The Best 1 inch Puzzle Mats for Karate

Best 1in Karate Puzzle Mats Demos, Dojos & Tournaments

Greatmats is a leading importer of quality martial arts puzzle mats, with thousands of units in stock in many colors available for next-day shipments. Since the turn of the century, we have supplied professional quality martial arts floors to dojos across the USA and Canada. Our list of loyal and repeat customers speaks volumes about our quality martial arts mats.

We carry professional-caliber karate martial arts mats for both home and commercial use.

For larger, commercial installations, we recommend our 1x1 meter mats. Larger mats create fewer seams in your floor. However, for smaller areas, you may find that you need to waste more material with the larger mats to fit them in a wall-to-wall installation. Our 1 inch thick puzzle mats are the best interlocking karate mats on the market. Check them out for yourself.

Convenient 2x2 sized tiles are great for residential use as they can be shipped via ground delivery. The same high quality, high density EVA foam is used in this smaller version of our mats.
2x2 reversible puzzle mats tend to be more efficient for smaller areas. Both residential and commercial options are available in various thicknesses.

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