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Welding Thread 500 LF - LonFloor Vista
LonFloor Vista Welding Thread for heat welded commercial installations. Available in 500 LF spools, for use in school, museum, and institutional applications.
Flooring Accessories
We sell a wide variety of flooring accessories for your installation, including floor glue, floor tape, and floor cleaners. Shop now!
What Makes a Good Hospital Floor?
Greatmats identifies a number of qualities that make a good hospital floor and a number of good vinyl flooring products available.
How to Make an L Shaped Anti Fatigue Mat
Greatmats talks about how to make an l-shaped anti fatigue mat with tiles or rolls of matting making your space more comfortable.
What Are StayLock Tiles?
StayLock Tiles are a Greatmats product and available in 3 different designs, multiple colors with optional borders.
In What Forms Are PVC Flooring Available?
Greatmats discusses what forms of pvc flooring are available such as interlocking tiles and rolls.
Differences Between Ergonomic Flooring And Comfort Mats For Standing
Comfort mats for standing and anti-fatigue mats and flooring are made from premium material and are found at
Lonseal Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring Rolls
Lonseal flooring commercial sheet vinyl rolls are available for everything from marine and aircraft to deck and sports court applications. Check out Greatmats selection.
Jennifer Simpson Named 2020 National Fitness Trainer of the Year
Jennifer Simpson of Cherrywood Village in Portland becomes the fourth ever Greatmats National Fitness Trainer of the Year with a 2020 victory.
What Are the Pros and Cons of PVC Flooring?
Take a look at the pros and cons of pvc flooring before making a purchase of this type of flooring material.
What Are The Best Uses For Foam Floor Puzzle Mats?
Greatmats discusses the best uses for foam floor puzzle mats including: kids flooring, dog agility, home gym, trade show, basement and martial arts.
What Types Of Flooring Are Used In A Dance School?
Dance school flooring allows for free, expressive movements. Greatmats has dance suitable for specific types of dance.
How Do I Keep My Horse's Stall Dry?
Have trouble keeping your horse stalls dry? Then, you must read this guide. We provide tips and tricks on reducing moisture and wet mats.
Where Should I Put Playground Padding?
Playground padding not only looks good, but it also is important for safety. Find the best type of mat for your playground at Greatmats.
Motorcycle Garage Parking Mats and Flooring Ideas
Need some motorcycle garage parking mat flooring ideas? We can help. Here are some ideas and key features of our motorcycle mats.
What Is The Best PVC Anti-Fatigue Mat System?
Greatmats carries an assortment of PVC anti fatigue mats, here are some of the best and most popular.
Where Is Antimicrobial Flooring Used Most Often
Greatmats discusses where antimicrobial flooring is used most often and what those uses are.
What Is The Best Flooring For Resistance Band Workouts?
When doing resistance band workouts, you want to choose a flooring solution that will offer stability, support, traction, ease of movement &amp; anti-fatigue benefits.
What's The Best Surface For Floorball
The qualities to look for in floorball flooring include durability, shock absorption, traction, and the ease of installation and maintenance.
What Makes the Best Wedding Dance Floor?
Greatmats discusses what makes the best wedding dance flooring and offers 2 styles of dance floor tiles for weddings.
Massage Room Flooring and More - Soft Wood Grain Reversible Tiles
Wood Grain Reversible Foam Floor Tiles are versatile soft interlocking mats used for massage rooms, trade shows booths, home music studios and more.
How thick should trade show flooring be?
Trade show flooring should be at least 1/2” thick in order to provide comfortable footing for your workers; although 5/8” and 9/16” are common thicknesses as well.
What are the Top 5 Martial Arts Puzzle Mats?
Greatmats offers the highest quality martial arts puzzle mats on the market with affordable pricing. Here are your top five mats for studios and tournaments
What's The Best Flooring For An Automotive Shop?
Greatmats identifies a number of automotive shop flooring options to address durability, traction, anti-fatigue and more.
Is There Interlocking Waterproof Flooring?
Interlocking waterproof flooring can be found at Greatmats.
How Important Is Floor Texture?
Floor texture is important to prevent slipping and to give a better grip for standing on. Greatmats offers options in vinyl, slate, stone look, coin texture and more.
Top 5 Temporary Basement Flooring Options for Kids - Soft and Padded
Temporary basement flooring options that are soft and padded for kids, including rubber, foam and flexible plastic mats and tiles