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What Is The Best Fake Grass For A Patio?
Best fake grass for a patio including high-end artificial turf options and easy DIY peel and stick turf tiles
Top 5 Trade Show Floors - Inexpensive Options
Learn which trade show flooring products will provide you the best bang for your buck. This article breaks down your many options. Read now.
How to Choose Artificial Turf for Landscaping
Discover some of the best options for landscaping artificial turf and what makes this synthetic grass so appealing.
How Often Should Gym Mats Be Cleaned?
Discover how often gym mats should be cleaned depends on a number of factors including use and environment.
How to Choose Turf for Playgrounds
Playground turf lends a unique angle to playground surfacing. Some even offer playground turf padding for extra fall protection.
The Best Home Gym Mats - Comparing Rubber, Foam and PVC Gym Mats
Discover which home gym mats are best for any given situation. Compare different materials, installations, uses and styles in this post. Click to learn more.
Is Installing Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easy?
Installing vinyl sheet flooring is a relatively manageable process that many people can complete. Some commercial products require the help of a professional installer.
How To Cover A Gym Floor For A Wedding
You need special gym floor coverings to host a wedding in a gymnasium, these can include carpet, vinyl and event portable dance flooring.
What Is the Best Rabbit Flooring for Cages and Agility?
For the best and safest rabbit flooring for cages and agility, look for an option that doesn’t have edges that are chewable.
What Products To Use For Synthetic Turf Protection
Greatmats identifies a handful of products that can be used for synthetic turf protection for events or other uses.
What's The Best Flooring For Flex Dance?
Greatmats identifies some flex dance flooring products that will work best in studios for the combination flexing and contortion dance.
Qualities to Look for in School Flooring
What you should look for in school flooring with five examples to choose from.
Flooring & Mat Options for Ninja Warrior Training Courses
Greatmats offers a number of products that are perfect for ninja warrior mats for training facilities and for home practice, like foam puzzle and roll out mats.
What Flooring Is Best For Online Zumba Classes?
Online zumba classes or virtual zumba classes are a fun and easy way to get exercise at home. Zumba dance studio flooring can be found at
Jiu Jitsu Mat Comparison: Roll Out, Folding, Tatami, Puzzle, Home
Jiu Jitsu Mat options include traditional 1x2 meter jiujitsu mats, puzzle mats, rollout mats and folding mats. Let's compare the best jujitsu mats.
When Would You Want Fiberglass Flooring?
Greatmats identifies some instances where a person would want to use a fiberglass flooring?
What's The Best Flooring For Spot Jogging?
Greatmats names a few products that would work well for spot jogging or running in place which include tiles, rolls and puzzle mats.
How Long Does Peel And Stick Flooring Last?
Peel and stick flooring that are made of vinyl and carpet can be found at Greatmats.
Top 5 Horse Mats for Wash Bays
Find Horse Stall Mats designed specifically for use in wash bays and wet areas.
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Polyester Carpet?
Greatmats lists a few of the pros and cons of polyester carpet for your home or business in rolls or tiles.
What Is The Best Flooring For Afro Yoga Flow?
The best flooring for afro flow yoga provides support and freedom of movements for the yoga sequence and African dance movements.
What Is the Best Flooring for a Mudroom?
Greatmats discusses what the best flooring for a mudroom including ovc and rubber otpions.
What Are The Best Martial Arts Gifts?
The best martial arts gifts should be something your martial artist can use regularly, cushioned flooring in the form of mats or rolls are great options.
What Is A Marley Dance Floor Made Of?
Marley dance floors are made of materials such vinyl and PVC plastic are commonly used in professional dance studios and home dance studios. Find Marley floors at Greatmats.