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Reversible Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles

Date Published: 03-25 - 2020

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This is our Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tile.

Available in 6 different wood looks, this lightweight & flexible EVA foam floor tile is 2x2 feet in size and offers 1/2 inch of cushion over hard flat surfaces.

Among its best features are its solid color core and waterproof design. The opposite side features a scuff resistant solid color surface that matches the core.

It also comes with two border strips per tile, allowing you to create a finished edge.

Leave them in place or stack them for easy storage.

Greatmats reversible wood flooring features a laminate style surface with colors that range from light to dark and even gray wood patterns. The ethylene vinyl acetate foam core is soft underfoot making it the most comfortable wood style flooring available. It's great for kids, basements, trade shows booths and much more. Unlike some of the cheaper varieties of fake wood flooring the solid color of the core will help hide any scratches that may occur.
Without the need to secure the wood look flooring to the floor it makes an excellent floating floor installation that is also easy to remove if necessary. Greatmats reversible faux wood floor tiles is the best cushioned wood look flooring system available.


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