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EVA and PE Interlocking Floor Mats

When seeking highly versatile flooring that’s easy to install, foam puzzle mats from Greatmats are a popular choice.

These mats work well for athletic workouts, martial arts facilities, kids play rooms, and dog training facilities. Foam is cheap to install, so this style of floor will fit into almost any budget.

The foam delivers just the right level of cushioning to protect athletes, kids, dogs, and anyone else that needs forgiving flooring.

Size and Shape Options

Foam puzzle mats will have a squarish shape in each piece. The individual tiles are not perfectly square, as they contain jigsaw puzzle edges rather than flat edges, but they are primarily square in shape.

Making use of square tiles is especially helpful when trying to calculate the number of tiles required to complete the layout of the desired space.

These tiles are available in a couple of different sizes, all of which work well to cover a large space in a short amount of time.

The 2x2-foot size is easy to handle for installers, while the 1x1-meter size (about 3.3x3.3 feet) allows you to cover the space quickly.

Material Options

The material found in our foam puzzle mat products is EVA foam, short for ethylene vinyl acetate foam. This is a closed-cell type of foam, meaning it will not absorb liquids, making it ideal in areas where people may sweat during exercise sessions or where kids may spill drinks while playing.

EVA foam has a nice level of cushioning, guarding against kids falling while playing or protecting athletes who fall to the floor during martial arts practice.

At the same time, EVA is a dense and durable type of foam, meaning athletes will not sink into the material while standing or jumping on it. It can even withstand the weight of some exercise equipment when you are using it to create a home gym.

Pattern and Texture Options

With these foam puzzle mat options, the EVA material provides a little bit of grip for the shoes of athletes, giving them the ability to make sudden movements needed for workouts. We offer some products that contain a pebble-textured surface that enhances the level of traction the mats provide.

Mats made for martial arts workouts often have a thatch texture, which enhances their durability against athletes wearing boots or shoes.

Another texture option for a martial arts foam puzzle mat is a tatami texture, which allows athletes to slide across the surface without suffering skin burns.

In terms of colors, the majority of our interlocking tile mats are going to offer a solid color on each piece. Multiple color options are available for sale, so you can create fun, bright-colored flooring in a child’s room.

Some of these tiles will have different colors on each side of the tile, allowing you to reverse them to change the color of the floor layout.

There are even models that contain a printed layer over the top of the foam that resembles a wood grain floor.

Common Use Options

Make use of a foam puzzle mat design in any area of the home where you want to provide cushioning against potential falls. Play rooms for children represent a common use case for these mats. Homeowners may install these mats in a basement, creating a level of cushioning over a concrete floor.

Martial arts studios will use these mats to provide cushioning for their athletes. EVA foam is an ideal material for martial arts flooring, as it also provides a sure footing to allow athletes to make quick movements.

Our foam puzzle mat models are available in varying thicknesses. Thicker mats will deliver a greater level of cushioning, which may be better for martial arts workouts where groundwork and throws will be occurring. Thickness measurements are available between 1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inches.

Installation Options

Installation is an extremely easy process with these tiles, meaning homeowners or business owners can do the work themselves without having to hire a professional.

The edges of these tiles look like a jigsaw puzzle, making it easy to interlock the edge of one tile with the edge of the adjacent tile.

There is no need to add glue to the puzzle edges to secure the layout. By not using glue on the edges, installers can disassemble the flooring after using it and return to the original subfloor.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

EVA foam is easy to clean, simplifying the process of keeping a workout space or a martial arts studio free from bacteria and odors.

To remove dust and dry debris, just use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Use a neutral pH cleaner and warm water to mop these tiles to remove stubborn stains or sanitize them. Then allow the tiles to air dry.

When used with dog training facilities or dog agility layouts, the dog’s nails may puncture the surface of the tiles. This only affects the aesthetics of the tile and does not affect its integrity or strength.