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Pro quality commercial vinyl flooring, Sheet vinyl for schools and retail

Creating an inviting environment in a school or retail space can be as simple as adding the correct style of commercial vinyl flooring from Greatmats. Select from a variety of designs of floorings and from numerous formats, yielding the perfect selection for whatever kind of use case is planned.

Industrial Vinyl Flooring Rolls

One of the biggest advantages of this material is the ease with which customers can maintain it. It does not require constant effort to keep it in like-new condition.

It is extremely tough, so it can withstand harsh environments nicely. Whether it is placed in business environments where hundreds of people are walking across it in the entryway every day, or it is subjected to spills or soils that people track into the building from outdoors, it will hold up nicely.

Sometimes, the harsh space is indoors, such as in higher end kitchens. Many of the options in our catalog are suitable as commercial grade vinyl flooring for restaurants, delivering an excellent value that’s easily cleanable.

By making use of rolls, the overall cost of the commercial vinyl flooring is lower per sq foot than many other styles, yet it can carry an appearance that resembles those far more expensive selections. We carry products that will resemble hardwoods at a fraction of the costs of those specialty materials.

In addition, a customer will save on the cost of the install with our vinyls versus what they’ll pay when having a hardwood laid out by a professional. Many of our models are ideally installed through a DIY project with just a few people required to make the job go fast.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tile

Another low priced selection that is found at Greatmats and that serves perfectly as a DIY job with little to no experience required involves a peel and stick vinyl tile.

With this type of commercial vinyl flooring, a customer will be able to do the work alone if desired, as the individual tiles weigh far less than a full bolt roll.

Some of our peel and stick vinyl flooring has a top surface that resembles a high quality hardwood, including the look of a vintage farmhouse wooden floor. Others will resemble ceramic tiles, featuring a number of different patterns and colors.

No matter how difficult the environment our products will encounter, they will be ready for the challenge, standing up to anything and everything thrown at them.

Dancing Layouts

Hotels, TV studios, and schools may host dances or dancing competitions on occasion, and we have the models required to deliver excellent results for these particular usage cases. No matter what kinds of shoes the dancers will be wearing, we have the perfect surface to resist wearing down of the upper layers, while giving dancers the traction they need for a safe and fun evening.

Certain types of marley deliver the surfaces that dancers need for the optimum performance, and we are ready to deliver them to our customers. With commercial vinyl flooring planks, dancing floorings will be a great investment for the business, creating a layout that is sure to be used hundreds of times successfully.

Marley is a popular choice among our customers, including studios, as numerous types of dances can be performed on it safely and successfully. This enhances the value the marley offers, as studios do not have to switch out floorings each time a new type of class begins.

In a permanent layout, gluing it down is the ideal installation plan. For those seeking a temporary install, tape will work nicely.

Some of these are made for theater performances, as they have different colors on either side, creating a reversible design that’s perfect in areas where a no-glare model is the preferred selection. Others have a high gloss finish, which is ideal for a runway at an event.

Other Usage Options

Pop together tilings are available too, simplifying the installation process. These may have a puzzle style edge, allowing slots and tabs to fit together just like a jigsaw puzzles. Other choices include hidden loops and tabs, which also join together quickly but that leave a perfectly flat edge, as the connectors are not visible.

Some of these work to cover gymnasiums in schools or churches, lengthening the lifespan and reducing the number of times the basketball surface must be resurfaced.

We also have rolls that have textured surfaces, which is ideal for use in entryways where visitors may have moisture on their shoes, ensuring they will not slip.

FAQ Commercial Vinyl Flooring Q&A

What is commercial vinyl flooring?
This is a highly durable material that combines both natural and synthetic ingredients. A variety of buildings with high traffic from visitors can make use of commercial sheet vinyl flooring, such as an office, a school, a medical facility, or a church. Innovations in the appearance of the commercial vinyl flooring tiles continue to improve, which means style is becoming a bigger part of this portion of the market.

What is the most durable commercial flooring?
Whenever foot traffic is heavy in a certain commercial environment, durability is a significant consideration. Vinyls are an outstanding choice for this particular use case, including luxury vinyl plank flooring. Seek out a commercial vinyl sheet flooring with a significant wear layer to encourage a product that will last over time.

What thickness makes up the best commercial vinyl flooring sheets?
Look for a commercial vinyl flooring roll that is almost 1 inch (or 25 mm) thick when you want the highest quality commercial sheet flooring options. These carry commercial vinyl flooring prices that are higher than average, however. For a cheaper and thinner model that is easier to install, try to select a unit that’s around 0.5 inches (or 13 mm) or thinner.

What is the difference between LVT and VCT?
LVT is short for luxury vinyl tile, and it consists of wear layers along with a hard base layer, giving it excellent durability. A VCT also consist of vinyls, but it is an older type of design that’s porous, so it’s not quite as long lasting.

Which is better, vinyl composition or linoleum?
It depends on the planned use cases. Composition is less expensive and does not last as long as linoleums, but it provides protection against potential water damage, and it will look great.