Safety Gymnastic Mats Non-Fold 4x6 ft x 12 inch

Aerial Silk Crash Mat
soft crash mat
Aerial Silk Crash Mat for Aerial Arts
Safety Mat 4x6 ft x 12 inch 18 oz.
Aerial Silks Crash Mat Acrobatics
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  • Foam: 1.8 lb density x 50 ILD polyurethane
  • Cover: 18 oz vinyl coated polyester surface
  • Heavy duty number 10 YKK zipper
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  1. Foam: 1.8 lb density x 50 ILD polyurethane
  2. Cover: 18 oz vinyl coated polyester surface
  3. Heavy duty number 10 YKK zipper
  4. 2 inch polyester web handles on all sides
  5. Also available in a variety of bi-fold and single fold styles and sizes

Gymnastic Mats, Skill Development, Cushion Mats

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Safety Gymnastics Mats 4x6 ft x 12 inch 18 oz, Soft Landing Area

is just what your athletes needs to add that extra little support to training a new skill. Cushioned safety mats are an essential item for any gymnastics school or training area. Our safety gymnastics mats can be used in every aspect of your gym from preschool to your highest level. Customize the mats color to match your gym or teams colors.

Types of Mat Thicknesses

We offer safety gymnastic mats for gymnastics in a wide variety of sizes. Our great selection means we can provide you with a gymnastics crash mat that's the perfect size and thickness for your program.

Toddler Rooms: Our 4-inch gymnastics skill cushions mats are built for preschool and toddler rooms, where a little extra protection is needed. Young gymnasts won't be performing the extensive skills or dismounting from the heights that more advanced gymnasts will, so a thinner gymnastics crash mat works perfectly - and saves you money.
Tumbling Practice: Our 8-inch gymnastics cushion mats are the most common option for gymnastics and tumbling programs. These types of gymnastics crash mats provide great versatility, allowing them to work for numerous different events and skills training. The 8-inch thick crash mats are a nice option as a starter mat for a gymnastics school or for providing a practice mat for gymnastics or cheerleading work at home.

Thick Mats: If the students in your program are performing skills that require extra protection, try our 12-inch mats. These mats work great for learning skills where the gymnast needs a flat landing area that provides just a little bit of firmness to ensure a safe landing on two feet versus landing in a foam pit with numerous foam cubes where you'll have an uneven surface on which to land. (All of our 8- and 12-inch skill cushions are designed with breather mesh sides and double stitched top surfaces.)

Softy Mats: The softest crash mats we offer fit in our Softy Mat line, where we offer thicknesses of 16 inches and 18 inches. These mats are great for gymnastics skills where a soft landing is a must during the initial learning phase to greatly reduce the possibility of injury. Softy mats are a smart option for creating a soft landing area for dismounts from equipment too.

Continue reading to learn more about our specific options for gymnastics crash mats.

Skill Cushion Mats

Our skill cushion gymnastics crash mat options include large, thick mats that work well for general skills development and practice. These are simply good all-around mats that work with numerous different pieces of equipment around the gymnastics school.

Our safety gymnastic mats are offered in three thickness levels of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches. And these all-around skill cushion mats are available in dimensions of 4 by 6 feet, 4 by 8 feet, 5 by 10 feet and 6 by 12 feet.

When trying to decide the best thickness level to order, consider how you'll use the mats. The thinner mats tend to work better for learning tumbling skills, where you need a firmer surface to allow for running and tumbling. When performing skills where the student will be practicing landing or dismounting, a thicker cushion mat is a good idea.

These mats are important for not only helping students avoid significant injuries, but they also will prevent leg and joint fatigue for students, meaning they are able to practice for a longer period of time.

Safety gymnastic mats:
- Are versatile all-around mats that can serve multiple purposes in your program
- Are available in three different thickness levels, and four different dimensions
- Can help to prevent injuries, leg fatigue, and joint fatigue
- Mean that students can practice comfortably for longer periods of time

Single and Bi-Fold Safety Gymnastic Mats

Single fold safety gymnastic mats have one fold in the middle of the mat. We offer them in various sizes and thickness levels for gymnastics crash pads. Additionally, we offer bi-fold skill cushions with two folds in the mats.

These mats can be used completely flat, working similarly to the safety gymnastic mats listed above. Or you can fold these crash mats over onto themselves, allowing for a two-layer thickness. This gives you a greater thickness level but half the landing area in the mat. The ability to fold the mats and create a different thickness and size gives these mats a lot of versatility.

You can order either our single fold or bi-fold safety gymnastic mat pad options in thickness levels of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches. Available dimensions include 5 by 10 feet and 6 by 12 feet.

One advantage of selecting a single fold or bi-fold mat is that you can fold up these crash mats to make them easier to transport. Certainly, you can drag larger mats across the gym to reach the new location, but if you want to carry your cushioned mats to a different building or to place the mats in a vehicle, having a fold-up mat will make it much easier to carry.

