Using Gym Floor Covers For Events

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2023

At a school, church, or other facility that contains a full-size gymnasium, this space often serves to host a multitude of events beyond athletic practices and games. To protect the hardwood floor during these events, consider making use of a gym floor cover from Greatmats.

A gym floor cover fits over the top of the original floor, creating a safe way to place chairs and tables atop the hardwood. During a banquet or reception, people may spill food or drinks. The cover material protects the hardwood from these items, simplifying cleanup and avoiding unwanted damage.

vinyl floor coverings for gymnasium

How to Protect a Gymnasium Floor With Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl rolls represent a common material used as a gym floor cover for events like a band concert or a theater show.

The vinyl material protects the flooring from liquid spills and other damage. It creates a slip resistant flooring cover, so people can walk on it safely. It’s also extremely easy to clean after the event. We’ve even seen facilities use this vinyl cover for a circus and a petting zoo in the gymnasium!

To start the installation, just place the roll at one end of the gymnasium and roll it across the floor. Vinyl gym floor cover rolls typically measure 10 feet in width. Customers can order custom lengths, so they can be certain the vinyl will fit the entire length of the gym space.

installing vinyl gym floor covers

After rolling one segment of vinyl across the hardwood flooring, place the next segment of vinyl roll at the far end of the gym adjacent to the first roll. Try to overlap the two rolls by at least a few inches, ensuring there are no gaps in coverage. Then roll this flooring segment across the length of the gym.

Continue rolling segments of the vinyl gym floor cover, working across the full width of the gym area until the entire hardwood space has covering and protection.

We offer rolls of vinyl floor tape that are safe to use with the vinyl covers. The tape works to secure the roll to the gym floor and to secure the rolls to each other. We offer hand held tape dispensers that make applying the tape an easier process.

By making use of this tape, you can be certain that the rolls will not slide around as people are walking on them or moving chairs. This special tape will not leave residue after you remove it, either.

To further simplify the installation and storage of the vinyl, we offer a vinyl roll storage rack. This rack has six separate rollers, each of which can store a segment of vinyl.

storage rack for vinyl floor coverings for gym events

The rack has wheels on the bottom, allowing installers to move it to the proper location in the gymnasium with ease. Just pull the vinyl from the roller and stretch it across the entire length of the gymnasium. Installation goes faster with the rack versus unrolling the vinyl by hand.

Storing the vinyl goes even faster when using the rack. You can add a hand crank or an automated power crank to an individual roller on the rack, quickly returning the segment of vinyl onto the roller.

Additionally, you can choose to have a brush cleaner installed on the roller. The brush removes items from the vinyl as it goes onto the roller, speeding up the cleaning process.

Customers can pick among several weights of vinyl flooring covers, ranging from a 10-ounce vinyl product to a 32-ounce vinyl. Vinyl with a higher weight rating will have a better tear resistance and a greater durability.

32 oz vinyl gym floor covering for events

How to Protect a Gymnasium Floor With Carpet Tiles

We also offer high quality gym floor cover carpet tiles. These may work better for a situation where you need the cover material to provide an impressive look for visitors, such as for a convention being held in the church gym, for a wedding ceremony in the space, or for a fund-raising carnival in the school gym.

carpet tiles used to cover gym floor for special events

We offer carpet tiles that have a rectangular shape with dimensions of 39-3/8 inches by 78-3/4 inches. Just slide these 6 mm thick tiles adjacent to each other. The size and weight of the full layout with the tiles next to each other means they won’t slide around. There’s no need to add tape or other adhesive.

6mm thick carpet tiles for events in a gymnasium

Customers can select among three different colors of carpet tiles of blue, gray, and dark charcoal. An individual tile weighs 13.8 pounds, so customers can move them in and out of place without the need for help.

To simplify the installation and removal of the carpet tiles, we offer a carpet tile storage cart that can hold up to 950 pounds of carpet tiles safely (which is equivalent to about 65 of these tiles).

Our cart has six wheels and a large handle to simplify moving the cart around the gymnasium and building. The handle is removable, which may simplify the storage process for the cart.