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Deck Tiles vs Concrete Pavers

By Paige Cerulli Created: May, 2024 - Modified: June, 2024

When you’re planning a deck or patio, you might consider using deck tiles or concrete pavers for the floor. Both products have their pros and cons, so it’s essential to choose the product that’s best for your project and your budget. Comparing deck tiles vs pavers can help you identify the right product for your needs.

Deck Tiles vs Pavers

Deck tiles and concrete pavers both create a firm surface that can serve as your deck or patio. However, there are differences in tile and paver design, material, installation, and performance that can impact the results that you see from each product.

Concrete Pavers: Pros and Cons

concrete pavers for patio
Concrete pavers are a more traditional choice for patios. Designed for outdoor use, pavers create a flat, hard surface. They can be used for everything from an entire patio surface to a path through a garden, and they provide a classic aesthetic.

Concrete pavers have their downsides, though. They’re heavy and the installation process is labor-intensive. Pavers can be cracked if you drop a heavy object on them, and they’re unforgiving in case of a trip or fall. If installed incorrectly, pavers can be pushed up by frost, leading to uneven surfaces and tripping hazards. However, installed correctly, pavers create a clean-looking surface and are available in several different colors, so they can help complement your home.

Deck Tiles: Pros and Cons

pvc plastic deck tiles
Deck tiles are a more modern take on concrete pavers. They feature a variety of materials and designs, and they solve many of the downsides of pavers, like installation challenges and the risk of cracking. Deck tiles are designed to be easily installed on your own, which can save the time and cost of a professional installation. Thanks to their interlocking design, many deck tiles can also be removed again if needed.

Since deck tiles perform so differently based on their materials, let’s take a look at the different materials available and their individual pros and cons.

PVC Plastic Deck Tiles

pvc plastic deck tiles

PVC plastic deck tiles offer excellent shock absorption and cushion underfoot, making them a more comfortable decking option than concrete pavers. These tiles are often designed to maximize drainage, helping to prevent slips and falls and keeping the area usable, even after heavy rain.

Additionally, PVC plastic deck tiles are available in various colors, Choosing a lighter color can minimize heat absorption, keeping the tiles cooler. These tiles feature interlocking designs, and you can install them over existing surfaces, including concrete.

For example, the Patio Outdoor Tile is available in four colors and features a flexible material that adds some cushion to the surface. A slip-resistant texture maximizes safety, and the tiles can be installed directly on top of a compacted surface or concrete.

The PVC StayLock Tile Perforated Colors is available in five colors and adds comfort, making it ideal as a rooftop patio floor. The tiles are made of waterproof PVC and stay slip-resistant, even when damp.

Our Safety Matta Perforated Green tile is another popular option. The PVC tile is perforated and provides ergonomic and anti-fatigue qualities, making for a more comfortable space. The interlocking lug system makes for an easy, DIY-friendly installation.

Rubber Deck Tiles

rubber deck tiles

Rubber deck tiles are highly durable and often feature long warranties. Many of these tiles are made of recycled rubber, making them eco-friendly. Rubber creates a firm surface with some shock absorption, so it’s more forgiving than a concrete paver. Rubber is also strong enough to withstand harsh weather, like the hot sun and freezing conditions.

Our Sterling Roof Top Tile is a popular choice for patios. It provides traction even when wet, and the interlocking tile edges make for a clean layout with hidden seams. These tiles are backed by a lifetime warranty and are available in nine eye-catching colors.

The StrongPlay Playground Tiles is made entirely of recycled rubber for an eco-friendly perk. These tiles feature a four-foot fall height rating, so they’re ideal if you want to maximize safety, especially in areas frequented by kids. They’re slip-resistant and feature a porous surface to quickly drain away water.

Outdoor Carpet Deck Tiles

carpet tiles for outdoor deck

You can even enjoy the look and feel of carpet outdoors with outdoor carpet deck tiles. The carpeted surface is more welcoming and comfortable than a concrete paver, plus you can choose from different colors to customize the look of the space. While not quite as durable as a concrete paver, carpet tiles are a popular choice because of the comfort they provide.

The Grizzly Grass Carpet Tile is a great choice for outdoor use. This waterproof tile resists stains, soils, and fading, and is made of recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly, too. The tiles quickly dry after rain, and their peel-and-stick design makes for an easy installation.

Turf Deck Tiles

turf tiles for decks

Turf deck tiles create a more natural aesthetic than concrete pavers. These tiles are comfortable underfoot and ideal for spaces where kids want to crawl around or play. While turf tiles are more expensive than concrete pavers, their comfort and overall safety make them highly desirable.

The RageTurf Ultra Tile offers slip resistance and is made of 90% recycled material. It features a rubber base for extra shock absorption and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The turf is also easy to install.

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