StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

StayLock Perforated Tile Black sale.
StayLock Perforated Tiles showing fall height seal.
flexible outdoor tiles over uneven ground under swingset
StayLock Perforated Tiles Black patio chair
outdoor rooftop patio using staylock interlocking tiles black and gray
Perforated Deck Tiles Black flexible tile.
StayLock Perforated Gray deck tiles.
StayLock Perforated Black outdoor tiles installed over existing wood deck
Staylock tile perforated black infographic.
installing staylock outdoor tiles over dirt in ball play area
outdoor flooring tiles over grass used for play area
StayLock Perforated Black outdoor tiles over dirt black border play area
backyard playground using staylock outdoor tiles over grass
StayLock Perforated Black showing bottom of tile.
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Handling Time Estimate: 1-3 Working Days
  • Rubber roof membrane safe for home installations
  • Playground surface ASTM fall height rated to 20 inches
  • Affordable fast DIY outdoor deck and patio tile
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  • Black

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Outdoor Deck Tiles, Pool Surrounds, Rooftop Flooring, Outdoor Play Areas, Shower Flooring, Spa Areas

Comfortable Black Outdoor Deck Tiles

The Staylock Perforated Tile can be installed on hard surfaces like an existing deck or patio, as well as on dirt or grass. You may also use them on flat rooftops, as these are safe for rubber roofing membranes. Since these flexible tiles have a 20-inch fall rating, they are a popular choice for daycare playgrounds. 

Additionally, it is highly versatile and suitable for many other uses. It offers both traction and comfort in wetness, such as rooftop decks, patios, spas, pools, shower rooms, or greenhouses.

Our outdoor tiles consist of flexible PVC plastic, which combines the best qualities of rubber and foam. The raised base allows air and moisture to circulate freely beneath and promotes faster drying. It is comfortable against bare feet. And it is durable enough to support tables and lawn chairs with feet larger than 1.5 inches in diameter. 

Optional borders and corners are available.

Waterproof Pool Decking

StayLock perforated tiles will not separate over time and are an excellent choice for pool surrounds, hot tubs, and spas, which are areas that commonly are wet. Equipped with many holes, this perforated decking dissipates water quick and easy.

These tiles are durable and offer increased traction to help prevent falls.

Easy to Install Outdoor Black Deck Tiles

The StayLock tiles have an active locking connector design that ensures a long-lasting and durable floor. Heavy tables and chairs are not recommended to be permanently placed on top of these.

When trying to install them atop slightly uneven surfaces, our customers have success. The plastic decking will conform to match the contours. Rubberized mats also have this ability.

Line up the next and press the nubs on the edge down onto the loops of the first one until they snap together. Repeat the process, building it outward into the room, keeping the loops outward. 

How Many Borders Are Needed?

For Island installations: Where the layout will have all four sides exposed to the room. In this case, the number of borders needed will be the length + width of the layout for each border type, and 4 corner pieces. Use half male and half female borders in this instance. Example 10x12 ft layout, 10+12 = 22 male borders, and 22 female borders, and 4 corners.

For Corner Installations: Where the layout will be pushed into one corner and will have 2 sides exposed to the room. In this case, the number of borders needed will be the length + width of the layout and one corner piece. Use all male borders in this instance. Example 10x12 ft layout, 10+12 = 22 borders, all male, and one corner.

For Inside corners, two border ramps will have to be manually cut at diagonal to fit. Use a sharp utility knife to cut this product or a table saw.


Product dimensions may vary by product lot. Color variation may be present with this product, even within the same dye lot. Tile expansion can arise when used in these environments: high altitude locations and high sun exposure when installed on hard surfaces like concrete. Remove tree leaves promptly to prevent potential staining of the tiles by sweeping leaves off the tiles. Do not power wash or use harsh chemicals.


Recommended cleaning: Use vinegar and baking soda and hot water to clean the family of Staylock floor tiles. Do not use any cleaning solutions that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. Do not power wash.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and/or Phthalates, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type PVC Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 9/16 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.34 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 26
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 75
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Perforated
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Super product. Very convenient. Easy to install by DYI. Affordable. It perfectly fits my renovated outdoor patio of EPDM cover. I am very happy with the product & the customer support service.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Our existing deck had serious problems.
To enter the study space on the second floor, the Clinic staff people had to climb up the outside concrete stairs from the Clinic, and then walk across a modified bitumen roof to the door.
We paid dearly to have a wooden “platform” type “deck” built on the modified bit roof. It was terrible. The platform was taller than the top stair, and also taller than the threshold of the entrance door to the study. We were still stepping onto the bare roof at the top of the stairs, and then stepping down onto the bare roof close to the entrance door to the study. Everyone on the Clinic staff wanted to simply walk across a flat smooth surface to their door.

“StayLock” perforated roof tiles have greatly improved happiness and safety of the Clinic study. The physicians and the nurses no longer trip over the edge of the wood deck. They don’t need to step over the snow-and-ice puddle in front of their door.

We have covered the ugly black roof without repeating the failure of the previous design:
The StayLock deck covering is thin enough to be built all the way to the door, and all the way to the top of the stairs. It is no thicker than a thickly padded rug.
The tiles are easily removable, in case roof repairs are needed.
The StayLock tiles are flexible enough to “relax” down onto the underlying modified bitumen roof, which is definitely not smooth and flat.
We are shovel snow and apply salt.

