day limited warranty and are available in convenient kits.

4. Home Gym Flooring Pebble Tile

foam tiles can be used for trade shows

These tiles are long-lasting floor tiles that are commonly used for home gyms. They provide good support and anti-fatigue benefits.

5. Foam Base/Interlocking Royal Carpet Tile

foam base with carpet top floor tiles for trades shows

With the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile, you’ll enjoy the traditional look of carpet with the comfort of foam. The foam base offers valuable cushion and shock absorption, and since the tiles are waterproof, you don’t have to worry about exposure to spills or moisture. These tiles also offer valuable insulative properties to help keep your booth warm and welcoming.

Since the tiles are lightweight, they’re easy to transport and install. Each tile includes two border strips for finished edges, and the tiles are available in four colors, so you can create a solid color floor or design a pattern. The tiles are also available in kits.

Choosing Your Trade Show Flooring

We offer many great trade show flooring products at Greatmats. Please contact our customer service team with any questions. We’re here to help answer your questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you choose the best product for your trade show booth.