If you’re looking for floor tiles that are easy to install, then puzzle mats are an ideal choice. These mats feature edges that interlock like a jigsaw puzzle, making for an incredibly easy installation. Puzzle mats have many benefits, and they’re available in a variety of materials suitable for countless applications.

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Puzzle Mat Materials

Puzzle mats are made of many different materials, giving them different properties:


Foam puzzle mats are the most common type, and that’s also where you’ll see the most variety. Foam mats can be very economical, while mats made up of multiple types of specialty foams are suitable for use with martial arts and bring higher prices.

Products like the Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch tiles are also made of foam, but they’re designed for more specialized use. Made of a high density closed cell foam, these mats are firm enough to support standing maneuvers, while also being forgiving enough for takedowns and more. They’re waterproof and feature a no skin-burn tatami surface that’s ideal for martial arts.


Rubber puzzle mats offer greater durability when compared to foam, and they’re suitable for gyms, and other high-traffic applications. Interlocking rubber tiles are available in a variety of thicknesses, and they’re often suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The tiles are more manageable than large rubber rolls, which can have significant weight. Interlocking rubber mats are even used for livestock applications, including in horse stalls.

You'll find that generally interlocking rubber tiles will have a puzzle style interlock at 3/4 inch thick or thinner. At greater thicknesses, they'll usually have a different form of interlock.

Thick Interlocking Rubber tiles often have ASTM fall height ratings, meaning they help to reduce the risk of serious injury after a fall from a certain height or below. This makes them a good surface for areas such as playgrounds. Different thicknesses can affect a rubber tile’s ASTM rating and overall durability.


PVC puzzle mats also come in many different designs, suitable for a variety of uses. You’ll find traditional-looking tiles for indoor use, but you’ll also have your choice of many innovative tile designs for outdoor use.

Many PVC tiles feature a raised base and a perforated surface, allowing water and air to freely circulate beneath the tile for faster drying. This has the benefit of helping to prevent mold and mildew growth. These interlocking tiles do not generally use a puzzle style interlock.

Our Warehouse Floor Coin PVC demonstrate many of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a PVC puzzle mat. These tiles resist oil, gas, and most solvents and caustics, and they’re made of 100% recycled PVC material. They’re highly durable and aren’t affected by heat, cold, or humidity. They even help to slow bacterial growth, and they resist mold and mildew. Available in a coin top or smooth surface, the tiles feature an interlocking design for an easy installation. They’re suitable for garage floors, show floors, and more.

Puzzle Mat Uses

Many puzzle mats are highly versatile, and you’ll find many uses for these mats, including:
  1. Home and professional gym exercise flooring
  2. Safe floor options for kids’ play spaces
  3. Tile and patio flooring
  4. Martial arts studio and competition flooring
  5. Horse and livestock flooring
  6. Basement flooring
  7. Showroom flooring
  8. And more

Installing Puzzle Mats

If you’re looking for flooring that’s easy to install, you can’t beat puzzle mats. They’re the best option for a DIY installation, and most of these mats can be disconnected so you can move or store them in the future.

Puzzle mats interlock together just like puzzle pieces, so connecting two mats together takes just seconds. Many of our mats come with edge pieces, allowing you to perform an island installation with finished edges, or creating a flat edge that you can place against a wall.

Puzzle mats typically don’t require any adhesive, so you can perform a temporary installation.

Rather than carrying large, bulky rolls of flooring, puzzle mats are easy to carry and a single person can usually perform an entire installation. They also offer a distinct advantage over flooring rolls, because you can replace a single tile. If one tile is worn or damaged, you can replace that one tile, rather than having to replace the entire floor. This can save you money and time while also ensuring your flooring continues to look its best.

Puzzle Mat Buyers Guide
Greatmats offers plenty of puzzle mat options, so you’re sure to find the right product for your kids’ room, basement, exercise room, and more. Our buying guide provides all of the essential information you need, including product reviews and recommendations. If you need additional help, our Greatmats customer service team is here and ready to answer your questions. Contact us today for shipping quotes, additional product information, and more.