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Interlocking Jiu Jitsu Mats - Brad Bomans Greatmats Story

Date Published: 10-13 - 2021

Longtime boxer and martial artist Brad Boman equipped the upstairs of his home with Greatmats interlocking jiu jitsu mats so he and his son had a place to train in jiu jitsu, wrestling, freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling and boxing. The decided on these mats because the local dojo where they train use the exact same ones and they love them.
The EVA foam puzzle mats provide just enough bounce and support while maintaining stability when moving their feet and also cushion them when they fall.
Boman says he can't think of a better product and they're cut perfectly. He likes that they have the option of having a straight edge or a zigzag pattern if they remove the border strips.
The mats don't move, and after having multiple kids and himself using the mats for jiu jitsu, boxing and wrestling for a month, there's not a mark on the mats.
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