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Cheer Mats - What Are They Made Of?
Cheer mats for competition tumbling, stunting and practice all serve a similar purpose, but their materials and construction may vary.
Best Coin Pattern Flooring Options for Trailers
Find the best coin flooring options for trailers that will provide traction and durability for cargo, animals or atv vehicles.
The Best Stair Tread Covers
Capping your stairs with protective and stylish tread covers is a great way to extend the life of your stairs and add cohesiveness to your multilevel home or business.
What is the best flooring for a school weight room?
The best flooring for school weight rooms is determined by the appropriate thickness, shock absorption and also noise reduction properties for weights hitting the floor.
Soft Gym Flooring Options: Exercise Mat Ideas
Soft gym flooring and exercise mats can be a great asset when you do a lot of floor exercises. And exercise floor with cushion can relieve fatigue.
Is Rubber Flooring Good For Dog Daycare?
Greatmats identifies features of using rubber flooring for a dog daycare. High durablity and anti-fatigue properties make rubber flooring a candidate for doggie daycares.
What Is a Tatami Floor & Why Is It A Safety Feature?
Greatmats discusses the features os a tatami floor and why they are important for safety and comfort in martial arts.
How Big Of Floor Mats Are Needed For Online Spin Classes?
Online spin class gym mats come in rubber flooring rolls and tiles. Get the perfect mat for underneath your stationary bike at Greatmats
Tatami Puzzle Mats vs. Other Tatami Martial Arts Mats
Martial Arts Mats with a tatami surface texture come in many forms. Let's compare tatami puzzle mats with roll out mats and traditional tatami mats.
What Is the Best Spa Flooring?
What are some of the best options for spa flooring that are waterproof and provide comfort and cushioning?
What Are The Best Athletic Gym Mats On A Budget?
Greatmats identifies the best athletic gym mats on a budget which include foam or rubber in various sizes and thicknesses.
What Kind of Flooring Is Used in Commercial Gyms?
Greatmats identifies a number of options to be used for commercial gym flooring including rubber mats, tiles and rolls.
Rubber Health Club Flooring - Xperience Fitness Testimonial
Rolled Rubber flooring helps Midwest health club chain Xperience Fitness in small group fitness areas with sound and impact reduction.
What Are The Dimensions Of A Turf Lacrosse Field?
Greatmats discusses the dimensions of a lacrosse field and multiple artificial turf options suited for this sport.
What Are The Best Garage Gym Mats?
Garage Gym Mats can be made of a variety of foams including EVA and PE as well a lower density rubber to provide fatigue relief and comfort to you home gym.
What Is The Best Flooring For A Ladder Workout?
Ladder workouts are a great exercise. Having the proper flooring for this workout is important for maximum performance.
Do I Need a Mat for Rowing Machines?
Rowing machine mats protect the floor from water and friction damage and indoor rower from dust and carpet fibers - wall while reducing noise.
Comparing Hockey Rink Rubber Flooring Options
Greatmats compares a few options for hockey rink rubber flooring and points out the qualities to look for like thickness and installation.
Group Fitness Rubber Flooring Rolls - In Motion Fitness Testimonial
3/8 inch thick rolled rubber flooring has proven to be the perfect gym flooring for this Minnesota group fitness facility.
Full Service Rosco Dance Flooring Resource
Get your Rosco Flooring from Greatmats without the wait. Stocked in Wisconsin warehouse for quick delivery.
What Flooring Is Best For Latin Dance?
Greatmats identifies a number of options that would make the best latin dance flooring for home or studio applications.
What's The Best High Gloss Sheet Vinyl Flooring?
Greatmats identifies 7 popular high gloss sheet vinyl flooring products for special events or permanent locations.
What Is Rubber Gym Flooring Called?
Greatmats discusses the many names that rubber gym flooring is known by including weight room, athletic and gym matting.
What Makes a Good Handstand Mat?
Greatmats discusses which products will make good handstand mats, including wedges, folding mats, rubber and puzzle mats.