Another reason to use a foldable mat is to give beginner students a mat they can use as a beginner vault apparatus before they migrate to the trampoline area of the vault.

Single and bi-fold safety gymnastic mats:
- Fold up for easy storage while taking up minimal space
- Are available in three different thicknesses and two different dimensions
- Are easy to carry and transport
- Can be folded up to use as a beginner vault apparatus

Softy Mats

Do you have students in need of a softer landing? Our custom-made formulated polyurethane foam gives a perfect pillow soft landing. We'll add our custom system for attaching multiple mats at no extra charge when you order more than one softy mat.

We have our premium 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester available in black, gray, green, red and royal blue. Choose any mesh color. The mesh on the sides of the softy mat allow air to escape as the student lands on the gymnastics crash pad. Pad sizes include 16 inches thick by 6 feet by 8 feet or 18 inches thick by 7 feet by 14 feet.

The vinyl on these crash mats is easy to clean with a simple combination of soap and water.

Our softy gymnastics crash mats are perfect for placing at the end of a tumble track. If your tumble track doesn't have a foam pit at the end of the track, using a softy mat will give your gymnastics students a large, soft landing spot that also has some firmness to it to provide a safe landing.

In fact, the flat surface on our softy mat can be safer for gymnasts who are practicing two-foot landings versus the uneven surface often found in a foam landing pit that contains randomly placed foam blocks.

You also can use the soft gymnastics crash pad as a landing pad when working with the vault equipment or when practicing dismounts from the balance beam or the rings. Essentially, our soft gymnastics crash mats work well in any gymnastics discipline where the athlete has to make a dismount or a landing from a height.

Softy mats:
- Provide students with a perfect pillow-soft landing for maximized safety and comfort
- Are available in two thicknesses and two different sizes
- Are easy to clean, so they continue to look great
- Can help train gymnasts how to perform two-foot landings, whereas foam landing pits create an uneven surface
- Can be used as a gymnastics crash mat with vault equipment, the balance beam, or the rings

Fluffy Mats

Our fluffy mats are denim covered and perfect for skilled athletic work that requires repeated landing on the back or stomach. These mats are used most often around vaults and bars equipment for timers and releases.

Athletes receive the top performance levels out of the soft foam and cover, as it takes away the sting from a hard landing on a traditional cushion mat. Fluffy mats are easier to move around the gym, versus trying to use a modular pit.

The tough and durable high density foam in our fluffy mats give the mat a long lasting lifespan in any active gym. Sizes available include 12 inches thick by 60 inches by 80 inches.

Fluffy mats often are used as gymnastics crash pad options in pits. You can use the fluffy gymnastics crash mats as a top pad over a loose foam pit to give a landing spot with a flat surface, rather than having the students land on an uneven surface with loose foam squares. In addition, the low density foam in these crash mats allows them to work well as a top mat in a stack of mats.

Some gymnastics schools will make use of the fluffy mat style of gymnastics crash pad on a trampoline as a throw mat.

Finally, if your gym makes use of air mattresses, the fluffy mat is a great option to place on top of the air mattress to provide a proper landing spot.

These gymnastics crash pad fluffy mats offer the ability to provide a soft landing spot for other types of activities too. Fluffy mats can double as martial arts crash pads, thanks to the excellent comfort and shock absorption that they provide.

Fluffy mats:
- Offer a safe and comfortable landing, making them perfect for athletic work that requires repeated landing on the back or stomach
- Can be moved around the gym more easily than a modular pit
- Are tough and durable, offering a long lifespan
- Can be used as a top pad over a loose foam pit, on top of an air mattress, or on a trampoline or throw mat

Cheerleading: Cheerleaders practicing tumbling or stunting may want to have our fluffy mats available to provide a safe landing while they are learning their skills.

Martial Arts: As students begin to learn throws, a fluffy mat will take the sting out of landings and offer additional protection. Martial arts crash pads are an important part of keeping students safe, both during skills development and as more advanced students train.

Self-Defense Classes: For students practicing self-defense moves, a soft landing space is a must-have. Our crash mats for gymnastics and martial arts crash pads provide just the right area to keep students safe.

Special Needs Children: For special needs children participating in an exercise class, the safety gymnastics mats fluffy mats provide a soft landing area should they stumble. Children also love rolling around on these really soft mats, all while remaining safe.

Specifications for Mats

The vinyl used in each product is 6P compliant for phthalates and is lead free, which meets California state law Proposition 65 requirements. Because these mats do not offer waterproof or UV stable capabilities, outdoor use is not recommended.

Prices for all of our safety gymnastics mats are listed below.


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SKU# 4x6ftx12inch-18oz
In Stock Yes
Product Type Mat
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Product Edging Straight
Width 4.00 feet
Length 6.00 feet
SF per Item 24.00
Weight 55.00 lbs
Packaging Bags
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent No
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth Flat
Surface Design Solid Color
Installation Method Layout Flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Floor Score No
Green Label No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Limited

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