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Happy Hive Indoor Play Uses Greatmats Foam Mats for Indoor Playground

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2024

When Erica and Ben Morris, owners of Happy Hive Indoor Play in Luck, Wisconsin, needed flooring for their new business, they found an ideal solution at Greatmats.

“We offer adult-supervised play for children 0-12 years old,” explains Erica, of the business which opened in March 2024. The business offers holistic play features, including space that gives kids the opportunity to socialize with other children through pretend play. “We have gross motor structures, some sensory items, and a STEM wall where kids can practice their engineering.”

Such a space required safe flooring that was also durable and easy to install. It also had to be aesthetically pleasing. The Morrises found plenty of options at Greatmats.

“We chose Greatmats because we had some personal ties to the company, but also because we really wanted to support local,” explains Erica. “That’s what being a small business is all about. We were very satisfied to be able to walk in the door, talk to somebody, and touch and feel the product before we made our purchase.”

rubber flooring rolls for indoor play
Greatmats’ website also helped the Morrises choose the right product for their needs. “When I built the tunnel and platforms, I was trying to decide what I would cover them in, so [by] going to Greatmats’ website it was really easy to navigate, and I came across rubber rolls which ended up being the perfect product for this allocation,” say the Morrises.

The Morrises chose the Foam Kids and Gym Mats Premium for their indoor playroom flooring. The tiles were available in the color that the Morrises wanted for their facility, and the ease of installation was another bonus. “Our daughters actually helped us to install it - they’re six and three - so that was a really fun moment for them to be able to help get the space ready for customers,” says Erica. Additionally, the tiles are very easy to clean, another bonus in settings used by children.

Safety is paramount for the Morrises, so when choosing indoor playground flooring, the foam flooring was particularly appealing. Additionally, they’ve carefully engineered the indoor play space to maximize safety for kids. “We do keep safety in high regard, so we chose pieces that are geared toward the age group we have and we followed all manufacturer recommendations,” says Erica. “In some cases we kind of over-engineered and took additional safety precautions. We added some features to the climbing structure after a customer pointed out some children might be uncomfortable climbing the ladder.”

Additionally, the Morrises invested in folding gym mats for extra fall protection in case a child were to fall from the climbing wall.

How Indoor Playground Flooring Helps Happy Hive Indoor Play Stand Out

indoor playground flooring

By carefully choosing their foam flooring, the Morrises have created an indoor play space that is not only safe, but that’s aesthetically appealing, too. Since these foam mats are available in so many colors, the Morrises could choose a shade that complements their overall style and the colors of other equipment.

Investing in additional products, like folding gym mats, enhances the safety of the indoor playground flooring and demonstrates the facility’s dedication to safety.

The result? An innovative business that’s bringing a much-needed service to the community, and that stands out, too. “We’re the first indoor play space in the area,” says Erica. “We are offering this to a lot of the rural communities so families don’t feel like they have to drive an hour and a half to go to a space. Part of that is we are smaller, so I think parents coming in don’t feel like they have to worry about losing track of their child because we are smaller and not overly busy at this point,” she explains.

The Morrises have also carefully designed the facility to offer features that are valuable to the community. They have created a private room that families can rent out for birthday parties or gatherings. “We also offer the ability to rent the entire facility for families who are larger than 25 or 30 people,” Erica says. Happy Hive Indoor Play is one of the few businesses in the area that is focused on kids and celebrating their life milestones.

Most importantly, the business satisfies a need that many families have. “We feel that indoor play is important for kids,” says Erica. As a result, the business provides a natural place where children can come and interact with other children and families. Erica notes that the opportunity for kids to climb and play is particularly important in the Midwest, since the weather may prohibit kids from being outside every day. “Our space provides more room than probably the average living room,” she says. And thanks to their careful selection of indoor playground flooring and equipment, Happy Hive Indoor Play gives children a safe space that they can enjoy.
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