The Best Flooring Options for Outdoor Patios

By Greatmats Staff Created: February, 2019 - Modified: February, 2024

When it comes to flooring your outdoor patio, you have lots of options. From rubber pavers to interlocking PVC tiles, there are many ways to cover and revitalize an old concrete or brick patio.

As you explore different patio floor ideas, consider these top products that we think are some of the best.

Qualities of the Best Outdoor Patio Flooring

A great outdoor patio flooring product needs to have some key qualities.

  • Climate-proof: Patio flooring needs to be able to withstand outdoor elements, including high heat and freezing temperatures.

  • Waterproof: Patio flooring should not only be waterproof but should also be designed to quickly channel water away to prevent puddles from forming.

  • Anti-slip: Look for a product that maximizes traction to help prevent falls, even when it’s wet.

  • Comfortable: A great patio tile should be comfortable underfoot to create a welcoming deck space.

  • DIY installation: Look for flooring that supports an easy, inexpensive DIY installation.

  • Color options: Finally, consider the color options and overall aesthetic of the product.

The Best Outdoor Patio Flooring

At Greatmats, we have many outdoor patio flooring products available. Here are some of the best options.

Patio Outdoor Tile

easy diy patio floor tiles

The Patio Outdoor Tile is a soft, flexible tile that creates a slip-resistant surface for safer floors. The waterproof tile can be used outdoors, it offers a bit of cushioning to make your patio more comfortable and enjoyable. The tile is perforated, so water drains right through, and you can place it directly on compacted surfaces or concrete.

The tile is available in multiple colors, and its 1x1-foot size and interlock design make it easy to install.

StayLock Tile Perforated Colors

diy interlocking patio tiles

The StayLock Tile Perforated Colors are waterproof PVC tiles ideal for use outdoors. They add comfort to your patio space, and they’re slip-resistant even when wet. The perforated tiles quickly drain water away, and their interlocking design makes for an easy DIY-friendly installation.

Choose from five beautiful colors to customize the look of your patio.

Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile

easy patio tiles over concrete

The Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile is available in eight brilliant colors, plus the tile has a rectangular shape for a distinct look. This PVC tile features a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating for safety, and it also helps to dampen sound to make for a more enjoyable patio.

The tiles feature a drainage surface to prevent standing water, and a locking lug connection system makes them easy to install.

Outdoor Court Tile XT3

inexpensive patio floor ideas

The Outdoor Court Tile XT3 is a highly durable flooring choice that adds a cushioned surface to your patio for extra comfort. The tiles have a flex joint system that lets them conform to minor variations in the substrate, and the joint system also helps to control thermal expansion. As a result, these tiles are ideal for installation over a patio that might have an imperfect surface, or that might be exposed to temperature extremes.

The tiles are available in 16 colors, so you’ll have plenty of design options.

Sterling Roof Top Tile

diy deck pavers

The Sterling Roof Top Tile is crafted from recycled rubber and is a highly durable option backed by a lifetime warranty. It helps to prevent slips and falls, even in wet weather and can revitalize your patio with a sleek black floor.

This tile features hidden interlocking edges, creating a visually appealing installation with a seamless look.


What is the best DIY outdoor patio flooring?

DIY patio projects usually stem from the need to save money and the challenge of doing something new. With Greatmats outdoor patio flooring, you can accomplish both while limiting the frustration that is so common with these types of projects.

Some of the cheapest patio flooring options are perforated plastic patio tiles. Commonly made of a flexible PVC plastic material, these patio tiles add comfort to patio flooring over concrete with unmatched drainage capabilities. The tiles easily snap together and be custom cut with either a power saw or even a sharp utility knife. They also allow for several different color or color combination options, which you can design into an appealing pattern. In some cases, you can even install the flexible patio tiles over dirt, grass, or gravel.

What’s the longest-lasting flooring for an outdoor patio?

If you want an extremely durable patio flooring with excellent slip resistance and a comfortable feel, you’ll want to consider rubber patio floor tiles. This type of outdoor patio flooring will be significantly thicker and heavier than its plastic counterpart. Plus, you’ll generally find it to have a solid surface.

Rubber Patio Floor Tiles start at around $6.80 per square foot and depending on thickness, warranty, etc., go up from there. Keep in mind that installation will likely drive up the price even more as most rubber tiles recommend you use a professional installer as they are less forgiving of improperly prepared subsurfaces and often require the use of adhesives. On the plus side, many offer lifetime warranties.

What are other outdoor patio flooring materials?

If none of these strike your fancy, there’s always the traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles, bricks, or concrete. All of these will be much harder and have more of a tendency for breaking or chipping.

For other soft options, there’s always outdoor carpet or artificial grass turf for patios. Artificial turf for patios will give you the most natural look and there are numerous options for grass length, color, and even padding.

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