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Outdoor Deck Flooring thumbnail
Outdoor Flooring Options and Services For Over Grass, Decks and More
Get the most out of your outdoor spaces with Greatmats extensive selection of outdoor flooring options.
Unity School District Steve Strilzuk thumbnail
Safety Pool Decking - Unity School District
Discover how the switch from tile to Life Floor Pool Decking has eased concerns and made the Unity School District Swimming Pool a safer place to swim.
Ergo Matta Solid CushionTred Tiles Stack  thumbnail
Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid Tiles Product Features
Ergo Matta CushionTred Soild Tiles provide many benefits to your home gyms, playrooms and more.
Deck Around Pool thumbnail
Greatmats Swimming Pool Decks Options and Service Video
Gym Rubber Floor will help you pick out the perfect swimming pool decking solution at the best price available. View our rubber pavers &amp; plastic, foam, turf &amp; wood tiles.
equine flooring systems thumbnail
The Best Equine Flooring System Options
Equine flooring systems come in many forms here are the top 5 options to make the most of your barn, stable or trailer floor space.
What do you put under horse stall mats? thumbnail
What Do You Put Under A Horse Stall Mat?
So what do you put under the stall mat to make it a suitable surface? You may need to alter the surface to make it suitable.
Greatmats Rooftop Tiles Options and Services Video
Make the most of your rooftop space with Greatmats Rooftop Tiles. We'll help you sort through the options to find the best ones for you.
Rubber Equine Wash Stall Mats thumbnail
Wash Stall Mats for Horses Video with Kelly (Murphy-Alley) Curry
Equine Wash Stall Mats from Greatmats have been a welcome addition to Kelly (Murphy-Alleys) Curry's Horse Wash Bay at Striking KMA Performance Horses.
Smooth MMA mat softness thumbnail
Pro MMA Mats Smooth Features and Benefits Video
Greatmats introduces its latest Martial Arts Mat designed for throwing and grappling arts. The Pro MMA Mat with a Smooth Surface.
floor mats for home and entrances thumbnail
What Size Floor Mats Are Most Popular For Home Entrances?
Greatmats identifies a number of floor mats that are perfect sizes for home entrances like 2x3 or 5x8 or larger.
What Are The Top 5 Horse Stall Mats On A Budget?
Discover the top five horse stall mats offer the most benefits for the lowest price. Look at our rubber and foam selections here. Click to read more.
TruStall Mat thumbnail
Horse Stall Mat Styles and Sizes - Why Do They Matter?
Horse barn stall flooring comes in many forms. How do you which stall mats are right for your barn?
best deck flooring tiles over gravel thumbnail
How Do You Install Deck Tiles Over Gravel?
Deck tiles over gravel can be found at
Playground Flooring Installation over Grass thumbnail
How to Install StayLock Playground Flooring Tiles
How do you install rubber playground flooring over dirt or grass, with interlocking rubber tiles? We provide step-by-step installation instructions here.
Where Do I Find Acid Resistant Floor Tiles?
Greatmats discusses where you can find acid resistant floor tiles for industrial settings or other workplace settings.
Turf Athletic Padded Interlocking Tiles - Features and Benefits Video
Padded artificial turf for athletic installations such as soccer football and track and field.
Playground Slide Mat thumbnail
Playground Mats vs. Playground Tiles
What makes playground mats and tiles two of the most respected and reliable playground surfaces?
Beige GreatDeck Plastic Tile Installation thumbnail
GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tiles Features and Benefits Video
The GreatDeck PVC Deck Tiles are perfect for wet outdoor areas - including uneven surfaces. View our video here to learn more about the features &amp; benefits.
How to install pavers over grass thumbnail
How to Install Pavers Over Grass
Greatmats discusses how to install pavers over grass to create a backyard patio, playground, or walkways.
best logo mats for entrances thumbnail
What Are The Best Logo Mats?
Greatmats discusses a number of products that are the best logo mats including rubber or carpet mats and wall padding.
House of Dog Training Dog Agility Mats thumbnail
Foam Dog Training Floor - House of Dog Training - Colorado Springs, CO
Learn how this dog daycare and training facility takes advantage of Greatmats Dog Agility Mats for comfort and ease of cleaning.
Staylock Bump Top Tiles - Lifting thumbnail
Staylock Tiles with Bump Top for Home Gyms and Anti-fatigue Matting
Staylock Tiles with a Bump Top are great for installing a home gym floor over carpet. They also provide cushioning and fatigue relief over concrete.
wood look flooring is faux wood in family roo thumbnail
What Is Fake Flooring?
When we talk about fake flooring, we’re really discussing flooring that mimics another type of flooring, it is not actually fake.
Cushioned Wood Tiles for Basement Bedroom Flooring thumbnail
What are the Best Basement Flooring Ideas for a Bedroom?
Basement bedrooms need a special kind of flooring. Here are the best options/ideas to provide insulation, cushion or drainage for their unique challenges.