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Greatmats is proud to offer a wide variety of . Whether you're looking for mats to use in an assembly line, mats that can hold up to the demands of high-traffic commercial kitchens, or mats for use in a manufacturing or machine shop, we're sure to have a variety of products to suit your needs.

Why Choose Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Why should you invest in industrial anti-fatigue mats? There are countless benefits. These anti-fatigue mats can:
  1. Make your workplace a safer place
  2. Increase worker comfort, therefore increasing productivity
  3. Cut down on worker injuries and associated downtime
  4. Improve traction
  5. Assist with drainage and help to keep workers' feet dry
  6. Improve the overall environment of your workplace

Commercial anti-fatigue mats have been proven to increase worker comfort and reduce downtime associated with workplace-related injuries. This all amounts to increased productivity, which can mean a better bottom line each and every year. In short, industrial anti-fatigue mats pay for themselves in terms of the financial returns that your business will see.

Choosing the Right Industrial Fatigue Mats for Your Workspace

Workplaces are all different, and some industries have very specific demands that your industrial fatigue mats will need to be able to accommodate. Consider the following factors when choosing your industrial fatigue mats:
  1. Traction: Many mats offer designs to improve worker traction, including textured surfaces and even cleats
  2. Drainage: If you will be installing mats in areas that are frequently wet, be sure to consider the many different perforated designs which help to maximize drainage
  3. Edges: Consider the edges on the mats that you're evaluating. Some mats have beveled edges for smoother and safer transitions onto and off of the mats. Beveled edges are also important if you'll be using carts in the workspace.
  4. Durability: Industrial fatigue mats come in a variety of designs, some of which are more durable than others. Be sure to choose mats built to withstand the amount and type of traffic that they will see.
  5. Substance resistance: If your workspace sees potentially damaging substances like oil, grease, cutting fluid, and more, then you'll need a mat that can withstand exposure to those agents.

At Greatmats, our wide variety of workplace fatigue matting ensures we have a product suitable for almost any application. We've outlined a few of our commercial anti-fatigue mats below according to the type of environment that they're best suited for.

Manufacturing and Machine Shops

Manufacturing and machine shop settings need workplace fatigue matting that is highly durable, yet also comfortable. Look for mats with maximized traction and comfort, but which are also resistant to any chemicals that may be used in your facility. If the mats need to be suitable for cart traffic, then a mat with beveled edges and a smoother surface may be the best choice.

Our Diamond Foot Colored Borders are suitable for machine workshops, maintenance environments, and more. These mats have beveled edges that are brightly painted for safety, and a diamond plate surface maximized traction. These mats are resistant to common fluids and most chemicals, and they're also non-flammable.

Another excellent option is our Performa SD tiles. This workplace fatigue matting features a solid surface, but the nib backing elevates the mat to keep workers up above water. The tiles themselves are water repellent, and a gritted surface option is available for extra traction. The tiles have built-in connectors for easy installation, and are washable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

You may also want to consider our Switchboard Diamond Deckplate runner. This anti fatigue flooring offers a number of benefits for manufacturing and automotive settings. The anti-static runner helps to protect workers from high voltage equipment. Its aggressive diamond top finish maximizes traction, and the mat itself is water repellent. This mat is an excellent choice that can provide your workplace with valuable safety precautions.

Wet Environments and Kitchens

Wet areas can be hazardous, as they make any flooring surface slippery. No one appreciates wet feet, so anti-fatigue flooring designed to maximize drainage and keep your workers up out of the water is a must. For kitchens, we offer grease resistant mats that both optimize drainage and are ready to withstand the demands of kitchen environments. We offer a number of suitable commercial anti-fatigue mats for wet areas.

Honeycomb Medium Duty Rubber Mats are available in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. These mats are perforated to maximize drainage, but the honeycomb design also adds strength to the mat. The mats also provide anti-slip traction to help keep your workers safe. For kitchens, these mats are grease resistant, and can even help to offer a soft surface to prevent dropped plates from breaking.

Wearwell 24/Seven CFR Perforated Mats are another excellent choice when maximized drainage is a must-have. These perforated mats are designed for use in dry, wet, or oily areas. They are resistant to cutting fluids, and are available in three different rubber compounds based on the exposure that they will be subjected to in your workplace. Hidden interlocks allow you to tightly connect the mats together, creating a continuous flooring surface.

For areas where you need maximized traction and drainage, consider our Performa GritTuff mats. These modular drainage mats have one-sided built-in connectors, so you can connect the mats together. The nib backing elevates the mat above the flooring surface, helping to maximize drainage. These mats are available with a gritted surface which offers additional traction, a must-have for areas like kitchens where floors get slippery and a spill or trip could have serious implications.

Personal Work Stations

For smaller personal work stations and even use at home, we have a wide variety of anti-fatigue runners and mats designed to provide comfort in smaller areas. Consider these mats for areas including factories, warehouses, shipping stations, home garages, and home offices.

Supreme Soft Foot mats are made with a double thick foam to provide extra soft cushioning for maximized comfort. These anti-fatigue mats are equipped with a long-wearing pebble embossed surface to help prevent slips and falls. The beveled edges make for a smooth and safe transition onto and off of the mats.

You should also consider our Cushion Comfort Fatigue Mat. This mat offers exceptional comfort, and the durable marbleized surface is bonded to a sponge base. The beveled edges are an excellent safety feature, and this mat is suitable for use in check stands, work stations, assembly lines, and even behind counters.

Our Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid tiles are another practical option for home use. These tiles are made from recycled materials and offer excellent ergonomic and antifatigue properties. The diamond shield tread design helps to maximize traction. A locking lug connection system ensures a tight fit between the tiles, making for a single, stable surface underfoot. Custom design options are even available so you can create a home gym, exercise room, or other space just as you've always envisioned it.

Specialty Areas

Does your workplace have areas that require specialized flooring, such as flooring that can dissipate static, or flooring that is resistant to particular chemicals? We have a variety of anti fatigue flooring that can also meet these requirements.

For industrial settings and computer rooms where you're working with electrostatically sensitive components, our Statfree B2 Roll provides valuable static dissipative properties. This anti static floor mat provides a reliable path to the ground, eliminating static charge generation. The dissipative top layer ensures that electricals will not drive for the life of the mat. The conductive bottom layer reduces the resistance to ground and allows the mats to be used with continuous monitors.

If you're working in a space where chemicals, oils, and acids are present, our Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting is a great choice. This matting is exceptionally hard wearing, yet offers proven anti-fatigue properties. You can cut the mat on site for a custom fit, and it even contours to uneven surfaces. These industrial safety mats are certified slip resistant and effectively drains liquids. They is also chemical, oil, and acid resistant, making them a versatile choice for many uses.

Commitment to Customers

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