Our new StayLock tiles are thin, removable, flexible, durable, and beautiful. Our deck is now a place to have lunch with a friend.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

I used Greatmats on an outside GaGa Put and they worked very well. Great product.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Perfect solution to incorporate a mulch-free zone for our toddlers on the playground. Tiles are flexible and stay put when locked together. Installation was quick and easy. We added the border edge for a finished look and smooth the transition.


Product Questions:

Q: What is the best tool for cutting tiles?
A: To cut the tiles, use a sharp utility knife. Visit our blog about installing these tiles.
Q: Can this product be used on a TPO roof?
A: Yes, this flooring tile is safe for installation on a rubber TPO roofing membrane.
Q: Would this product be appropriate for a basement laundry area?
A: Sure, this would be a great option for indoor basement floors; perhaps consider the solid surface version.
Q: Can the tiles be taken apart if a mistake is made during installation?
A: Depending on the size of the installation. For rooftops, portions of the tiles may need to be glued down, depending on the available perimeter constraints for the installation. We recommend a collar be a part of the installation to hold the tiles in place over time. The installation instructions are recommended for review. For smaller jobs under 400 SF, the tiles can be free dry laid.
Q: The weight loading on the posted Specifications Data Sheet references 'patio furniture,' which can be both very light or very heavy. Can you quote a specific weight? Can these tiles support grills and relatively heavy planters?
A: Planters are fine, and grills are also ok in most cases, because if the weight is dispersed over a few inches of pad, then it will not crush the tiles in a small area.
Q: Can these be used over concrete steps?
A: I think it would be best to use a 1/2 inch thick outdoor rated rubber tile material for steps. With a glue down installation.
Q: Can these tiles be laid over grass and dirt?
A: This tile can be installed over almost any outdoor surface, including grass and dirt. Make the surface as smooth as possible first, and cut the grass short. Review our blog about installing patio tile over grass and dirt.
Q: Does the StayLock tile get hot in the sun on bare feet?
A: We have tested the tiles ourselves with a hand-touch test method, and we do not find that the tiles get any hotter than concrete; however, we did have one customer that said otherwise.
Q: Could these be used as outdoor basketball courts?
A: They are a little soft for basketball, so I would recommend our Patio Outdoor Tile when installed over a hard, flat surface.
Q: Is this product suitable for use in a basement that gets occasional water leaks? And can it support a washer/dryer or exercise equipment?
A: This tile can be installed in a basement, and it's not been tested under equipment.
Q: It says it’s not suitable for heavy objects on top of the tiles, but there is a photo of a wooden playset on top of the tiles, so I’m confused. Can a playset be placed on top of the tiles? This is the exact purpose for which I wanted to use them.
A: These tiles are made of flexible PVC plastic. We recommend cutting the tiles to fit around play equipment.
Q: Can you use this on a garage floor?
A: These tiles are made from soft PVC plastic. They are not designed for vehicle use. We do have perforated garage tiles.
Q: Can this product be used over gravel for a wheelchair path?
A: These tiles can be used over gravel. However, we suggest a harder tile for wheelchair use.
Q: Can this product be used over an EPDM roofing surface?
A: Absolutely. They have a rounded foot system that is safe on EPDM roof surfaces.
Q: What should I expect in a heavily wooded lot regarding cleaning leaves and pine needles in the grids? Sweep off? Hose off? Remove and shake off?
A: Debris can fall through the perforations. To clean it out, lift the tiles to sweep or use a leaf blower. You can hose them off as well.
Q: Can it be used on an outdoor surface in the winter if there is a lot of snowfall in my area? Would I be able to run a heated cable under the product to help melt the snow without damaging it?
A: These tiles can be used outdoors in all climates and left outside in the winter. Heat will cause them to expand.
Q: We have a flat roof terrace that recently got a new membrane put on. It has slight ridges where the pieces connect and where they are tarred together; is this product recommended to create a more even surface? Or is there a different tile you suggest? Also, are these tiles stackable if we wanted to get them higher off the floor?
A: The tiles are not tested as stackable, so we don't know. The tiles will follow the surface underneath in terms of flatness.
Q: Would this work over a flat asphalt roof? Should I use an underlayment? And are the tiles substantial enough to have a patio table and chairs on them?
A: The StayLock tiles have only been tested over rubber membranes, not asphalt. Light patio furniture only. No heavy tables and chairs. No underlayment.
Q: Can you place astroturf over these tiles on a flat roof?
A: Yes, astroturf can be used over these tiles. Please reach out to a member of our sales team for more information regarding this.
Q: Can these be used on the ground to withstand parking cars on it?
A: These are not designed for use under vehicles. For that, you'll want to consider either our portable outdoor tiles or one of our ground protection mats.
Q: Does the StayLock get very hot in the summer, and can we use it for a school gym outside?
A: PVC material will heat up in direct sunlight. The raised and perforated design of these tiles will reduce the amount of heat they retain. By installing the tiles in a shaded area, choosing a lighter color, and/or spraying them down with water, you can further control the temperature of the flooring.
Q: I work at an elementary school, and we are looking for something to use as flooring in our Gaga Ball pit. Is it possible to get a sample piece of this product? I want to make sure it will be soft enough.
A: Yes. This is a popular flooring for Gaga Ball pits. Please contact us at 877-822-6622 for a free sample request.
Q: Does StayLock come in any other color than black?
A: Yes, the StayLock Tile Perforated Colors are also available in blue, green, gray, terra cotta, and tan.
Q: Can these tiles be used on trexx decking to prevent falls from water?
A: Yes, these could be installed over trexx decking.